Hosanna Reflections September 17th, 2018

God is Over All

September 16, 2018

Hosanna Reflection

Minister Michael Holmes

  • Captain Kirk, Beam me up Scottie

  • In peril or ready to go because the job was completed

  • I am ready to go, I have completed my mission

  • I am making transition plans and I am ready to go

  • Not my will, but thy will be done

  • It is not about you, but about Jesus Christ

  • How can you tell if you are closer to being ready?

  • When is the last time you let someone get you visibly upset?

  • When was the last time you used profanity?

  • Are you getting any closer?

  • Do you spend more time on social media than in prayer?

  • Can you name the top 10 R&B singers and their songs?

  • Take some time to figure out how close you are to be beamed up

  • Romans 12:2

  • Conformed is defined as being made to resemble

  • Reduced to a likeness

  • Are you like your co-workers?

  • To be made agreeable to

  • Every superhero is drawing us in

  • I am not of this world

  • I am housed in this temporary casing

  • I Cor. 15:50

  • There is nothing that will take this case into the kingdom

  • This corruption must take on incorruption

  • The mortal must put on immortality

  • Death is swallowed up in victory!

  • Death where is your sting?

  • This life is like a vapor, you live and you die

  • Heaven is eternal

  • Where are you and your new body going to reside?

  • You will get a new body

  • I John 2:16

  • For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes

  • Beam me up!

  • You are striving to do the laws of God

  • Whatever you are going through, God can change in an instance

  • Enoch was taken because of his closeness with God

  • John 17:6

  • God has chosen you and to take you out of the world

God is Over All
September 9, 2018
Hosanna Reflection 
Minister Karen Emery

He is an on time God!
Inspired by sermon, “God’s Got a Waiting room”
God is doing something for us and in us
Think of a prayer request you have for God
Keep that one thing on your mind
Psalm 62:5-6
Psalm 130:5

God is teaching us as we wait, God is waiting on us
He is waiting for us to repent, fight pride, live holy lives, show love
We need to live in peace
Ask God what he wants from you, ask your pastor
God is waiting for us to learn a lesson
Waiting measures how deep our relationship is with God
It measures how selfish we are
I Peter 1:7
We are either going to fight through our trials or give up!
We will wait and not be discouraged
We will wait patiently for our blessings

We grow in the fruit of the spirit
The fruit of longsuffering teaches us how to endure problems for a long time
We are surrendering, hands up, our control over situations
I Corinthians 6:26
Ask God to fix our problems
Don’t move until you get you blessing!
Lyrics Made up my mind, no turning back, concerning your blessing your word says that you are not slack
Noone, nobody can shake me
Right here I will be waiting for my blessings!
Let’s not move until we receive our blessings
It is a personal thing between you and God!

God is Over All
September 2, 2018
Hosanna Reflection
Novice Minister Nathaniel Tate

Family Feud

Reflection inspired by “Preparing for the Lord’s Blessings”
Genesis 2:7, 18-20
What did Adam lack?
Genesis 2:21-24
Adam needed a suitable companion
Ever since the garden the devil has been the unity of family
We have become familiar with family members
We think it is alright to argue
Familiarity breeds contempt
Sometimes we do not see our family members worth ministering to
Ignorant, the root word is ignore
Ignorance is not being dumb, but it is ignoring taking action
There is no law against the Fruit of the Spirit
Bible pre-dates the laws of the USA
Maybe it is the laws for the Children of Israel aka the Ten Commandments
The scripture does not mean that the Universal laws do not regulate the Spirit
There is not a limit
Love and meekness allows for all of us to shine
Are we willing to grow?
Endure the growing pains
We are more than able
I want to be blessed so that I can help
I am willing to grow in Spirit because my family needs opportunities for the future
This is not “Family Feud”
We do not need to battle each other for the blessings!
We can be blessed!

God is Over All
August 12, 2018
Hosanna Reflection
Minister Carolyn Hunt

A Change is Here!

Joel 2:21
This is a time to put something in the land
This rain will bring water to our seed
Numbers 23:20
Behold I have received commandment to bless and it cannot be reversed
No curses can come against the people of God
The enemy does not want us to be blessed
Declare means to make clearly known
To acknowledge who you are
Isaiah 41:10
Don’t be afraid, I have declared it
When God declares a thing, he declares it!
Before Jesus comes back he promised to bless his people
I Peter 2:9-10
We are a chosen generation!
A change is here!
We are taking hold of the horns of the altar
We are doing some new things
New homes, jobs and cars
I hear people crying out unto the Lord!
What would you have me to do?
People are turning back to God and unity
We hear the cry of the Prophets!
I do not know how you are going to do it
If His people will repent and turn from their wicked ways
Every time they did what God did, he did exactly what He said
God wants to take us further
We need to go further, we need to sow seeds of trust and belief
We can now rejoice at Grace Covenant Christian Church
When Daire Watkins turned twenty one God promised to bless
Joel said we are being called out of exiles
Numbers 23:19
God is not a man that he should lie!
The God we serve is not changing or unreliable
Won’t he do it? Won’t he will!!!!
Double hire for the saints
A thirty year party, overflow in all things!

Min. Deborah Tate
Hosanna Reflection
Aug. 5, 2018


I. Hosanna Reflection is from Apostle David’s message “Preparing the Lord’s Blessings Part II.  The scripture he used was II Kings3:16-17
“And he said, Thus saith the Lord. Make this valley full of ditches. For thus saith the Lord, Ye shall not see wind, neither shall ye see rain; yet that valley should be filled with water that ye may drink, both ye, and your cattle, and your beasts.”
In that message, Apostle David spoke about digging ditches.  Some of the ditches were:
1. Dig a ditch of we go to church at my house.
2. Dig a ditch of obedience.
3. And the one that scratch me the most, “Dig a ditch of unity.”

II. Hosanna Reflection is “Unity – On One Accord”
Scripture: Psalm 133:1-3
“Behold how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity.”
Usually we stop at that verse.  However the next 2 verses describe what it’s like to be in unity.
Verse 2 “It is like the precious ointment upon the beard, that ran down upon the beard, even Aaron’s beard that went down to the skirts of his garment;
As the dew of Hermon, and as the dew that descended upon the mountains of Zion; for there the Lord commanded the blessings, even life for evermore.”

That’s some good stuff.
This talks about the beauty and value of unity.
1 Precious ointment or the anointing oil running down from the head, running down Aaron’s beard; all the way down to the skirts of his garments.  
Unity cover us with 




the anointing oil.  The anointing oil was used on the head of the high priest, and his descendants; used in the tabernacle in the Old Testament marked to be Holy and set apart for God use.  Not just the priest, and the things in the tabernacle, but also the

descendants – their children; children’s children; their children’s children’s  children’s


2. As the dew of Hermon; upon the mountains of Zion. Mount Hermon reaches a height of over nine thousand feet.  The Dew coming down covered the entire mountain. Just as the precious ointment the Anointing oil flowing down on Aaron.

The dew represents a falling down of freshness.  It’s a connection of life and growth.

The dew refreshes the earth from the heat of the sun that can cause dryness.

We need some dew in San Diego, because it has been hot.  So our heart can become dry, and hard. Yet, the dew that comes from unity cool and moisten our hearts.

Get our hearts ready to receive the Word of God.


From there the Lord commanded His blessings. Where love reigns, God reigns.

This unity pleases God to no end. We have to dig the ditches of unity.


A. Jesus prayed for Unity.  If Jesus prayed for Unity in the church then it must be important.

John 17:20-21 One of our Calling Scripture

“Neither pray I for these alone, but for them also which shall believe on me through their word; That they all may be one; as thou, Father, art in me, and I in thee, that they also may be one in us; that the world may believe that thou has sent me.

The enemy knows the best way to keep a church from fulfilling its mission is to get people/ the sheep divide arguing over non-essentials; majoring in the minor.
There’s protection in the Unity of God’s children.  Many scriptures refer to the Church as the Lord’s sheep.  A flock of sheep stay close together so the wolves cannot come among them to destroy them.


B. Christ Center – Unity keeps Christ as the center instead of us.  We focus on Jesus Christ.  The Lord is my Shepherd.  We are to focus on a commitment to Jesus Christ as Lord.  If Jesus spent the day with me, would I have said that; done that; gone to that place.

Unity requires sacrifice of what we want.

C. Unity – A large part of our Vision – see the pie chart.
Grace Covenant was known for its Unity.  At the County Fair we made our presence known – All wearing T-Shirt; going to other churches; going to TBN.  Revivals all  In Unity on One Accord.  

Apostle David also said, the “Alaska Trip is for you.”  Every Revival we have been on have been a Blessing not only for us, but for persons God has placed them to be there.  In Unity we preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  It’s a time to get away.  I see it also as a time to win souls for Jesus.  At one of our Revival Cruise, the Program Director said, “You think this ship is rocking because of the ocean, no.  We have a church here.... and our Praise Team with Apostle David sang “You need Jesus Christ.”
We closed the show on stage in front of hundreds of people. They’re singing, “Call Him.  What’s His Name.  Jesus”   Cruise guests and Ship workers came to our services.
We turned a night club into a Praise Jam Sessions.  Singing nothing but Praise Songs.

Unity On One Accord.

I don’t know what God will do on this Revival.  I’m expecting something miraculous to happen.

D. It’s Ditch digging time…  It’s time to start digging ditches of Unity.  It needs to be deep and long; Get our shovels; our posthole digger; get the heavy machinery.


We first need to plan this thing out.  What kind of soil are we digging out – muddy, hard, rock and roots underneath.  In what direction are we digging.  We don’t want to throw the dirt on another person ditch.  One way is to get all the workers, that’s us Grace Covenant in one line with our tools.  Start digging a ditch of Unity together.
Grace Covenant we are well able.

I Cor. 12:12 “For as the body is one, and hath many members, and all the members that one body, being many, are one body so also is Christ.
25 “And whether one member suffer, all the members suffer with it, or one member be honoured, all the members rejoice with it.

Unity, Unity, Unity- 

“Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!
It is like the precious ointment upon the beard, that ran down upon the beard, even Aaron’s beard: that went down to the skirts of his garments: As the dew of Hermon, : and as the dew that descended upon the mountains of Zion: for there the Lord commanded the blessing, even life for evermore.”

Unity –On One Accord.