SERMON Sunday January 13th 2019

God is Over All
Sermon Notes
January 13, 2019
Pastor Deborah Williams

Sermon Title: Alien Nation

Foundational Scripture: I Peter 2:9-10
The sermon is inspired by, Not of This World
Our nation is struggling with aliens
Persons who have travelled seeking safety
These persons are desiring the fundamentals
Some in this nation feel that they do not deserve safety
Alien Nation is rising up
This nation is called the citizens of Heaven
We are seeking to live in peace
We are also in a war
We are waging war against the lust of the flesh
II Corinthians 10:4-5
We have been asked what do we hold dear?
Proverbs 10:22
As an Alien Nation this is not our home
We are not of this world
III John 1:2
As an Alien Nation we must fight for the things of God
We are to be in good spiritual health
Our soul’s health dictates our physical and mental well-being
We must recognize who we are in God
We are a chosen generation
I Peter 2:9-10
This Alien Nation shows forth the praises of God
We are temporary residents of earth
We are on diplomatic assignment
Our Vision: God is calling us to arm a holy nation through continuous sanctification; 
To reconcile man back unto God as shown to us through the Holy Vision and
Orchestrated by the Holy Spirit
Psalm 34:19
Matthew 6:33
I Corinthians 2:9
Revelation 9:9-10
Revelation 4:10-11
We are not of this world

God is Over All
January 6, 2019
Preached Word
Apostle David Watkins, Preaching

Taking Inventory For 2018

Luke 15:20
Forgetting those things that are past
We are six days into the new year and you are already pushed
You need to forget about it
Don’t wonder about yesterday
I have the power to forget a minute ago
I know that I have done some things
You have to tell yourself to forget about it
This is not Oprah
God is telling you to forget about it and press
The Lord is your shepherd
Paul found it not easy to forgive
Paul thought that he was doing good by persecuting Jesus
Can you imagine killing Christians and finding out that you were wrong
I need to forget about it!
Husbands forget about the hurt
Wives forget about it
They did not do what they were suppose to do last night
Forget about it, you have been hurt, forget about it
You need to forget about it, it is past sin
Why are we reminding ourselves of the pain that we have been through?
Why are we thinking about the pain of yesterday?
I can’t go to church and pretend
God does not say, don’t come back
God forgives you
God created a place where our sin is cast
We remind God of our sins
No more brooding over these past sins
Thank God about how you got over
Let’s look back at the previous year and look at the effort to apprehend the perfect will of God
Fighting to draw closer and closer to God
How often did we pray?
In 2018 I vowed to pray every night
We use to pray every night before we go to bed
It is normal to work out but your soul is lacking
I am going to pray on my knees every night
My liberty in Christ says that I can pray every night
It is best to pray on my knees
When I lay in my bed I tend to quit
I feel lazy and dishonoring the Lord
On my knees I show reverence to God
Example of disrespecting God
I will continue to pray on my knees every night
Now it is normal
Pray before you go to bed on your knees
Father, forgive me for all of my sins
Increase our praise and worship to the Lord
Increase our work in the house of the Lord
Increase our attendance in the house of the Lord
Example of things that are free in the store if you buy something else
What does free really mean?
If you do something in the United States that they do not agree with
Our resolution for this year, this one thing
Forgetting those things which are behind
Forget about the things that are behind you
You have all this stuff that you are dragging behind you
This one thing I do know, forgetting about those thing which are behind
Forget about all the past things, I am going to press
To press means that I will fight my way through
You have to put some heat on the iron to press
You have to put heat and with force
There is something always coming against me
People can be wrinkles in my life
You are a wrinkle, I am going to forget about it
God says, that he rewards those who diligently seek him
Press until you get all the wrinkles out
Press and forget about all those things of the past!
I will forget about what you mentioned when you encouraged me
God is telling me what I am pressing toward
Press toward the mark!
I have drawn a line, press toward the mark!
Press toward the mark of the high calling
You will not be troubled with what people say and do!
If you can’t get the wrinkles out send it to the cleaners!
Forget about all those troubles
We have plenty of time for the best job ever

God is Over All
December 23, 2018
Sermon Notes
Apostle David Watkins

A Gift Fit For A King

Romans 12:6-16
Have you been sorry for your sin?
It is alright to hate sin
Be devoted to one another in love
Ephesians 4:8
In all that you do live peaceably with others
What gift did God give you to preach the gospel?
There was once fighting in the church parking lot
Keep your spirit intense
Keep your spirit passionate and excited
Be joyful in hope
Share with the Lord’s people that are in need
Practice hospitality
Bless those who ae persecuted
Rejoice with those who mourn
After preparing the sermon tried to go to sleep
Laying there I began to preach
A gift fit for a King
What can I give to you that is fitting?
I received in my spirit at the Fruit of the Spirit service
We pick a fruit of the spirit
We did not receive the fruit because we ne the fruit, but because you have it already
God is trying to convince you that you’ve got this
If you have a bike ride it, if you have a flute play it
Until you are convinced that you have it
The Lord gave me love because I already have it
Galatians 5:22-23
The fruit of longsuffering is saying that God is giving you the ability to suffer things for a long time
You have taken the pill of  longsuffering
The Lord is longsuffering toward us
What do we have that is fit for the King?
The only gift that is fit for the King is a gift that is from a King
The Little Drummer Boy
All I have is the fruit of the spirit, play the usher drum, Jesus would love to hear you play it
Play that drum
If the gift is serving others play the drum
If the gift is singing, play that drum
If the gift is giving play the giving drum!
Give it all to Jesus!
I play my best to him!
If your gift is worshipping, play the worshipping drum
Give God back what he has already given to you!
Give the Lord what he has already given to you!
God gave the talents that they might increase them
When I come back, I expect you to increase what I have given you
If you have the gift of the Holy Spirit then speak in tongues, play that tongue drum!
God will look only at you!
We have the spirit of encouraging!
You have to play even when people don’t receive the encouragement
You need to love the person who hate you!
If your gift is showing kindness to others do it gladly!
If love, play that love drum, play it with all your heart, soul, strength
Play your best
I played my love for him
If God has blessed you to be a peacemaker then play it!
It is yours, God has given you peace, increase the peace!
Play that drum and increase the peace!
When people have issues, arguing, play my peace drum!
Play he gift that God has given to you
Play it with all your might and all your strength!
That is a gift fit for a King!
What is man, that God has given us so great a gift?
He has given us spiritual gifts!
You can’t give a spiritual God a natural gift
How do you give it? You work it!
You put some effort into it!
God did not give you a gift so that you get something back!
We have been bamboozled! I need to get paid!
God will bless you, folks will bless you!
You are doing it for the Lord!
A gift fit for the King!
The Wise Men left gifts at his feet and then they worshipped
God has given you that gift of worship!
Each one of us has that gift drum!
You’ve got that gift drum! Me and my drum!!!!!

God is Over All

December 16, 2018

Preached Word

Apostle David Watkins


“Oh Come All Ye Faithful”

  • The angels celebrated the first Christmas

  • Luke 2:8

  • Luke 2:9

  • Smile and get happy about Christmas

  • Sing in your heart!

  • You want someone to get saved

  • They are looking at your life and you are not excited

  • Is anyone excited that you are celebrating the birth of Jesus?

  • Luke 2:10

  • Fear not, for behold I bring you good news

  • Luke 2:11

  • They began to witness to the shepherds

  • Something is about to happen

  • A child is about to be born, King of Kings and Lord of Lords

  • You will find an infant lying in a manger

  • Then they began to praise the Lord

  • Witnessing and praising is what we are suppose to do!

  • Jesus is the reason

  • You tell them about something that has taken place in your life

  • Give people a personal invitation to come to church

  • You would be surprised as to what one good word will do

  • They will have a testimony

  • Put on a garment of praise, once you put it on you don’t want to take it off

  • Every day pants, my every day garment of praise

  • Put on the garment of praise when you are feeling down

  • It will change your spirit

  • God created music, it moves, changes and gets inside of you

  • Music will get in you, watch what you listen to

  • Suddenly they just start praising!

  • Luke 2:13

  • Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace

  • You have a child named Jesus who came into the world to save us

  • Angels just started magnifying the Lord

  • We witness and we praise!

  • The first Christmas celebration

  • Luke 2:16

  • The shepherds went wit haste to find Mary and Joseph


  • They began to witness

  • Luke 2:18-19

  • Mary pondered it in her heart

  • The angels told her what was going to happen

  • The shepherds began to find out the news

  • We still have some time to use the Spirit that is on you

  • People are open to hearing about Christ

  • The glory of the Lord was all around

  • Today a child is about to be born

  • We would find him in a manger

  • They witnessed, more important than giving is witnessing during Christmas

  • There were three wise men

  • Matthew 2:2

  • They came to worship him

  • Herod was troubled about the birth of Jesus

  • Where is Jesus going to be born?

  • They told him in Bethlehem

  • Matthew 2:11

  • The wise men went into the house, they saw the child and they fell down and worshipped him

  • They offered gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh

  • Oh come let us adore him

  • This is what we are here for to praise him

  • Angels do not have to tell us, we already know

  • The three wise men found him as a child

  • We know him as a man

  • We can worship him!

  • This Christmas let’s not think about ourselves

  • We get discouraged or sad!

  • This time we can witness when we go to the mall

  • We are the true witnesses, we are the faithful

  • Oh Come let us adore him

  • Let’s make some like us

  • We need to show them that we are doing pretty good

  • Be content in the stated that we are in

  • Be happy in the state that you are in

  • Thanking you that I have legs, even though my knees hurt

  • Thanking you even though my back hurts, I am not dead

  • At 25 I did not know that I was young!

  • Sometimes you go too far to turn back

  • It makes not sense to turn back, you have come too far

  • I’ve had some good days, I have had some hills to climb!

  • When I look around and think things over!

  • All of my good days, outweigh my bad days

  • I won’t complain!

God is Over All
December 9, 2018
Sermon Notes
Apostle David Watkins

Understanding the Power

Loyalty is the foundation of every good relationship
I am able to be loyal
You can’t build a relationship unless there is true commitment
II Corinthians 4:8
Is your loyalty being test
Hard pressed!
Loyalty is either black or white
You are either loyal or you are not
II Corinthians 4:9
Either you are loyal completely or not
There is no almost loyal
Loyalty in it’s true form will produce self sacrifice
When you join the army of the Lord, it is not about you
It is about winning souls
You can win souls by just being loyal and committed
I will do what you want Lord
Loyalty does not mean that it is gentle, sweet, feel good
Loyalty just does it!
You become loyal just because you become loyal
I am with you until the end
We fight until we die!
The men say we fight until we die
It is not over until you take your last breathe
In the hospital, you are believing that God will heal you
You stand loyal to God!
Until the last breathe! You ought to believe!
If you do not believe it, it will not be
The commander and chief may want you to come home
God I don’t want to come home yet
I am not married, I am having too much fun, etc.
Back in the day our ancestors could not wait to go home and be with Jesus
God has been so good, you have cars, televisions, etc.
We had no space growing up, we slept on a mattress together
So many boys, then my sister got her own room
God wants us home where there is peace
Once we get there we do not want to go out to play
Today’s youth do not want to go out and play
You have to force them to play outside
We had fun when we were young
Making go carts, taking the wheels from grocery carts
We played outside!
There was a time when we did not have all those things
Loyalty is earned, I can’t buy your loyalty
Some would come cheap, others would come with a lot of money
I find myself paying for something
Can you clean up the building
Loyalty would have brought you here
It rained so hard! My amber alert went off
We were in the water trying to keep it from coming into God’s house
You were like God can stop the water
When the enemy comes in like a flood!
There are a lot of things that go on in the church you don’t know about
Loyal when they come and fix the sewer pipes
Loyalty has to be earned
When loyalty is going in and out of the church, even the storms will be added to your spirit
There will not be any complaining and murmuring
You are loyal and committed
As a pastor working with people it is important to remain loyal
In times of uncertainty and challenges
Don’t think to highly of yourself
You have no need for a teacher, no need to be ministered to
Some soldiers fight much better than the king
The commander and chief does not know what to do in war
He has a bunker, he has a plane!
The commander and chief must survive
Just because you are so lance a lot of knowledge
You fight well but you are not the king
You must be loyal, you must make a vow to be loyal to the cause that God has set you in
Take a knee and bow your life to the cause!
What is the cause?
Why am I here? The cause is to reconcile man back unto to God
You must understand God’s ways and will
You must connect yourself to a vision
If you do not have your own church, you need to be part of a church
You don’t have your own, stop trying to have church at home
We have enough churches, stop trying to start your own
If the church you are going to is preaching the gospel
You need to go to that church!
You can sing, preach, pray at home all the time
God wants you to be loyal to a cause!
You all have to gather in one place!
You must elect one person to say charge!
It is not difficult to understand!
Become loyal to some cause
There will always be storms
The leader will lead in the storm
The believer will remain loyal
II Corinthians 4:9
Hebrews 13:5
Psalm 37:25
God will never forsake us
An employer does not want employees who only want the pay check
He wants employees who fight to advance the company
Show up to work and campaign the values of the organization
Most just go to work to just get paid!
Went to work, did my job and went home
My boss wanted me to try to advance
Why me? I did not care!
What do you want to be? I want to be a manager
I know who is loyal to this cause and who is not!
He treated me well
I don’t treat the un loyal badly
Come and get your blessings!
We can’t just show up for a blessing very week
God has called shepherds to fight and get to a position
He has called shepherds to perfect the saints
You need to work to get to a position to make changes
You can’t just come to church to get fed
God wants fit Christians 
You are getting big because you are getting fat by not sharing the gospel
God is coming back for a faithful church
Become loyal and commit yourself
The disciples were filled
Tens of thousands followed him
When he fed the five thousand, he only counted the men
Where thee is a man there is at least two women!
Matthew 14:17
I am hoping that you get a word
I pray that you get a position, then I pray that you grow
Things that will help finish the work of God
You must magnify the Lord
You need to judge yourself!
Am I loyal to this church or is thee another
Are you a hopper?
We have some hoppers! They move to whatever feels good
I want to see you and know you!
Get to a point where you are a loyal soldier
Either you are completely loyal or not loyal at all
The married couples did not show up!
I don’t want to believe that they just did not show up!
Lord, help me please!
Loyalty is the best gift you could ever give to me!
I will open it up at Christmas and I will open it up!
We are going to finish this work!
I need loyal soldiers, persons who are willing to die doing this
My reward will follow me
Fight to be loyal!
Only the loyal will stand, the others will run away!
It is always too many! Spirits coming to attack you!
Two can put 10,000 to flight! If we come together we can defeat the enemy
Put them all to flight!
Like No Other!
God is not like the others, what he said he will do!
Let’s come together and put him to flight!
Just getting older is a fight! Put the old spirit to flight!
What we need at Grace Covenant is more loyal soldiers!
Old soldiers have lost their zeal for the Lord!
Fight like a new soldier! They trust the Lord!
I need some young blood, some new blood!
I am able to go on my knees and pray
I am able to get up too! I can raise my hands too!
I am an old soldier, I still have some fight!
I need some loyal soldiers
Where were you? It’s complicated!
Do you think that I am jumping up and down?
Who wants to go to war? We have to go! We have to fight!
We have to get our helmets, our breastplates!
It is not because I want to go. Once I get up I have to go!
Once you get up, you will be ok
I gotta go to work again!

God is Over All
December 2, 2018
Preached Word
Pastor Deborah Williams

Hosanna Reflection Title: “The Wow Factor”

Golden Nuggets:
Matthew 6:24
Hosanna Reflection inspired by Is God First?
Why did God create angels?
He created angels because he wanted to share his glory
The angels have access to heaven at all times
They continually have The Wow Factor
The Wow Factor is the ability to experience the mighty works of God and appreciate them with a heart filled with gratitude and amazement
The angels are constantly crying out before God’s throne
Revelation 7:11-12
Humans do not want to be told what to do
Angels do not get bored or complacent
God calls us to attend church to experience his goodness
We must respond to God’s mighty acts
We should show appreciation
We show appreciation through praise and worship
We also show appreciation by working for God
Revelation 14:13
It has been set that we will get into heaven
We ought to be working for God
John 6:28-29
II Thessalonians 3:10
Lamentations 3:22-23
We should be experiencing The Wow Factor
Especially as we wait for our blessings
This is a season of Thanksgiving
We ought to be thankful for all God’s blessings
Every day we should be experiencing The Wow Factor!
A person with The Wow Factor, says I know Jesus loves me! Wow!
He called me out of darkness! Wow
Wow! Wow! Wow!

God is Over All                                                               
                                                                  RECAP NOTES
November 18, 2018

Sermon Notes
Apostle David Watkins
God’s Military Part II

You have to fight to stay loyal and committed
God says to live in peace
Obey leadership
You have o follow me as I follow Jesus Christ
I will not say things to make you feel good
A lie will keep you on the same path
You must learn to be loyal and committed to a work
There are many branches in the military
We will not be irritated with other branches
We are non denominational
Jesus is not coming back for one denomination
Don’t be mad at other branches
We must be loyal to the branch that we join
Where is our loyalty?

April 1999 article where religion is becoming concerned with commodities
It is never too late o come back stronger
Do what you did when you first got saved
You must do what you feel God says to do
I trusted my leader and I did what they told me to do
I walked hard for the Lord
I fasted and I prayed, I tried to do what was right
I got older in the Lord, I got familiar with his word
When God moved it was not a big deal
All things are lawful, but all things are not expedient
I learned these things and became more familiar
I do not have to study as hard as I just to years ago
I had all these things going back and forth
Do what you use to do if you want to get back
Don’t let the enemy tell you that it is too late
They say that it is not necessary to go to church any longer
We have made the house of God a den of thieves
Luke 19:45
My house is a house of prayer: but ye have made it a den of thieves
His house is a house of prayer, for a specific purpose
When you got kicked out of the house
It was written that you could only go to the house of God to pray
God would hear you in the house of prayer
The worse thing that you could do was to get put out of God’s house
I can’t put them out, I did not bring them in
I have gentleness!
Before I had faith, when did God call us to preach how we feel?
God is the worker of the ministry
Don’t get stuck on this is the way we do it
We could change at any time
One Sunday I would ask you to respond to me with questions
I Cor. 14:40
Religion and spirituality is just another product
Our spiritual walk has become another product
We no longer want to walk for God
We are more like I need God to do this because I am not happy
I want a relationship that makes me feel good
I am tired of going through, I want to be happy
That is not why God saved you!
The joy of the Lord is your strength
We get twisted by the enemy
The enemy has hoodwinked us into believing that happiness is more important than being spiritual
We have different programs to try to keep people

Luke 19:46
This sermon is about the fact that there is an enemy
It is something that most leaders did not want to be there
It is so much easier to sit in the pew
There is less blood on my hands, God did not call to be concerned about their feelings
Shoot a feeling! Preach the word, in season and out of season
Preach the word and let God do the rest of it
God will give the increase
We are so influenced by what the church has to offer.
Which church has the best youth program, early service, childcare, etc.
II Timothy 4:2
Which church has the best preacher?
I am not preaching what makes people feel better yet
If the gospel of Jesus Christ is being preached, then you should stay and fight at the church that you are at
We must learn to grow where we are, where we have been planted
You are a part of something much larger than one church
So much larger than one preacher
So much larger than one name, but many names
You are not going to grow in the will of God if you keep jumping and stop fighting
You are in an army, you are in a war
Why are you not happy?
You are not accepting the war

Why is this church like it is?
The police always want to check our camera
Example of a guy running from a car, right in front of the car
Learn to fight where you are
God is a God of war
Revelation 12:17
There was war in heaven
Satan had his own angels
Lucifer means sun of the morning star
Talked the angels into doing something that they should not be doing
God does not have to go to war
Why aren’t we protesting during the boxing matches?
We have a God who is a God of war
God wanted to see a good fight!
He said that you are more than a conqueror
He wants to see a good clean knock out!
Get up! 

                                                                                 RECAP NOTES!
God is Over All
November 11, 2018
Sermon Notes
Apostle David Watkins
God’s Military

The branches of military
There is friendly components
Each branch joins together to serve and to protect
This is the United States military
What do you think about in joining God’s military?
When you got saved did you think about war?
Did you think about fighting?
Why is there armor?
Ephesians 6:11
Once you get into the military you do not know everything
You are owned by the military and some of your rights are taken away
You can’t say anything you want
There are strict guidelines without complaints
Something about the military
Who was your recruiting officer?
Who told you to join?
My Mother was my recruiting officer
I was drafted without my permission
After you serve for eighteen years, you can decide whether you would continue to serve
After eighteen you will also be part of this army
Did your recruiting officer tell you that you had to know your enemy?
We fight against principalities and powers in high places
We are not ignorant of the enemies devices
We will go at each other hard
Not realizing who your enemy is
Married people get angry with each other because they do not know who the enemy really is
You will go to war in the military and fight several enemies
In God’s military you should know your enemy
Your enemy is Satan!
Satan is able to jump on the shoulder of your brother
Instead of rebuking the devil, you rebuke your brother
Satan get thee behind me!
It is difficult to get people to stop fighting one another
There are many Christian military branches
I Corinthians 12:5
God is over all the branches
God is over all Lutherans, Pentecostals, Baptists, etc.
Jesus is still the son of God
Seventh Day Adventist want to worship on Saturday
We are fighting the same enemy!
We are to join our forces together
We should all work together!
Every time you pray, the angels go to war!
You better always pray
Luke 18:1
The Word of God!!
Medical services, healing services
II Corinthians 10:4
You need a break through!
Pray without ceasing
I Thessalonians 5:17
We ought to pray always
God has rules about being in His military
In heaven they had a war!
They fought in the beginning
Lucifer was created, pride was birthed in him and he wanted to be like God
The help ministry is not the pride
We would do things differently
We need to come together
Our weapons are mighty not carnal
For we wrestle not against flesh and blood!
Ephesians 6:12
He or she is not the enemy! You have to rebuke the devil
We are in war!
Why are we fussing and fighting?
Example of Flip Wilson, the devil made me do it!
The devil is a liar
Separation from God is death!
Who is talking to you? Why are you listening
I expect the enemy to come against me
I expect to get hurt!
I expect to go through when I said, I do!
Submit means to do what they want you to do
There is no male and female we are all human beings
The devil is a liar
I do, I do!
We do not expect troubles because we are saved!
The devil is a liar!
We are at war!
God has equipped his church with gifts and anointing’s
Me must lift up to our reputation of being the most efficient of all the military
II Timothy 2:15
You are expected to be loyal and committed 
They do not expect you to go AWOL
You are a citizen of heaven
You are expected to stay with the branch that you are part of 
Do not complain about your branch!
Each branch must train!
Why am I cleaning? Why do I have to make the bed so tight?
You are in a war!
Football team wants to win
Some teams never become great
Some players do not have team loyalty
Some wear the uniform of the team with the most money
Everyone becomes a free agent
Wear whatever uniform that they get
The same thing is happening with churches
Churches use to be stable, you stayed and supported and built the kingdom to the best of your ability
You joined the church, took a vow!
Allegiance to the flag!
Took prayer out of schools
I pledge allegiance to God
Where is our loyalty? There is no loyalty to stay and help the branch that you have been called to
The commander and chief has come to Grace Covenant branch and told you to leave because you disagree
A Pastor is commissioned to start a new branch, he trains his ministers, train people to get the job done, he makes snipers of some, trains others to do work as he does, gives them all the knowledge that he can…..
How can he build an army if God is moving the soldiers around?
God tells the people to leave!
It is not God moving them, they move themselves
Religion and spirituality has just become another product in 1999
Churches are just selling goods
It made God’s house a den of thieves
The church is not a place for selling goods
We have commodities, the people expect the goods
If the church does not have the goods, they leave
The church is for one thing that is praise ad worship!
Luke 19:46
Holy gatherings, holy convocation, gather together to worship
It was church!
Every Sunday we had a holy gathering
Teachings were included to learn to pray
The Pastors, teachers, prophets were here for the perfecting of the saints

Youth Pastor Victor Brown

Sermon Notes: Encouragement During the Wait: Managing Our Heart During the Wait. – 11/4/2018

(Based upon Apostle’s Sermon, “A Change is Gonna Come.”) 

Keep the Faith, and wait on God for your blessing.

  Joel 2:23 -25

At times when surrounded by lack, it can be hard to see and envision the bigger blessings to come. But don’t lose hope. Manage your Heart. God will keep his promises.


Don’t listen to the enemy or your flesh say, “You won’t receive your blessing.” Or “God won’t bless you because you haven’t been good enough, or you haven’t loved God enough.” -- The Blessing is not dependent upon what you do.

  • Your Blessing will come whether or not you do anything.

  • You can only control how much of the Blessing you retain. It’s your job to activate your faith by preparing yourself to receive (dig ditches) - getting closer to God, moving on the things you’ve asked God to bless us on.

  • 2 Kings 3:16-19 - Elijah prophesied that the water would come. It was up to the Kings and the soldiers if they would dig ditches to receive the blessing or not.

  • Don’t let your circumstances take away your Faith or change your mind on whether you will receive the blessing.

  • Encourage yourself. REBUKE THE ENEMY! Speak life: I will receive my blessing.

  • The Blessing will come because God will send it. It’s coming.

  • Tell Ourselves “I can’t stop God from sending me his blessing”

  • Your season of overflow is about to overtake me, because it is already here.

  • Just like the Season comes before you feel it’s affects, your overflow is here whether you see it or feel it or not.

  • So why do we say we are in our season solely based upon how we feel?

  • God’s Spiritual Calendar and Seasons are Not determined by how we feel at the time. And as you travel around the Son of God, you’re always in the Season for Blessing.

  • It’s time to get your joy back. You are walking in victory, even when you don’t feel like ite Encouraged. Your Blessing is here. Your Blessings are flowing.

  • It’s time to expect great things again. God Promised that my latter will be greater than my past.

  • Tell the enemy that Eyes Haven’t Seen, Ears Haven’t Heard What God has Prepared for Me - Isaiah 64:4

  • Psalms 84:11 -- To walk uprightly is to believe on Jesus. You qualify for receiving blessings that are beyond your own comprehension.

  • 2 Cor. 5:21 – You are THE RIGHTEOUSNESS OF GOD. Don’t let the Devil talk you out of your right to obtain God’s blessing as a follower of Christ

Sometimes God allows us to go through tough times to obtain a bigger blessing and a greater lesson.


In 1 Samuel 30 - David and 600 soldiers lost their wives, children, and property to their enemies, and the men threatened to kill David. David was prophesied years earlier to be King, and the men were threatening his death.  Some of us may feel as though we may not have the things we desire at this time that we believed we would have. Life may be a bit rougher than expected. But what did David do?  He encouraged himself. How do we encourage ourselves in God when all looks hopeless? We remind ourselves of the Promises of God and Our Identity in God. We remember that God is with us and that his Promises are true.

2 Chr. 20:20 - “Believe in the LORD your God, and you will be established; believe his prophets, and you will succeed.” David believed God & the Prophet.

Immediately after encouraging himself he went to talk to the Lord and priest to seek counsel. He recovered all he lost and gained spoils from the victory.


Now is the Time to activate the works in the prophecy our ministry received well over 21 years ago from our founder where it says, “Cry aloud, spare not, and claim the promises of God.” The promises of God are Yes, and Amen. Yes, and “So Let it Be Done.” - Don’t lose Hope, Cry out to Your God. Let him know. Philippians 4:6-7 -When You need Peace from God and Your Heart lifted, talk to God about it. Don’t Worry. God is on your side.


Tell yourself in the midst of adversity. Self - I believe God. He said believe the prophets, so I believe the prophet because I believe God. I believe God that he will move. So even in the midst of the hurt, I will Bless the Lord,



There are underground rivers running across the world that we can’t see.  Rivers with water that the plants and humans need above. And God allows some of that water to arise in appointed times.

Your River of Miracles is flowing beneath you and around you, even though you may not see it.  There’s a River of Miracles Flowing for you, filled with Blessings above your own comprehension. God’s got it for you!

Keep your Hope on Christ. You will Receive. YOU WILL RECEIVE.

God is Over All
October 21, 2018
Sermon Notes
Apostle David Watkins, Preaching

Biblical Hope
Romans 15:13 NLT
Biblical Hope is a confident expectation and desire for something good in the future
Jeremiah 2:11
In order to keep hope alive you must go to the source of that hope
The word hope is found 130 times and is derived from several Greek and Hebrew words
The Hebrew word tiqvah which means to expect something or to long for it to occur
Yachal which means to wait patiently
The Greek word Elpis means to expect or have confidence in the future
Biblical hope not only desires something good for the future, it expects it to happen
True biblical hope is a powerful force that leads to full manifestation of what we are
Believing for
Expectation focuses on the desired result and not some dreaded outcome
It removes anything in our line of sight that distracts us from the object of faith
Example: I am believing for a healing but according to God’s word I may have to live with this and receive a reward in heaven
In the mean while I am not sure I will continue to have hope that I will get my healing
Hope adds to faith and faith strengthens hope
Matthew 15:22-27 KJV
Abraham hoped in the impossible
Romans 4:18
Against hope means that from the ordinary human standpoint there was no hope
Wherever there is full assurance of hope, there is faith
Faith is the full assurance of hope
Abraham was too old to have a child, and his wife was barren
Biblical Hope is never based on what is possible with man
Biblical Hope looks away from man to the promises of GOD
When it does, it becomes the “full assurance of hope” the expectation of great things from God
Hope becomes totally focused and engaged on the Word of God until the fulfillment is realized
Biblical expectation is an intense, confident and joyful anticipation of something good
We are expecting our greatest blessing EVER from now until July 17, 2019!

God is Over All
October 14, 2018
Offenses Will Come Will You leave also?
Apostle David Watkins, Preaching

John 6:57
Many of his disciples
Those who you teach, who should trust you
John 6:60
Jesus knew that his disciples murmured
He asked, does this offend you?
John 6:63
Stop trying to do things in the flesh
It is the Spirit that brings life, that brings wealth
We are not of this world
We are waiting for Jesus to come and take us to our own houses
The words that I speak unto are spirit and life
There are some of you who believe not
He knew who they were, it was more than one person
Many think about just Judas
I know who is with me, does this offend you?
Don’t say anything
Does this offend you?
Leave them to God and let God help them
The Spirit is what quickens
John 6:64
God put me in this position because he is God
Look and see where you are
Give God praise for what he has done for you
Some do not have a pew to sit in, some are lost
Blessed are you, God has positioned you
They may take your seat but they can’t take your place
You can have my seat, but you can’t take my place
Jesus knew who would betray him
John 6:65
No man can come unto me except it were given unto him of the Father
I did not know that God was pushing me to Jesus
The Spirit was quickening me
I thought I was doing it for my Mother
No man can to Jesus except the Father
Many of his disciples went back and walked no longer with him
Simon Peter answered, where should be go, thou hast the words of eternal life
John 6:68-70
Have not I chosen twelve but one of you is a devil
John 6:71
Does it offend you that someone could be born to betray the Son of God
If this offends you here is more
Matthew 10:37
Does this offend you?
Luke 14:26
Does this offend you?
These are some hard words
An entire family left the church because I said God is first before your kids
Even our Savior knew that he was offending some he spoke the truth
He expected to be trusted
Romans 9:11-15
God could choose someone over you before you were born
God is choosing
Jacob and Esau fighting one another
Fighting over who is first
God choose Jacob
Jacob means heel catcher, back stabber, cheat
Their Mother was going through some things
Fighting to get out first, Esau was first, Jacob had his heel
Jacob was holding on
Jacob and his Mother decided to take is birthright
I will let the back stabber be the one that I call
Jacob decided to wrestle an angel
Example of fighting for things when they were young
Just so the election could take place
God has called you individually
Not because you have done good or evil
He does not make your calling more powerful because you do good
The elder shall serve the young
We are trying to help God do his job
He was kicked out of the family
God did not ask for help
Romans  9:17-18
He will have mercy on whom he chooses
The Pharaohs thought that they were God
God owns the entire world, we look for blessings and do not give what we have
If you are not faithful, constant with it you are not in it
Give to God
He wants to know if you are thankful for what I have done
Show me a sacrifice and that you appreciate me
He raised Pharaoh up
It is better to be grafted into the tree
If you do not do what I say, I can break you off
Does it offend that he has broken some to graft you in?
We can walk away from God and feel that it our own accord
I don’t like how they act
I don’t like what they have said to me
I am not  going to church no more
I have been offended
Romans 9:19-20
O man, who do you think you are?
Who can resist his will?
The elder will follow the younger
Nay, but, O man, who art thou?
Shall the thing formed say to him that formed it, Why hast thou made me thus?
Example of songwriter choosing one song over the other
The favorite song is bragging
Beware I might like another song
Who are you to say to God why are you doing what you are doing?
How can you do that?
You are lucky God does not talk back to you!
You talking to me….
God has done lesser things to people
Has the potter power over the same lump?
Do you have a favorite cup?
When we were young we had favorite bowls for our cereal
I put my name on my bowl
My bowl is cleaned a certain way
I can honor one bowl over another
Can the bowl say, don’t I hold the same amount of cereal
Romans 9:21
We make one things for honor, the exact same thing for dishonor
I use a bucket for trash and for emergency food supplies
Bought the bowls at the same time
I am god of the bucket
Some people paint painting with finger prints
I find no beauty in that, I will sell it and not hang it in my home
One is honor and the other is dishonor
A man died to keep the Ark of the Covenant from falling
II Samuel 6:6
The Priests were suppose to carry the Ark, it was about to fall and God killed the man who tried to catch it
II Samuel 6:7
This thing began to fall
God knows that the Ark was falling
It was on a cart
David got so angry that the man died
Take the Ark somewhere else
God is God, the same yesterday, today and tomorrow
Our God was already big
Why are we not thinking that he can do the same thing
Hebrews 13:8
Why would God not do what he did in the past?
The blood of Jesus!
God is not acting like he once did because of the blood of Jesus
Acts 5:1-8
Ananias lied to God not man
Jesus would be the sacrifice
Jesus began to pray, I know that you are able
God thou art able to do all things
You only pray to someone who can fix it
Jesus was praying for God to make another way
God wants you to go that way….you will have to go through
God thou art able to do all things
Show me another church Lord, where I am not hated
I will go where you want me to go
God send a pastor to comfort me
It will be alright when Jesus comes back
II Samuel 15:3
Destroy all that they have wipe them off the face of the earth
Samuel kept the good oxen
He kept the sheep, and killed he babies
Does this offend you?
Do you know that you serve the same God?
Some would ask  how would God let this happen
People are walking away from God because of offenses
We are not of this world
Some people don’t understand what I say
I speak English and not that well
I can’t play Scrabble
Some made up their own Scrabble, ebonics
John 5:18
Jesus said that God was his Father
We are breaking the Sabbath
Revelation 21:7
The fearful and unbelievers and the murderer and the sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.
The liars shall have their part in the lake
This is the second death which is hell
We might escape the second death
Does this offend you
You are hooking me up with the abominable
I want your heart to be alright
A liar is a person who lies all the time
You need Jesus
Jesus will save us and stop us from going to hell
Stop lying, don’t lie all the time
You lie when you feel threatened
Whenever you feel threatened, tell the truth
Woe is us! We will all be in the lake of fire
John 12:24
Does this offend you?
John 8:24
Does this offend you?
Offences will come, learn the person who offends you
Not everything said was heard, not everything heard was said
John 12:25
I am tired of this nicotine spirit!
I command you, you nicotine devil get out of the church
Thank God!!!!

God is Over All
September 23, 2018
Sermon Notes
Apostle David Watkins

Not of This World

Matthew 6:33
We are not of this world
We should be listening to God our governor
He has placed in his word ways to receive
We are hoodwinked and bamboozled
He said that he will give us the desires of our hearts
But we do not want to wait
But all these things will be added to you
Consider God’s ways
If you abide in him, then he will abide with you
If you kick it with me, I will kick it with you at your house
We will be with you
Whatsoever you ask of the Father in my name I will give it you
This is the way to get the same things of the world
John 15:7
We want to change the way that God has made us
Men wanting to change to women, you become handicapped
Some just dress themselves up to look like the opposite sex
Help them to understand, the world has tricked them and confused them
No man can serve two masters
Matthew 6:24
You can not serve God and money
You must choose who you will be loyal to
When you say that you can’t come to work you are loyal to the job
We are not of this world, stop acting like we are
We are citizens of heaven
We do have a color, it is bright!
It is living color! It outshines the flesh
People say, I watched you and you are different than the others
God did not give us color not to shine
Let your light so shine, so men see you and glorify your Father in heaven
If he gave us a color that they could see, you would try to change it
You would go to the tanning salon
You would invest in it, you do not want to look like a Christian
We would fight for our rights!
You can act like you are of this world if you want to
You can have dual citizenship
Trying to reap the benefits of both
We should not be caught up in the world system
Luke 12:33
Sell your possessions and give to the needy
A treasure in heaven
Matthew 12:21
If you would be perfect
How many want to be perfect?
Our flesh keeps our hands down
Jesus says, if you will be perfect sell all, give to the poor and you will hve treasures in heaven
Ask God where is the money, if you seek the Lord’s kingdom
Start studying and understanding God’s ways
If someone hits you turn the other cheek, an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth
God says, render good for evil, instead of evil for evil
What is important is temporal
If we live like the world it will cripple us
Matthew 3:8
The Christian Struggle
We are not of this world, this is why we struggle
I John 2:16
The doctor needs sickness in order to get paid
This is how the world is
The lust of the flesh causes us to eat that junk
The lust