SERMON Sunday November 10th 2019

God is Over All

November 10, 2019

Sermon Notes

Apostle David Watkins


Don’t Lose Your Place

  • Revelation 2:2-5

  • Focus on the candlestick

  • Luke 15:28

  • True loyalty was lacking

  • Empty, false and selfish ambitious

  • Forced compliance that caused fake loyalty

  • Remember, repent and do the first works

  • Don’t lose your candlestick place

  • Remember the seven golden candlesticks

  • They were the seven churches

  • Revelation 1:20

  • Colossians 1:18

  • Acts 5:11

  • We are the church and we have a place to assemble the church

  • Kuriakoa – belonging to the Lord, used for the place of Christian worship

  • Constantine built some Christian worship building

  • Belonging to the Lord was a good name for the church

  • So many different denominations, we need one that says, belongs to the Lord, this is a building that belongs to the Lord

  • It became the church and people began to down the church because of the people

  • Jesus said, my Fathers house is a house of prayer, you have made it a den of thieves

  • It belongs to the Lord!

  • We do not come to be offended

  • You should be coming to worship, magnify and learn about God

  • People have reasons why we do not need to go to church

  • Many people are influenced by the world

  • Many who do not know the word are compromising

  • Jesus is talking to those of us who belong to the Lord.

  • I will remove your place

  • Revelation 2:4

  • You all have a place in the house of the Lord

  • My place is to worship the Lord, to help my sisters and brothers

  • My place is to forgive my brother

  • My place is to judge those things that are not judged

  • The bible tells you not to cast pearl before swine

  • You have to feel if someone will receive the Gospel

  • You can tell if someone is lost with only a few words

  • Don’t waste your time with those who will not receive

  • Going back to the old street, everything changed

  • I saw a friend of mine and asked if he was serving the Lord

  • He said, don’t judge me, I am called to judge others this is what I am called to do

  • We are spiritual Levites

  • He will move you from your place

  • He will remove the light from within you

  • People should see you and see your light

  • Because they know your place, but it should stop others from sinning

  • They know whatever happens when you start breathing your place is the Word of God!

  • Even in Dominoes, God is good!

  • It is your place and you do not want your place to be taken

  • Place of understanding

  • We understand the Word if our minds are open

  • The enemy might be trying to get God to take your candlestick

  • The fire of the Holy Ghost lives within

  • It’s place is our desire to learn the gospel

  • His place is our Levitical place of learning

  • Especially in God’s temple

  • Job 18:6

  • The candlestick was to help you see

  • Do not let it be taken so that you can not see

  • Today if the switch was taken you would lose the light

  • Without the switch you could see nothing

  • Do not let your switch be moved

  • When you come into the room you expect it by the door

  • They put the candle in a specific place

  • It is in a place to worship, magnify the Lord

  • I am the light! We are the light of the world

  • We are the salt! It should not lose its flavor

  • Some of us love salt so much that we use too much

  • I know salt when I taste it

  • I know salt when I taste it, if it loses its flavor it is good for nothing

  • Job 21:17

  • Proverbs 24:20

  • Jeremiah 25:10

  • Jesus talked in parables so some would not know

  • I am speaking in English and something is about to be removed

  • Some had said before, I am not getting anything

  • You have shut down your understanding

  • You stopped listening

  • We came to our senses like the prodigal son

  • Our light is bright like an led

  • Our light is brighter than ever!

  • He has placed a brighter light in us

  • Remember from where you have fallen

  • Revelation 2:5

  • I will remove your candlestick

  • It is the judgment if it is taken

  • I will remove the candlestick from its place

  • Remove my pastor and ministers

  • I will send a famine of the Word of God

  • I am not learning anything any more

  • Your place is gone

  • The candlestick has been removed and growing dim

  • If they did not repent, God would un-church them

  • They no longer deserve to have a pastor

  • No longer deserve to have the sacraments

  • No longer deserve to have the Word

  • God would close the church, everyone in the church has left their first love

  • Some believe what we believed in the beginning we did not judge the

  • Shepherd, when he said let’s go we went

  • God gave him a rod with a hook on it

  • For the stubborn and lost sheep

  • The shepherd would hook them and yank them

  • I am frustrated and irritated

  • They should have had someone to catch me

  • They should have protected me! I will sue the church

  • I have insurance! Just in case you are not caught

  • Some of us might think that the entire church will be lost

  • Some of us serve the church like we did in the beginning

  • The candlestick gets taken by murmuring and complaining

  • Some do not recognize a complaining spirit

  • God did not decree that I take a complaint box

  • You can come to me, but not with complaints about what I am doing!

  • Don’t complain about the direction that we are going

  • At first we were excited when we first started.

  • I want all of that, just place it in the basket

  • When time hit them and it was hard

  • They turned to the Shepherd and asked, What have you done?

  • We were tormented but at least we ate

  • What is this?

  • Shepherd had to turn to God

  • What am I going to do with these people?

  • What have I done to you oh God?

  • Walk across the water

  • Just learn and read it, it is amazing how much complaining they did to Moses, they complained him out of the Promised Land

  • The people went hungry, they got tired of the blessing!

  • All we have is this old manna, I fried it, baked it, etc.

  • I bless you and you get sick of it

  • I am going to bless them with some meat

  • Moses I am going to bless them, and it will start coming out of their nose

  • They are going to go through!

  • When they put the food into their mouths it reminded them of their complaints

  • They wanted to go back!

  • I would rather make bricks without straw

  • It will remove your candlestick

  • Murmuring and complaining

  • Growing weary in your Levitical service!

  • No longer trusting the pastor, it is a way to lose your place

  • The Levites place was to take care of the tabernacle

  • Numbers 18:6

  • He took only the Levites

  • They were given as a gift

  • God gave the Levites to the priests

  • They were to join Aaron and sons and minister to them

  • They were to serve the priests

  • The priests were responsible for the card of the sanctuary and the altar

  • The Levites carried the contents of the tabernacle

  • From three year old males and above

  • When they arrived, they set up the tabernacle

  • They were given the privileged to take care of the tabernacle

  • If the candlestick is moved you will no longer do any of these things that the priests were doing

  • You will lost your inheritance

  • Numbers 18:20

  • God is your inheritance

  • Know your place and to whom you belong

  • The Lord is your shepherd

  • There are some things that you need to hold and some things you need to say

  • I want God to get the glory!

  • Tell of the victory of the Lord Jesus!

  • Don’t let the enemy take your place by accusing you, talking to you

  • Learn the Word and start speaking the Word to the enemy!

  • He will stop talking to you!

  • Let me tell you about your future!

  • You are destined to hell, you will burn for eternity!

  • Don’t tell me! I know your future!

  • God saw you fall!!! Let me tell you about yourself!

  • There is nowhere you can go to be redeemed!

  • I am not afraid! I am not afraid to die! You better not die!

  • I have a Word for you! I will start preaching!

  • Don’t let the enemy talk you out of your candlestick!

  • Your place is this place a place of worship!

  • This is the Lord’s place!!!

God is Over All
November 3, 2019
Sermon Notes
Associate Pastor Jerri Harrison
Anchor Yourself

Everything said is not heard and everything heard is not said
Some of us turn our backs on God
I am mad about it, when he does what we do not understand
The drifting happens physically and spiritually
Being in the church building does not mean that you are connected to God
It does not mean that you love God
Thank God that you are in the church building
There is hope for those of us that show up
Our anchor has not drifted away
Isaiah 29:13
Hope is always here
Have you bee in a boring meeting on your job?
You pretend to be all in
So glad to be here, all the while your mind is gone
It can happen spiritually too
You push to be in the building but your mind is far away
You know in the house of the Lord this is where your strength is
Have you had a friend say something that offended you
Have you ever had anyone to act crazy on you
They had a bad day and took it out on you
Transference is when we transfer our feelings on others
You can see that your friend was having a bad day
Anchor yourself in the things of God
This is what happened to the disciples
John 6:53-54
John 6:60
Many of the disciples said this is a hard saying
Jesus saw that his disciples murmured
Jesus asked does this offend you?
Many went away and walked out on Jesus
Have you ever heard a teaching that pierced and offended you?
The disciples heard in the flesh and thought about cannibalism
Jesus was speaking in the Spirit the deep things of God
John 6:63
The flesh don’t profit nothing
I Corinthians 2:14
The things of God are foolishness to the natural man
They do not understand what a blessing it is to step into God’s house
You must walk in the Spirit
Instead of walking our on God, anchor yourself
Galatians 5:16
Walk in the Spirit, so that you will not fulfill the lust of the flesh
The Spirit says forgive
The Spirit deals differently when you are offended
Which ever way God says to move
Anchor yourself and walk in the Spirit
Instead of drifting away anchor yourself
Walk in the fruit of the Spirit
Instead of walking out and leaving the church
Anchor yourself, choose to make God happy
Staying where you are called to be and making God happy
Instead of walking out of a committee meeting and being mad
Anchor yourself
Think more highly of others ideas than your own
We got saved because we needed Jesus in our lives
I Peter 1:6-7
God is not looking for your gold
He is looking for your faith that makes it through the hard times
Faith that came out purified
Suck it up Soldiers! Such it up Soldiers!
Learn how to walk for God!
Don’t let anything or anyone pull your anchor where you drift away from God!
Stay put, stand tall, hang in!
Loyalty says, stay put!
Anchor yourself with loyalty and commitment
Find a bible verse to stand on and anchor yourself
Anchor yourself in prayer, where you snot and cry
Anchor yourself in doing the work of God
I am a watchman and I will stay on the wall!
Anchor yourself in the work that you are called to do
Romans 8:28
I may not like what I have to do, I am not going anywhere!
I may have hurt feelings, I am not going any where!
Anchor yourself when you are sick!
Anchor yourself when your finances are low!
Anchor yourself when your friends turn away!
Anchor yourself when love ones go to heaven!
Get on your knees and serve God
Anchor yourself when you don’t have a good job
Anchor yourself when your child ain’t acting right!
Fight your fears  and stand on Gods word
God is not leaving us
God is a sure anchor
Anchor yourself with hope
My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus blood and righteousness
On Christ the solid rock I stand all other ground is sinking sand
Give God your all
Lord I am anchored in you!

God is Over All
Sermon Notes
October 26, 2019
Bishop Ernest Johnson
Come Out of the House of Potiphar

Potiphar was a servant of Pharoah you are not called to be a servant of a servant!
The devil is lying on you! Wake up and go to your 
You need to come out of your place of comfort
When you get comfortable where you are you get uncomfortable
There are things that God has promised when you were younger
I am stuck, I might as well die here at Grace Covenant
He sent you here with a purpose
This is a move of God for your life and your soul
When you do not see things accomplished in your life it is hard for you
Spending to much affects your soul
Some of the folks you live with can affect your soul
Neighbor I love you but I will not allow you to effect my soul
If we harbor un-forgiveness 
We can’t live a double life!
We can’t play Christians one day and watch pornography on another
You are living epistles
Can’t be one way in the church and another way out of the church
I am around folks that smoke drugs, but don’t smoke, no you have a contact high
Be ye holy! Be holy! Be saved! Don’t play with it
Salvation is like fire!
You can cook a meal with it or burn a house down
Salvation will bless you! I would that you prosper and be in good health!
He will bless you! Everything that you put your hand to!
He’s real! Ain’t nothing like the real thing!
Let this mind be in you that was also in Christ Jesus
He won’t force you to study, pray or fast
Humble yourself, go to the bathroom, take a sponge and wipe the pride off
You may have some degrees! God degree requires you to be born again
Nebukknezzer people who hear council and now they have big ministries
I come home and they do not hear my counsel
In the multitude of counselors there is safety
The Millennial churches, God talks to me also!
Like Miriam and Aaron, they said check this out Mo-Mo
I know you opened the Red Sea, you are just Mo
I am too familiar with you and call you Mo-Mo
Since I started with you I did not have anything, now I have more money than you, more educated, when you feel that you can run it better, it is time to go up the street and get your own church
You ever heard of a snake tongue, he attacks you by his tongue
The bite is a sting but you don’t see the poison
If you let him in, you let him win!
God is not the author of confusion or peace
Confusion comes from the enemy!
When Moses was in the mountain the people got tired!
Ain’t nothing changing! I am just going to be here!
The anointing is here! God is tearing down and time to rebuild you
Trees that are bearing fruit are going through hell!
God likes producers!
Come to the house of the Lord with an offering in your hand!
Your Pastor has to shut in to get a Word from the Lord!
If he don’t hurry up and get a word
They will go talk in the Assistant Pastor’s ear, they will say go and build me a golden calf
Instead of building a church, they would rather have a golden calf
You have a golden calf parked outside!
Some of you have moved up and come to church like a spiritual Peacock
Come in late and make an entrance!
The brothers want to be models!
Instead of coming humbly to the church, you have a golden calf in your pocket
Now you can’t be told anything
Why do people make golden calves? Because they do not talk back
Who is the most anointed? You are! Who is the prettiest? You are!
People are dropping dead!
What are we doing about the world around us? We are peacocks!
You are going to get God’s attention one way or another
Either by prayer and fasting or by sin and doing wrong
One accord when you are doing right can turn the neighborhood around
Get down there Moses, they are partying! When you have a golden calf you start questioning your leadership
Why should I respect her? I am a Peacock or GQ
It takes more man to humble yourself
He who looks into the law of liberty, when you get into the word you see your ugly side
When I see Jesus, I don’t have to compare myself with you
To your leader do you stand
Jesus was walking he did not have anything and the whole world listened to him and then hung him on a cross
Father forgive them, for they know not what they do
That is a revelation scripture
Jesus is knocking on the door of your heart
You know how to play church, I want you to be the church
Paul on his way to Damascus, Trump, Winfrey, Perry, there are those who are not saved and made their dreams come true
Do you need him?
You are on your way to accomplishing your goals
The Lord knocked him down
Ask God two questions, who are you?
You forgot to get down and get a break through
I got beside myself and forgot to say I am sorry!
We must walk in repentance, forgive me and help me!
If you are not saved and don’t know Jesus you need to get him
These are the last days! The devil snatching people from the church because we are in the last days
Who are you? I am Jesus who you persecuted.
Every time you went to the beach instead of church
Hebrews 10:25
If you are tired of seeing the old faces, you need to bring in some new faces!
The first ministry is Evangelism! We are to witness to others!
You should be witnessing and filling the church
Who would like to see a new baby being born or a funeral?
When we bring someone new in to the church we get excited
Get your eyes open and get filled with the Holy Ghost
Renew your vision! Read the vision! Go tell the vision to sinners!
Go outside to the beach, the  military bases, go out to save someone
Don’t lose your Fire!
Listen to your leadership!
You can be better than those in the church
Miriam and Aaron come to Mo-Mo and said, check this out!
We got degrees, money, houses, we can run this thing better than you
Go ahead and step down and let us run this thing!
Leprosy struck Miriam, why didn’t it strike Aaron?
Years went by but you don’t get away!
Later on bring Aaron to the tent! Strip him of his robe! That is why leaders get fooled, they get away then all of a sudden they get caught up
You thought that you got away! Here comes Aaron strip him of his robe and leprosy came upon him. Because he was a Priest he died
Be not many masters! You want to be head of something!
Understand the responsibility!
The responsibility is greater on the teacher than the student
What do you want me to do? Man of God I will serve!
How much more do we need for Temple Restoration?
The leader carries the heaviest burden of the church
While you are watching television, the man of God is praying for you and praying!
The leader begins to question their ability!
Be not many master’s the master has the greatest judgment
Grace Covenant you are church with favor and power, you are the light of the world. Follow after peace with all men. If you don’t live holy others will not see God!
People need to see your holiness, show it off!

God is Over All
Sermon Notes
October 20, 2019
Apostle David Watkins
I Can’t Forgive Myself

I don’t have to accept the change
Matthew 27:1-10
Passage talks about Judas remorse
Judas felt remorse and returned the thirty pieces of silver
He realized that he had sinned
You must forgive yourself or you will be walking in the steps of Judas
Not forgiving yourself negates the blood of the cross
Hebrews 9:14
Cleanse your conscience from dead works
You are the one having problems forgiving yourself
God’s word says that we have been washed by the blood of Christ
Leviticus 17:11
The life of the flesh is in the blood
It is the blood that makes atonement for the soul
It goes both ways, forgiving yourself and forgiving others
The same thing happens if we do not forgive ourselves and others
We are saying, I don’t care what the blood of Jesus has done
I hate myself because of what I have done
When we refuse to forgive ourselves
God is a peculiar God
When the people went up to search the land
They brought back an evil report
Caleb and Joshua
Denying the gospel will keep you from forgiving
Washed your sins away, no more shame
If we do not forgive ourselves and others we are turned over
But is rebuking the pastor, stay with me I will get to the part you want
Matthew 18:33
You should have had mercy on the fellow slave even as I had mercy on you
There was a time when you went to jail until you could pay your debt
Your family came and paid the debt
The man cried out have mercy on me
Matthew 18:28
A tormentor would hit you with no need
Some people will follow you to see if you are what you say
They saw what he did, if anyone says that you are a tattletale
Don’t worry about someone telling on you if you are alright
God’s angels constantly report on you
You were told on yesterday what you did
You were told on when you were cursing
When you were dropping it like it’s hot
Someone told on you when you were learning to twerk
Matthew 18:31
Matthew 18:34-35
My heavenly Father will do the same to you if you do not forgive
You have been turned over because you have chosen
We end up leaving where we are suppose to be
You are being tormented
Judas sinned, but was his greatest sin stealing from the disciples?
His greatest sin may have been to not believe in Jesus
Because of his unbelief he became the son of perdition
Not forgiving you is to walk in the same steps as Judas
You have sinned and are remorseful
You come to church but still feel remorseful
You made the choice but can’t forgive yourself
The devils voice is like the coins that Judas threw
Putting blinders on your spiritual eyes
It will have you seeing things through the eyes of judgment
You will no longer know the difference between right and wrong
The same will be turned over
They are hung up on the pain and forget the gospel
I have been changed healed, delivered
You must understand that I am being tormented
It hurts so much, where do you think that it is coming from?
I can’t believe that the blood can cover this
The brother or sister is just fine
The other person can find it hard because you have not forgiven them
Both persons are tormented
It will ruin you faith and become spiritually blind
II Peter 1:9
You forget the gospel, that you have been forgiven
Today I have been changed! I have been delivered!
Don’t be blinded by hurt and pain
These little demons are in your heart and mind trying to get you not to forgive yourself
We have the habit of wanting to crucify the wrongdoers, we have not been harmed but we want them to hurt
It is difficult for them to forgive themselves because you do not forgive
Who can judge another mans servants?
Were you there when I created the universe?
Who are you talking to?
God can do whatever he wants to do
He can not be judged by any man
Has anyone been bitten by a mosquito?
He is just looking for what he eats
If we smack him down and squeeze the life right out of them
Did you see what they did to little John?
He was just hungry!
We are like a god to any crawling creature
I am trying not to kill the garden snake
They were here before we built this
God is really God he is over everything
You can’t judge God, he really is God!
Example of a roach, why did you kill my family, there was only one on your sandwich
Forgiveness is a choice, all you have to do is choose
It depends on your knowledge of the gospel
You can not deny it
We have all sinned and fallen short of God’s standard
We can not pay back the debt that was owed
Jesus took our sins off of us and all my guilt and all my shame
I should be able to understand this and forgive myself
By faith his righteousness is given to us
God charged Jesus for our sins
Yes you sinned, but the forgiveness of God is so good he erased it from his memory
I John 1:9
It is easy to forgive yourself and others
We want someone to hurt for hurting
It has been long enough, they have suffered long enough
I thank God that he is not like me
I have been hurt dogged, used and abused, cursed out, etc.
It took me some time to forgive because of the flesh
I was not free from the torment until I have forgiven
I needed help to forgive also
I needed him to come and say, I ask you to forgive me
Now I have forgiven, I want him to call, I want him to come over
I have been changed, freed, delivered!
I have been changed! I thank God for laying on his heart so God can deliver me
When you are beating yourself up over something that God has forgiven you of
Let it go and believe the gospel
I know that you are able to forgive yourself and others
You sin did not destroy God’s ability to love you
Try not to feel so bad about having trouble forgiving yourself
Forgiving yourself requires a little struggle
If it comes easy we are only giving ourselves excuses
We do not get the excuse to do whatever we want
Thank God for his grace and favor
Do not take our trespasses lightly
Be weary of someone who walks around casually talking about forgiving themselves
Others are looking at them
Example: I know that I drove drunk and killed your son
Only two parties have the ability to give you a self forgiving license
The person you hurt or God
We have to claim God’s forgiveness for ourselves
To forgive yourself you must surrender to the gospel
Today is for those who find it difficult to forgive themselves
You are the ones that are unhappy
The torment has been poking you!
You are about to kill yourself because you feel so bad
The gospel is the teaching and revelation of Jesus Christ
All my shamed….
People want to be forgiven, they want salvation, they want this peace
They would rather be saved from the consequences of their sins
I want to be saved from sin but also from the consequences
Lord God don’t let me shame you!
Lord do not let my sin be brought to the fan! Have mercy!
Save me from the consequences of my sin
Beware of those who say I am sorry that I beat your brother up
I forgive myself
To forgive yourself you must surrender to the gospel
Work on forgiving yourself, you can do it, you are able
Just believe what you already know to be true
Jesus is the answer!
The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want
The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me
You are capable of forgiving yourself

God is Over All

October 13, 2019

Sermon Notes

Apostle David Watkins


We Need A Radical Behavior Change

  • We have different backgrounds, styles of worship

  • Some feel that we worship too loud and move too much

  • Even music in the churches differ

  • Can we be on one accord

  • There is a variety of intellect

  • Doctrinal differences that causes constant danger of division

  • How will we unify?

  • Most relationships are based on common ground

  • It may be the blood that we share, an ethnic background

  • These things we have in common help us unify

  • We share in common as Christian more than the natural world

  • We share more things that are able to help us get along

  • When people date, they find some common ground

  • In Jesus there is more in common that that of the world

  • We share a common goal to gain souls for the kingdom

  • We can stop thinking about our own wants

  • Start thinking about our common goals

  • We are born again and are called the children of God

  • We are of the same race

  • We are new creatures, the same kind of creature

  • We have all that in common

  • We are in the world but not of this world

  • We are ambassadors and citizens of heaven

  • God anointed us to preach the gospel to the poor

  • He has set us all to heal the brokenhearted

  • Sight to the blind, to give liberty to those trapped in bondage

  • These things should bring us to unity

  • How do we get there?

  • Ephesians 4:11-13

  • Till we come to the unity of faith and of the knowledge of the Son of God

  • A more mature person

  • We must continue until we grow more mature

  • Enemies that stop us from unity is discord, disagreement

  • We will say perfectly joined together

  • When you disagree we are not united, not together

  • I don’t care how much loyalty that you claim

  • I am not loyal to wrong!

  • You may be my best friend, I am not loyal to that

  • People expect you to back them up in their wrong

  • If being your friend makes me to do wrong then we are not friends

  • We bring that into the church

  • I think that we should go into another direction

  • Intellect that causes us to not be in unity

  • I went to college because they paid me to go

  • Now you have to pay them to go

  • I came out and did not owe anyone

  • Discord and the spreading of discord

  • Proverbs 6:19

  • A false witness that speaks lies

  • Proverbs 6:16

  • These six things does the Lord hate

  • Stop taking selfies with a proud look

  • God hates pride!

  • A proud look, pastors who have a proud look

  • Proverbs 6:17

  • Anyone who walks around thinking that they are more than they are

  • What do you want from your brothers and sisters

  • In order to be looked up to you have to have a proud look

  • How many hate liars

  • God hates a lying tongue

  • Hands that shed innocent blood

  • A heart that gets into mischief

  • When someone was fighting in school, did you run to it?

  • Proverbs 6:18

  • Wicked imaginations things that bringing harm to others

  • We think of wickedness as laziness

  • I am sick of going to work

  • I hate going to work

  • Feet that are swift to run into mischief

  • A false witness and they lie because someone wants them to

  • God hates false witnesses

  • When you get two or three people we should see the truth

  • He that sows discord among the brethren

  • Murmuring and complaining is disunity

  • Murmuring is a private conversation between you and enemy

  • I am doing what I am going to do

  • You have had this conversation with the enemy

  • They better let me, they better invite me, I don’t care….

  • Proverbs 6:19

  • Complaining a verbal expression of dissatisfaction!

  • People feel that they are being treated like a servant

  • Anyone feel like you are being treated like a servant

  • People have a problem with being treated like a servant

  • We feel disrespected

  • Others are not respecting our position

  • Christ Jesus took the very nature of a servant

  • Philippians 2:3

  • Esteem others better than me

  • Let nothing be done through strife or vainglory

  • Look on the things of others

  • Don’t think so much about getting to heaven for yourself

  • You should be helping others

  • God is about us supporting one another

  • Parents try to comfort children

  • Children are suppose to give back at a certain time

  • Example of having a job and telling his Mom that she was taking all his money, No Charge!

  • Mom you can have all my money

SERMON: Sunday, August 11, 2019

God is Over All

August 11, 2019

Preached Word

Apostle David Watkins

Divine Loyalty As It Relates to Human Loyalty

  • Luke 17:29

  • We are living in good days

  • We are eating, driving cars, buying homes, we have technology

  • We can text people, we can block people

  • Marriage, separation, and divorcing

  • We are living in the last days, having a great big party

  • Doing whatever we want to do

  • We are living in those last days

  • Only our children were being pressured

  • Today we are getting this worldly pressure

  • Let’s not talk about the things that offend God

  • Let’s talk only about the goodness

  • Ezekiel 3:18

  • Someone will have to pay for not telling people that they are off

  • When you go to the doctor, you want to hear the truth

  • You don’t want to hear about how good things are in your life

  • If you warn the wicked and he does not turn from his wicked ways

  • You would deliver your soul

  • Your soul needs deliverance

  • We are being vexed like Lot

  • We accept that times are changing and we need to change with the times

  • Things that do not cause ripples and do not hurt feelings

  • God will blow that feeling right away

  • I will shoot a feeling

  • Some preachers may say, you should be more loyal to God than to your church

  • Tired of losing the saints, say the things that make it easy

  • God does not separate himself from his work

  • Y’all ain’t listening! Pastor Peyton

  • Please understand God is not separating himself from his work

  • We ought to be loyal to God but not to Jesus

  • God does not separate himself from his Son, his works

  • God is what he does

  • Exodus 34:14

  • Thou shalt have no others Gods before me

  • It is never too late to come back stronger

  • God is doing something and saying this is who I am

  • God is known by what he does

  • If I say to the wicked repent, and you do not tell them they will die

  • Their blood will be on your hands

  • You never mentioned him to me (a song that he sang with his Mom)

  • You do not want to hurt any feelings

  • You will suffer some loss

  • Ezekiel 3:18

  • You do not need to be loyal to your church or ministry, they have separated God from his work

  • Maybe that church is not God’s church or work

  • I am the ministry and the ministry is me!

  • I am what God has called me to be and that is me

  • I am my calling and my calling is me!!!

  • It makes you want to stand up against the enemy!

  • I am my ministry and my ministry is me!

  • If you see my calling you see me!

  • Divine Loyalty as it relates to Human loyalty

  • Loyalty Story Example

  • Loyalty relates to the divine and the human realm

  • Jesus was asked what is the greatest commandment

  • Matthew 12:29

  • Love the Lord your God with all your heart,, soul and mind

  • We must understand, listen and become more teachable

  • The second is like this, love your neighbor as yourself

  • Mark 12:31

  • What is love? 

  • Loving something with all

  • God is saying be loyal to me, that is the greatest thing that you can do

  • I am loyal to myself

  • Do unto others as I do unto you

  • Some people do not love themselves

  • God would not have you love others and hate yourself

  • That scripture is human loyalty

  • God wants us to love him with everything

  • We can only be physically loyal to God

  • People who did not want to explain things to you, they would say because I feel spiritually about it

  • How can you explain the spirit?

  • The bible says, God is a spirit and those that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth

  • That is where your tongues come in

  • Put on the full armor of God

  • Feet shot with the preparation, the shield of faith, the sword, pray in the spirit always

  • Human loyalty is giving God your loyalty

  • Loving him with all your heart, mind, soul and strength

  • Love others as you love yourself

  • John 15:13

  • Jesus said greater love hath no man than this, that a man ;ay down his life for his friends

  • John 15:15

  • God is talking about what he has done for you

  • God is loyal to us

  • I John 3:16

  • The Lord laid down his life for us

  • Covenant loyalty, we should be loyal enough to lay down our lives

  • The Godfather, the Mafia

  • If I would have an armor bearer, I want him to be loyal enough to try to save me

  • I expect that the President wants loyal secret service officers to jump in the way of the bullets

  •  You would holler out to the President duck!

  • God is all about being loyal to us

  • God does not separate himself from what he has made

  • I will never forsake you or leave you

  • I will die for you! I will be beaten for you!

  • I had to die on the tree, be forsaken for us

  • God is always showing his loyalty to us

  • Some us use loyalty as a curse

  • God is trying to get us to understand that he has set this up

  • Divine loyalty is God laying his life down

  • If God is committed to us, we should be committed to one another

  • We should forgive one another

  • I expect you to be loyal to one another and be willing to die for one another

  • It hurts to be loyal, it is not easy to be loyal

  • The selfishness must go

  • We have judged one another

  • How can you judge another mans servants?

  • They are not doing what God told them to do

  • When did you get set up as a judge to the saints?

  • Were you in the room, when I anointed my servant?

  • Where were you when I first called them?

  • Where were you when I began this work?

  • I am his work and my calling

  • Deut. 7:9

  • The faithful God that keeps covenant and mercy with them that love him

  • He is God and he is faithful toward us

  • He is loyal to what he has created

  • He keeps the sun in place! He is loyal to the earth and keeps it moving

  • When we do wrong he is still there

  • Romans 8:35

  • Through his covenant his people are assured of his everlasting love

  • Even if we are faithful, he remains faithful

  • II Timothy 2:13

  • If we are faithless, he remains faithful

  • He can not deny himself!

  • He has made us him! 

  • God holds us even if we fall

  • Those who are faithless are still held by God

  • Peter denied God, yet God did not deny Peter

  • Let me show you human loyalty

  • God remained faithful

  • Loyalty to God is to die for God and for one another

  • Love is loyal

  • You can’t be faithful to someone that you do not love!

  • The bible tells men that they should be loyal and love their wives

  • Love, loyalty, love, loyalty, die for them

  • Why do we ty to do what Jesus requires?

  • He has done everything for us

  • He has remained faithful! He will not leave us when we are unfaithful

  • Remain loyal even unto death

  • We say, Baby you are killing me

  • God holds us and keeps us

  • We are clothed in Christ and cannot be separated from him

  • Romans 8:38

  • Nothing can separate the loyalty that God has toward us

  • Even if you sin, confess your sin and he is faithful

  • He is loyal to his covenant

  • Romans 8:39

  • Why is it evil to be loyal to a man called by God?

  • I Samuel 8:1-3

  • His sons did not follow his ways, they turned aside because of money

  • You priests, I gotta go to work on Sunday

  • I don’t have to work but they pay extra on Sundays!

  • The job pays more to keep you from church

  • Some forget our first works!

  • We call into work and ask to work on Sundays

  • I Samuel 8:5

  • They came to Samuel and said, behold you are old

  • I tried to find retirement in the bible

  • I went into the Greek and Hebrew

  • Pass the baton Pastor, I am passing the instruction baton

  • I am not passing the baton to step off the pulpit

  • All Grace Covenant came up to Pastor David and said, behold you are old, they are not as anointed for you

  • Now appoint us a new leader!

  • We want to be like all the other churches

  • This thing displeased Samuel

  • He was the prophet of the most high God!

  • They did not get the word for themselves!

  • You need to study and understand the word

  • Forever learning and never coming to the full knowledge of the truth

  • You always have someone over you until you are given your own establishment

  • God will give you helpers who are loyal to you and to God

  • You are your calling and your calling is you!

  • Samuel prayed to God, God said, obey the voice of the people and all they say, they have not rejected you but they have rejected me!

  • God says, you can’t separate me from what I do

  • I will provide for you, Jehovah Jireh

  • He is your deliverer, he names himself

  • We name people something so that they can be doing what we name them

  • Precious, get another dog and called him blessed

  • The dog was cursed! Mom said, David take my dog to a place where they will love my dog

  • That dog would not let anyone near my Mother

  • I snatched the dog by the throat, don’t hate me you dog lovers

  • I said, that’s my Mother, my Mother!

  • Appoint us another king! They have rejected me of being king over them

  • They thought that they did not have to be loyal to Samuel any more

  • Rejecting Samuel was being disloyal to God

  • Explain to them what will happen when they get a king

  • I Samuel 8:8-9

  • Samuel is not dead, he is not old

  • He is still judge! God says, they rejected me

  • Philippians 4:2-3

  • Paul is calling on the church to help women who are also church leaders, I entreat Euodias and Syntyche

  • Stay agreeable with one another

  • Help these women, they are loyal to Paul

  • Paul was trying to get the people to help one another

  • Help meant to follow them

  • The church of Philippi, they were leaders

  • He required that other leaders help them

  • They worked side by side, they knew what direction that they were going in

  • They had one goal, spread the gospel

  • We are to reconcile man back unto God

  • God wrote the bible to us!

  • God is talking to us, do not be like this, be loyal to that, remember me

  • Ruth 1:16

  • Her husband died, her mother in law tried to send her away

  • Where you go, I will go, your people will be my people, where you lodge I will lodge…..

  • Only death will part you from me!

  • God blessed her loyalty!

  • Ruth 1:17

  • God would have sent her away!

  • Without divine loyalty it is impossible to follow God

  • Without human loyalty to God

  • To be loyal to God is to be loyal to the calling that is upon your life!

  • Divine loyalty as it relates to human loyalty, you can’t have one without the other!

  • We ought to be loyal to one another

  • To love God causes us to love one another!

SERMON: Sunday, August 4, 2019

God is Over All 
August 4, 2019 
Preached Word 
Pastor Michael Smith 
We Were Made For War! 
We all have a purpose 
  • We have gifts and talents to do what God has given us 

  • What shall I do with this tool? 

  • Just keep doing it, I don’t feel like I can do it 

  • God has given you the gift to do what we have been asked 

  • We must come past fear and doubt 

  • We are more than able to do what God has asked 

  • War is aggressive  

  • War takes action  

  • I was at war, because we were warring against the enemy 

  • The enemy wanted us to feel as though we could not do it 

  • Some people had fun! 

  • I just did not realize it 

  • We are perfectly joined together 

  • Everything we need to come against the trick of the enemy we have 

  • Everything that is needed is in God’s house 

  • Do not fear stepping into your destiny 

  • Inspired by the song, Holy Visitation 

  • We have to take back the things that the enemy has stolen 

  • We sing, we shout, we lift up our voices that the kingdom comes down 

  • We fast and we pray 

  • That is how we war! 

  • II Corinthians 10:4 

  • The weapons of our warfare are to carnal but mighty 

  • God said that we only have to show up 

  • The pulling down of strongholds 

  • II Timothy 1:7 

  • God has not given us the Spirit of fear 

  • Oh yes you can!  

  • We inspire one another, we are our brothers keeper 

  • You can inspire another warrior 

  • Some have not accepted a calling upon your life 

  • Last Sunday, we are all leaders 

  • Had his two grandchildren last week 

  • I claim that they are with me 

  • Imani was told you have to do right, the younger will not do right 

  • When you do wrong, I have to watch both of you 

  • What example are you giving? 

  • What example are you giving to others? 

  • Are you inspiring them to the work of God? 

  • Are you inspiring others to work for the enemy? 

  • You are inspiring at least one person and that is yourself 

  • There will be others who will serve the Lord 

  • Encourage yourself! Pastor Renee said last Sunday 

  • The Spirit of the Lord God is upon you 

  • Inspire yourself 

  • Don’t seek someone to say amen! 

  • The inspiration is within you 

SERMON: Sunday, July 28, 2019

God is Over All
July 28, 2019
Sermon Notes
Apostle David Watkins
I’m Loyal to God 


  • To be loyal to God is the question 

  • To be loyal to the inspired word of God which is Logos 

  • Every Word of God is inspired by His Word 

  • Jesus is the living Logos 

  • I do not need the Logos to keep me believing in Jesus 

  • I do not need the logos to complete the vision 

  • I need the Logos to guide me and to lead me in how to serve him 

  • To help me with what to share with the people and what not to share 

  • Causing me not to become discouraged 

  • To be loyal to His inspired word is to be loyal 

  • You can not be loyal to God and not loyal to the man of God 

  • Without loyalty the work cannot be done 

  • I need you, but not disloyalty 

  • I do not need those who are not willing to go 

  • I do not need those who are set with the baton to go in a different direction 

  • We shall not follow any man but follow Jesus 

  • It is contrary to the logos of God 

  • Paul said, follow me as I follow Jesus 

  • I Corinthians 4:16 

  • Why did Paul want people to follow him? 

  • To complete what he was to do for God 

  • There are pastors who messed it up because they are glory seekers 

  • They are honored when people say I will follow you 

  • There is only one reason that I want people to follow me 

  • Giants of deception, disease, despair 

  • We can over come because we are well able 

  • Some might say, we are not able 

  • Three times Paul mentioned about following Jesus 

  • I Corinthians 11:2-3 

  • Some feel that I am loyal to God 

  • Moses did not say follow me, but he expected it 

  • What is now has been, we are living in the last days and this is what will happen 

  • People are coming up with their own ways of serving God 

  • Remember, repent and do the first works 

  • Not doing what you think that you hear 

  • You have a Father in the gospel that has only good thoughts toward you 

  • Philippians 3:17 

  • God has set leaders 

  • Called, gifted, anointed and hard headed 

  • You can’t brag about something that has been given to you 

  • Some of us have issues with our mates, but we are working it out being faithful 

  • You will receive a reward for the fight 

  • You will not get a reward for the gift 

  • The gift of interpreting tongues, I did that, I would et called and it would be interpreted 

  • Will God reward you for what God has given you? 

  • Go to the fighting pride line 

  • Go to the line where you found it difficult to follow 

  • When Paul was talking about man and headship, he was talking about a natural thing 

  • The reason Paul told the saints to follow him was because he was their spiritual Father 

  • I Corinthians 11:1 

SERMON: Sunday, July 21, 2019

God is Over All 

July 21, 2019 

Sermon Notes 

Youth Pastor Victor Brown 

So You Have Not Received Your Blessing What is Next? 


  • Luke 2:8-14 

  • God gives certain blessings only when we are ready 

  • The blessing that God sent is not just for you 

  • It is for the generations following 

  • Bill Gates did not become wealthy just to be rich 

  • Your blessings are not just for you but also for others 

  • Proverbs 11:25 

  • The one who blesses others is abundantly blessed 

  • Are you only thinking about yourself? 

  • Where can I be a blessing to other people? 

  • The victory for others is depended on the blessing that you share 

  • Be a blessing to others 

  • We have to be prepared to share God’s blessings 

  • Don’t let doubt come in if you have not received it 

  • Believe and do not doubt 

  • That person who doubts will not get anything from God 

  • We can block our blessings by speaking against our blessings 

  • You begin to make plans not to receive 

  • Don’t dumb down your expectations 

  • God has set your blessings in motion 

  • God keeps his promises 

  • Danger is real, your response does not have to be fearful 

  • When unsure we can stand on God’s promises 

  • God will bless us because of our faith 

  • II Kings 3:16-19 

  • The three kings received the blessing according to the depth of the ditches that they dug 

  • Do not let your faith fail 

  • The season of blessings has not passed 

  • The blessing is closer than ever before 

  • You are closer than you were yesterday 

  • Some quit and give up before they get their blessing 

  • You may have an image of how your blessing will come 

  • It can come in an unexpected way 

  • Example: Broke my laptop, I was not expecting this blessing 

  • Provided gift cards 

  • Do not give up! 

  • God can make blessings come out of no where 

  • God sent the perfect salvation 

  • Your blessing may not hit your hand in a conventional way 

  • It may be an unconventional way 

  • God knows the plans that he has for you 

  • You will win! 

  • You have the victory 

  • Wait for the salvation to come 

  • When we week God first we winn 

  • It may be uncomfortable 

  • Believe the prophets and prosper 

  • Don’t look in the physical looking for a spiritual blessing 

SERMON: Sunday, July 7, 2019

SERMON: Sunday, June 30, 2019

God is Over All 

June 30, 2019 

Preached Word 

Pastor Deborah Williams 

This is My Season! 


Foundational Scripture: Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 


  • This message inspired by Understanding the Christian Life 

  • Season is a defined period of the year 

  • A season is distinguished by special climate and conditions 

  • Four seasons annually 

  • We also experience spiritual seasons 

  • We go through many seasons on our Christian walk 

  • We find that seasons are constantly changing 

  • Ecclesiastes the 3rd chapter Solomon giving words of wisdom 

  • Time is constantly moving into an uncertain future 

  • What season am I encountering? 

  • Examples of recent loss 

  • Facebook example of being in line for eternity 

  • Why is this my season? 

  • Being alive, breathing, thinking and moving 

  • Galatians 6:9 

  • This is the season for the people of God to persevere 

  • We find ourselves in the multiplicity of seasons 

SERMON: Sunday, June 23, 2019

God Is Over All 
June 23, 2019 
Sermon Notes 
Apostle David Watkins 
 The Best Job Ever 


  • Numbers 3:25 

  • You have the best job ever and you are not doing anything 

  • Normally you get fired when you are not doing your job 

  • God is merciful and has not fired us 

  • Some of us do not do the work 

  • Some get fired for doing the work poorly 

  • Some do work at the last minute 

  • God is patient toward us 

  • When Pastors prepare their sermons at the last minute 

  • I know that God is Intentional 

  • I have the best job ever 

  • I am doing my job 

  • I may not do the best job ever 

  • If your people could just come in and do something 

  • I can barely get them to just come to work 

  • II Chronicles 7:14 

  • You get up and say, I got to go to work! 

  • I would stay but I have got to go to work 

  • There are some devils that only go by fasting and prayer 

  • Sometimes you push against the devil and the person feels you are pushing them 

  • There is guard duty for the house of God 

  • The hanging of the doors that are around the tabernacle 

  • All the service connected with that 

  • Numbers 3:26 

  • Some were hanging up curtains 

  • The priests came and helped to fix the window 

  • You could see out the windows 

  • One of the priests said, I will go and get the curtains 

  • Our Assistant Pastor said, I will go and hang the curtains 

  • Numbers 3:27 

  • Numbers 3:29 

  • Their guard duty had to do with the care of the temple 

  • Numbers 3:31 

  • Their job was to take care of the tables, candlesticks, etc. 

  • It is the best job ever 

  • Numbers 3:32 

  • Your job is to keep guard and make sure that all is safe 

  • Keep your eyes open and watch out 

  • Example of cousin cutting iron off the building, named “watch out” 

  • It is our job to watch out for one another 

  • We have to care for one another 

  • The sons of Merari was camped to keep guard 

  • Numbers 3:33 

  • They were responsible for the pillars around the court 

  • Numbers 3:36 

  • They had to do their job constantly 

  • The altar of God, do you think weeds are growing? 

  • Weeds are growing and we just pass by 

SERMON: Sunday, June 16, 2019

God is Over All 
June 16, 2019 
Sermon Notes 
Apostle David Watkins 
 Just Like A Father Would 


  • Ephesians 5:23 

  • The world is trying to take the rod of correction out of Father’s hand 

  • Everywhere we go the rod is being taken 

  • I have my rod, it is a good rod there for a purpose 

  • Example of a Father: Psalm 23:1 

  • The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. 

  • I have no lack, I will have everything that I need if I allow God to be my shepherd 

  • I will be cared for and provided for 

  • He makes me to lie down in green pastures 

  • He keeps me from struggling 

  • Psalms 23:2 

  • He makes me like a Father does 

  • I want you to not struggle 

  • I want you to lie down right here 

  • He leads me beside the still waters 

  • He restores my soul, when a wife is retracing old trauma 

  • When family members are in pain and they feel like their soul has been stolen 

  • God restores harmony just like a Father would 

  • He leads me in the path of righteousness 

  • Just like a Father would 

  • Psalms 23:3 

  • He leads me like a Father for his names sake 

  • As for me and my house we will serve the Lord 

  • When guests come, we go to church on Sunday 

  • No one stays at my house when I am at church 

  • Some of them just have to leave the house 

  • Joshua 24:15 

  • For his names sake, to keep his name holy 

  • He will lead us, Just Like a Father 

  • Oh them Holmes, Smiths, McElroy’s, we have to keep the name holy and right 

  • Train up a child 

  • Thee is a purpose for rules, for his names sake 

  • You will not mess up my house, my name 

  • Isaiah 48:9-11 

  • For my names sake I will defer my anger 

  • Just to keep your name right you defer your anger 

  • Just so I do not have to show you that I am stronger than you 

  • Young folks do not fight an old man 

  • You are going down if an old man gets a hold of you 

  • Respect your Father, some Fathers are called Dad 

  • It takes care and support to be called a Father 

  • The Father takes care of their children 

  • Some kids say, you are not my Dad, response no I am your Father 

  • That is my baby’s daddy! 

  • Isaiah 48:10-11 

  • New living translation for the honor of my name I will hold back my anger and not wipe you out 

  • The original OG, I will visit the first, second and third generations out 

  • God is so powerful I will take you out before you were born 

SERMON: Sunday, June 9, 2019

SERMON: Sunday, June 2, 2019

God is Over All 
June 2, 2019 
Apostle David Watkins 


  • We are faithful tithers not obedient tithers 

  • You want money, then plant a seed 

  • God et up a need for a purpose 

  • Why does the church need money? 

  • Why as large as God is does he not give us all that we need? 

  • Why does God not give us the money and we just do it? 

  • We would not talk to you about giving 

  • How much money do you need before you ask for money? 

  • I don’t need anything 

  • What would you do if you have two hundred million dollars 

  • Some would just be good 

  • If God provided for the church with everything that we needed 

  • We would not ask for you to do anything, you would miss a blessing 

  •  God blessed only the ministers, pastors, prophets and teachers 

  • God said in his mercy, I want to bless them 

  • I can not give you everything 

  • You tend to not appreciate anything 

  • There is always something that you need to do 

  • If you want to gain weight, you have to eat 

  • If you want to lose, you have to stop eating 

  • Men you want muscles you have to work out 

  • If you want to be healthy you have to work out 

  • You have to do something if you want something 

  • He will bless you more than what you have given 

  • It will still run over if it is smashed down 

  • God blesses us so that we can bless others 

  • You can support every good work 

  • I thank God that he set up a need 

  • The Prophet Elijah came and fed him each and every day 

  • The birds brought him food 

  • I Kings 17:1-10 

  • The Prophet made his journey and he saw her picking up sticks 

  • She was about to make her last meal 

  • She and her son was about to die 

  • The Prophet asked for water 

  • He had to start with a little first 

  • God is good, all the time 

  • Give it! 

  • When the widow woman was told to give it she did 

  • Before you die, make me something 

  • Out of obedience there was a need set up 

  • I Kings 17:13 

  • God will not allow you to starve 

  • God will meet your needs if you do what God called you to do 

  • Luke 6:38 

  • Trusting the Lord in difficult times 

  • God is able, you can not trust in your job 

  • It is not able to deliver you! 

  • We work hard for the man and we still have needs 

  • We are still not satisfied