SERMON Sunday May 12th 2019

God is Over All
May 12, 2019
Sermon Notes
Apostle David Watkins, Preaching
Born For Motherhood

Try with everything within you to honor your Mother
Show love and appreciation while she is alive
Some Mothers are not here
A lot of you have Mother’s who are here
Take advantage of your Mother being here
1914 President Wilson declared that the second Sunday in May will be mother’s day
1907 Anna Jarvis considered a day to honor mothers
Mother’s always worked hard
The Mother took care of the family, she was to raise the children
This is not some equal opportunity, both of you are to work
Even though the Mother’s say that we are equal Mothers take most of the work
The Father is ready to go and the Mother has to grab the children
Many individual states celebrated Mother’s Day in 1911
It was suspended after initially being formed
Julia wanted the women to stand up and let your voice be heard
Stand up be a woman and raise those children
She did not think of it as a day that you brought roses to a Mother
She wanted them to appreciate themselves, wanting a day of peace
Give us a day of peace!
Don’t come home fussing and fighting
A day of appreciation for all that I try to do
It was fought to be removed
In 1933 the first country to declare Mother’s Day as a National Holiday
Hitler celebrated in Germany 1934, the first Mother’s Day nationally
1970 Father’s Day followed
Mother’s Day we would cook breakfast and bring it to her in bread
We had no money for anything
We would go to Pick & Save they could buy things for a quarter
My Mother appreciated what the children gave them
God built women for a purpose to raise children
Moses would raise up a people
Deut. 18:17
Isaiah 7:14
Every Jewish girl praying to be the Mother of the Messiah
Inspired women to get married and have a baby
Today I can’t wait to get married and get some financial help
They want to wait now
Motherhood was a wonderful thing to look forward to in biblical times
Let’s look at the woman that God chose to be the Mother of His Son
Mary was given the privilege of being Jesus Mother
Let’s have a baby, you think that it will be great, you want something to play with
Men wanted children to carry on their names
Why do women want to have children?
It is not as glamorous it once was
I love the good ole days, then they get older things change
It is hard work made for a Mother
Mother’s have to deal with teenagers who think that know it all
Mary had to deal with a Son who did know it all
The Daddy could only teach him natural things
Carpentry, Jesus did his work well better than Dad
The last time the Father mentioned is when he was twelve years old
At the cross Mary was there, when he was being pushed Mary was there
Jesus had to tell her, Mother this is what I came here to do
When they went to the first marriage reception, do what he tells you to do
God did not make it easy for Mary to raise Jesus
Mary knew that her child would suffer for the world
Mary knew her sons future
Luke 2:19
Mary pondered these things in her heart
Mary had to be a strong woman
You are able and capable of doing it 
Mary knew the direction that her son was going she still continued to be his Mother
Her name is blessed above measure
No one was there dealing with this child, imagine Jesus being tormented by Satan every night
Mary having to comfort him
A woman is born with the ability to become a Mother
I wrote this thinking about my wife
A Mother does not give up on their child
A Mother will stay in the hospital night after night with their child
It is interesting that when a child is going through pain a Mother claims the child
That is my child you are talking about
Something about the power of a Mother
Born for Motherhood
A Mother has the God given ability for her children to covet a hug from their Mother
Something about a Mother’s hug!
They hug you in a different way
It fills your Spirit
Nobody has that but Mothers
Mothers comfort can be a powerful thing
It is to a Mother that a child goes running
I watch my daughter come into the room, she cries out Momma!
Where is Momma? There is something about the Momma’s
There is something that God has given you and you can not give up on it!
My daughter say I am mad at you! They get mad at Daddy!
One day I might not be here and you should not be mad
Does any child expect their child to go first?
I expect to be gone before you!
You left me! You should have fought! I am in pain
Mother’s will stick it out, will you be alright?
They will stick it out longer and longer
I love you, but you will be alright!
A God fearing Mother will teach her child even when it hurts
A heavy burden falls on the mother, show your Mother love!
Proverbs 13:34
I remember the day when there were a lot of kids in the house
Bedtime was whipping time! 
Momma would come into the room and get a whipping!
If you spare the rod you hate your child
The Mother will take care of some business they raised the kids
Proverbs 19:18
Chase the kids while there is still some hope inside
Don’t quit because the keep crying
Proverbs 22:15
Foolishness is bound in the heart of a child
When I finish with you, you will not be stupid anymore
Only a strong Mother can deal with correction
You kid is doing all kinds of crazy things
Don’t let the world change your way of training your child
Call Child Protective Services, while they are on their way you will learn
You have no more rights in foster care, you are a ward of the state
Rules of the house no going to the mall, no calling your boyfriend…
Mother’s had some peace
Maybe we should go to court and get her?
A rod of reproof a child will bring shame to their Mother
Do not leave them to their own in your home!
I bought everything in this house!
I am leaving tonight!
Going from friend to friends home
Don’t leave them to themselves, they will bring shame
Proverbs 31:28
After all that, your children will rise up and call you blessed!
Motherhood is a blessing
Psalm 127:3
Mother’s continue to teach your children about God and His Word

God is Over All
Preached Word
May 5, 2019
Associate Pastor Jerri Harrison
The Call to Revival Action: Revive, Raise Up and Live

Hosea 6:2
After two days will he revive us: in the third day he will raise us up, and we shall live in his sight.
Based on this is our year to be blessed, July 12th-July 19th, 2019, Remember, repent and do the first works
Revelation 2:5
We are involved to the revival call to action
John 3:16
Hearing this scripture with fresh ears
The first part emphasizes love not because we have earned it
Romans 5:8
But God commended his love for us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.
God showed his love to us, that while we were sinners he died
When someone treats you good it is easy to love
When they turn their back it is more difficult to love
God sent Christ to die for us while we were yet sinners
He shows me his love in spite of myself
Gave – God showed his love by giving
Talk is cheap! People in your life who say they love you but do not show it
God gave us his best, he died for us and did what we could not do
II Corinthians 5:21
100% pure sacrifice
Jesus became what he was not which is sin so that we could become what we are not which is righteousness
That blood covered us
Whosoever – this is no a country club thing, it is for whosoever will let them come
Aren’t you glad that God opened the door
I just want whosoever will let them come!
I had sin in my life, and fight sin every day through continual sanctification
I would not have made it into the country club church
Jesus died on the cross and shed his blood
Not perish – there is a price to pay for sin, but God does not want us to die
Romans 6:23
The price to pay for sin is death
The gift of God is eternal life
Because of his love we can start all over
Life – instead of death God wants us to have life
John 10:10
The thief comes but to steal, kill and destroy
Jesus came to bring us life
We have a nice house, a nice car, money in the bank, we think we are cute
When God looked at me, he looked beyond the surface
God knew how much I needed him
God saw beyond the surface and saw that she needed salvation
He made a way! I got ot know him for myself
God brought we out of a denomination and put me in relationship with him
Our God has called us to be revived
On the Ovation of the Seas!
God is calling us to be revived! God is calling you to be revived!
He knows that we get sick sometimes
He know that we get depressed sometimes
We get discouraged sometimes!
He knows us!
We need revival! This is the season of revival
Revival means restoration to life, to consciousness, to strength, to usefulness
Didn’t you feel the revival fires begin to burn when we heard, remember, repent and do the first works!
Nevertheless I have somewhat against thee
If you have ever been left by someone who says that they love you
Remember from whence thou hast fallen
I am sorry God! I don’t come to church like I use to
I am sorry God! I will come to thee quickly and remove your candlestick
Lord, I messed up! I did something that I should not have done
Forgive me Lord, I repent and I will go back to my first works
Ask God to wash us and strengthen us
Have you ever felt dead in your walk?
You are here but you are dead on the inside?
Ever felt like I am trying my best, but I know that there is more?
This is why God calls us into revival
Isaiah 57:15
God is saying come close to me
It takes meekness to acknowledge that you are wrong in God’s sight
Habakkuk 3:4
Rev vie your work in my life, don’t look with wrath but with mercy
So many times hat we have not been right in his presence
Acts 3:19
Working on a hot day and needing refreshment
God will bring a refreshing to your walk
Build you up ad strengthen you!
Holy Ghost refreshing, when you feel dried out on our walk
Hosea 6:2
Revive means he will bring us back to life spiritually!
Have you ever felt burned out?
God promises to revive us!
God can bring you back to that life of serving Him
Some are saying, what shall I do?
There is so much work to do for God!
Walk and stay in your calling! Be useful in the kingdom of God!
God’s resurrection power will lift us up!
Our finances might be dead, our health, our faith, but God is going to raise it up!
We will live ad no die, both physically and spiritually!
Psalms 116:15
God is love! He revives us because he wants us to live and not die!
Why does he revive us? Why does he love us?
The bible tells us to!
Be revived, raised up and live!


God is Over All

April 28, 2019

Preached Word

Pastor Deborah Williams


Love One Another


Foundational Scripture: John 13:34-35

  • The sermon inspired by, I Am My Brother’s Keeper

  • We were challenged to demonstrate love

  • Am I responsible for my actions and choices?

  • Genesis 2:18

  • It is not good for man to be alone

  • Ecclesiastes 4:9

  • Two are better than one

  • John 13:35

  • We are known to others by our love

  • I John 2:9

  • Revelation 2:4-5

  • Remember. Repent. Do the first works!

  • Our walks began to weaken

  • We were once loving each other and doing the work

  • Do you remember?

  • It is time to repent

  • God is waiting to bless us

  • Acts 20:24

  • I refuse to let little things move me

  • Deuteronomy 6:5

  • We are to choose God first

  • Use God’s example of love

  • Philippians 2:5-11

  • Jesus humbled himself

  • God saw the best in you

  • I am my brother’s keeper

  • I choose to be known by my love

  • Love one another!

April 21, 2019
Resurrection Sunday
Sermon Notes
Apostle David Watkins
Jesus Death Was Foretold 

Isaiah 53:1
Who hath believed our report
You will give the Word of God they will not believe
We believe the Word 
We believe with our heart
The heart we believe
They will try to prove that he is not the Son of God
Romans 10:9-10
Your intelligence will not get you far.
Paul was trained
The other disciples were with Jesus
Jesus started teaching at twelve years old
They wondered where he got his ability to teach
Parents leave the children and dont know
They found Jesus in the temple
They looked for three days
Jesus was not on the playground
Joseph had to say not the Father
Jesus knew that they did not know.
He had to submit to them
Subject to the Father.
Waiting for God to start his ministry
The Prophey started the ministry.
Isaiah 53:2
No beauty that we should desire him.
His hair was curly.
Skin like brass.
All I know is who he is and what he did.
Hair curly like a lamb.
He had no beauty that we should desire him.
Despised and rejected.
Most turned away from him.
Peter turned in shame.
You even sound like him.
Dont be ashamed.
We esteemed him not.
Surely he bore our sins.
Isaiah 53:4
Job God is not happy with you.
Curse God and die
Job said the Lord gives and the Lord taketh away.
Isaiah 53:5
John 19:34
Isaiah 53:7
He opened not his mouth
Mark 15:5
Jesus made no reply
Psalms 41:9
Mark 14:10
John 14:24-27
Simon Peter asked Jesus who would betray him.
Jesus threw me under the bus.
Who would betray him 
The one I give this bread to.
Judas are the bread.
Satan entered into him.
It was prophesied and it was done.
John 13:27
Zechariah 11:12
The Word is for us. It is not written for the sinner man.
I told them.
Matthew 26:14-16
Psalm 26:15
Psalm 69:21
John 19:28
The scripture might be fulfilled.
Psalm 22:1
Matthew 27:46
Psalm 22:18
John 19:23
They gambled for his clothing.
John 5:46
Moses wrote about me
Duet. 18:15
The Lord will raise up a Prophet from a

Matthew 27:63
The soldiers watched the grave
He rose from the grave.
Exodus 12:21
Blood on the doorposts.
John 7:31
Jesus is the li king water.
Jesus is the bread of life.
Jesus suffered for us.
Moses took the rock and strike it and water came out. They carried that rock.
God was just testing them so they could be blessed!
Moses instead of striking the rock complaining that they were going to die.
Crying Moses, must I carry these children. 
God says speak to the rock.
If I kill you I won't have to hear you.
Moses struck the rock twice. 
Must I bring water from the rock?
God still fed the people.
He might hear wrong.
You will get blessed.
Give it the way that God gives it to you.
Prophets can get it wrong.
Why are you in jail?
I really did do it.
I have to pray you out of jail.
You can't have problems being wrong.
I am the bread from heaven.
I am the li king bread.
John 6:51
God sent snakes into the camp.
Blood had to be shed for sin.
Jesus is the one who bled for us.
Snakes to shut them off.
God took a snake and raised it up.
Look at what bit you.
The snake on the pole represents healing.
Jesus was lifted up that we might be ssved.
John 3:15
God thought about his Son back in Genesis.
God put a hatred in our hearts for snakes.
Holy hatred.
Jesus said I will crush his head.
Jesus would destroy the head of the serpent.
Isaiah 7:14
Matthew 1:21
All this took place to fulfill the prophecies.
Isaiah 9:6
Luke 2:11
Some Jewish persons do not know Jesus.
Some other religions do not believe.
Some say they believe but they do not follow.
II Timothy 2:15
We must be great followers  to be great leaders.
Stop being afraid!
Let God separate the rest.
Preach the Word!
In season and out of season.
Submit yourselves to one another.
Why would God sent me you a perfect mate?
You are not perfect.
Secret: If you want to spoil someone's goods bind up the strongman. Satan went after the strong one. God is hard on the woman. Aaron and Miriam. God put Moses over the people. They talked about Moses. Bring them to me! Miriam and Aaron. Were you not afraid to speak against my servant?
God stuck them. Leprosy. Heal her now God! 
God is hard because there is power in your life! 
No one wants to sin alone. Eve went to Adam. The tree of knowledge. you love me?
They hid themselves. God came and spoke to them. 

God is Over All
April 14, 2019
Sermon Notes
Apostle David Watkins, Preaching
The Triumphal Entry

Romans 8:17
We want God to save us and save us now
Have you been pushed into a fight?
I would not let them talk to me like that
If you have me get in the front
Our greatest challenges can become our greatest victories
Save us Lord from those who rule over us
Christians do not rule the world
The gentiles rule the world
God never gave it back to his people
When they left Egypt they just took peoples possessions
You have to read the bible to understand what God did
They looted the towns, it was like a riot
People went crazy
People stole everything during the riots
I remember the riots
The streets had block parties because they had stolen so much meat
They were cooking the mean that they stole
People had to go far away to shop
Trying to protect their property
Black owned painted all over the building
Hey man, what is your problem?
The Holy Ghost says, what is your problem?
Flesh, always trying to overrule
Flesh satisfies quicker than the Spirit
My Spirit was all black, you just threw that brick through my window
They said, I did not know that it was black owned
The Holy Spirit took control, trying to protect some building
I would have been hurt!
What do we want from God?
We want God to save us now, save us from poverty, depression, sickness, ect.
He came to die, he came into this world for this purpose
I am trying to get you to understand that you must not complain about what you are going to suffer
At the end of suffering is a great victory, for you and your friends
Your friends and family will be blessed
When you fight this battle and win, the next fight will come
We are made for war!
Don’t ask God to keep you out of every war
You want to be delivered
Some of you have so much hurt in you
Jesus is trying to bear his own cross
I must carry my own cross and be crucified
You want to be airs and joint airs, you will suffer the same
It feels like Jesus beating
Know that there is a great victory at the end of your troubles
Some of you can’t see that victory
I asked God for a victory
At the end of my war, I want this
At the back of my wants, I may have to wait until I get it in heaven
Lord, search my heart!
If you are willing to suffer and sacrifice and go through the pain
You have already done it in your Spirit
Let go of trying to hold on, it is called self
People keep doing me wrong, God must really getting ready to bless me
When we are going through something really bad, the more we thought of the blessing
God says, I will give you a better end!
Have you ever apologized to someone and it was worse than not?
God is so good and so kind to us
Even when we misunderstand God
You are commanding that something come to pass according to the Word
I was mad at God for doing something I said that I would not serve him
Forgive them Father because they really do not know what they are doing
Jesus commanded them, to love one another. And by this men will know that you are my disciples
People think that certain people are smart
Stop trying to be so smart, we have to be dummies some times
You do not know all about God, you have to trust God
I will not command you to do anything any more
I will go in hoping for God but preparing for the worst
If you want to grow in God and have peace
Every day you get hurt
Have you had any day where you were happy the whole day?
A natural good given by the Holy Spirit
I did not get mad at anyone today!
Don’t be mad at anyone today!
One day of peace! You are not worried about being misused
Apostle decreed that there would be no fussing on Sunday!

God is Over All

April 7, 2019

Sermon Notes

Apostle David Watkins, Preaching

Learning More about the Holy Ghost



  • Isaiah 11:2

  • Everything is of a spirit, your wants and desires

  • I have a spirit of caring for my child

  • I have a spirit of caring for those that I love

  • The Holy Spirit will guide you into all truth

  • The self centered spirit, doesn’t mean that it is right just because you feel it

  • You will get a spirit of might and knowledge

  • He is the Spirit of truth

  • John 7:14

  • The world cannot receive because it seeth him not

  • The Holy Ghost can be with us all and in us all

  • You think that something is next to you and it is the Holy Ghost

  • John 15:26

  • He shall testify of me

  • He is the power of the highest

  • Luke 1:35

  • He shall be called the Son of God

  • The names of the Holy Spirit

  • You will understand God and the power of God

  • Isaiah 61:1

  • The Spirit of the Lord is upon me

  • Tell the world good tidings

  • Preach good tidings unto the meek

  • He has anointed you to preach good tidings unto the meek


  • Don’t preach cursing, lying and stealing

  • Put you sin back in the closet

  • To do this thing

  • Genesis 1:2

  • He is the Spirit of God, the spirit of God is the Holy Ghost

  • I Cor. 2:11

  • The Spirit of God knows what is in you

  • The Spirit of the lord in you knows

  • There are three spirits we have to recognize, the Spirit of God, the Spirit of Satan and your own voice

  • We are not ignorant of his devices

  • There is something about helping someone overcome

  • He is the Spirit of Christ

  • Romans 8:9

  • Matthew 10:20

  • If any man has not the Spirit of Christ he is none of his

  • I Peter 1:11

  • In the Old Testament the Spirit came upon Prophets to tell what would happen to Jesus

  • Galatians 4:6

  • Abba, Father, no one can cry out unless the Spirit is in him

  • Romans 8:2

  • The law of the Spirit of life is in you

  • The Spirit of life will bring truth and a clean interpretation

  • Study the Word show yourself approved

  • Study to rightly divide the Word of God

  • Revelation 11:11

  • The witnesses that will bring destruction upon the earth

  • The names of the Holy Spirit

  • The Spirit of holiness

  • The Spirit of judgment

  • The Spirit of burning

  • A good Spirit

  • The Holy Spirit

  • Acts 5:3

  • Why did you conceive these things in your heart?

  • Know the Holy Spirit by name

  • He is the burner, the one that burns out sin

  • He is the giver of life, the breathe of life

  • He will guide you

  • Know his name so that you can call upon him

  • He only speaks about Jesus!

  • He only talks about the Son or the Father

  • You can say what you want about God, Jesus, but if you speak against the Holy Spirit you will pay for it

  • Do not talk about things that you do not understand

  • Do not murmur and complain about what direction we are going

  • You have spoken against the Holy Spirit

  • We do not know, it comes and goes

  • The Holy Spirit is all that

  • We are talking about the direction of the Holy Spirit

  • Everything that is done, you do not know

  • Be careful

  • Do not talk about other churches, you just do not know

  • They talked about Moses, but God was killing them

  • God gives and he takes

  • Job said blessed be the name of the Lord

  • How many can say that?

  • When we are seeing family sick

  • When someone is ready to die

  • Job felt that he would die

  • Stop talking about one another, it could be the Holy Ghost

  • Just because a person lies to you does not mean that they are a liar

  • Satan is a liar!

  • Satan will tell you a half truth

  • Pastor I stopped complaining and murmuring

  • Someone said that I felt better

  • God does not like murmuring and complaining

  • You do not feel good!

  • It makes you more upset!

  • Complaints get worse and worse!

  • I do not hate people who no longer want to come to Grace Covenant Christian Church

  • Jesus was a man of sorrows


  • Let you sin stay in the closet with closed doors

  • Let the good things shine

  • Some do not want to be saved because of our sin

  • Keep your sins locked up

  • I am the sanitation engineer

  • I may get some toxic waste

  • I will get rid of it

  • I pray that I am protected getting rid of it

  • Acts 5:9

  • Then Peter said unto her, how did you agree together

God is Over All

March 24, 2019

Sermon Notes

Apostle David Watkins

Two Types of Christians

  • Revelation 2:5

  • Remember

  • What is backsliding means that you are not as committed

  • Some don’t want to dance or be in drama class

  • They know that those areas take commitment

  • Some have sled back

  • Look around, I have some backsliders

  • Why are the saints not at church?

  • It’s never too late to come back stronger

  • I’m a fighter, they can’t take my crown

  • Why have we fallen back?

  • Seasonal saints

  • There was a time when we testified to our coworkers

  • We invited others to church because we knew that there was good word

  • The mature saints

  • You only think about your selves

  • I do not have to in that teaching all the time

  • The bible says that not everyone that says Lord, Lord will enter in

  • I pray that the Lord will have mercy

  • For not putting our whole heart into the ministry

  • Coming up with excuse

  • There was a time when Christians were trying to get back to God

  • A time when God was first in your life

  • Your wants and desires came after God

  • Remember when you fought to please the Lord and to please him

  • Repent

  • Tell God that you are sorry for these things

  • Work harder and move forward

  • Ask him to help you by purging you of those things that you are weak to

  • Do your first works

  • Do what you did back then, you were at everything the church did

  • You left work and then you went back to the church

  • I miss you all the time

  • I see you and I know who is not here

  • I can call them out! They are not here right now!

  • You better be at work

  • Start thinking the way you use to think

  • You thought differently than how you think

  • You thought it was a sin to do a lot of things that you are doing now

  • The light has dimmed and you can’t see sin

  • It is dark, the light is dimming more and more and more

  • Once you join the army you can’t get out

  • You must fulfill your time

  • The benefits of joining this army

  • The Commander and Chief

  • I did not force anyone to join the army

  • You can not run away

  • Start thinking like you use to think

  • Ask God to turn the lights back on

  • Some are just disobedient

  • Aren’t you suppose to be doing something?

  • Yes, why aren’ you doing it

  • When is the last time that you clean some thing in the church

  • You use to

  • Why are they always around?

  • I need the soldiers who are staying behind

  • Some are fighting for your blessings

  • Some use to but you are not there anymore

  • You come up with excuses why it is hard

  • Important precepts that young Christians should know

  • Young you follow the Pastor

  • The youth are with you because they don’t know anything else

  • Jesus said, eat my flesh and drink my blood

  • Many left because they were too smart

  • Will you leave me also?

  • Peter said, we have no where else to go

  • Young followers of Jesus

  • When you are first saved, you can be taught

  • I talk to a mature Christian, they quote the bible

  • I can’t teach you, you are un-teachable

  • Those who would be good must keep good company

  • I Corinthians 15:33

  • Be not deceived: evil communications corrupt good manners

  • II Corinthians 6:14

  • Be not unequally yokes together with unbelievers

  • What do you have to do with sinners?

  • Why are you fellowshipping with them?

  • Proverbs 13:20

  • He that walks with wise people shall be wise

  • A companion of fools shall be destroyed

  • I can talk to Christians who are young and are forever learning

  • God can you raise me up

  • If the ones who will not continue to do the work

  • Can you raise up another?

  • When God calls you to something

  • You can’t jump up and go somewhere else and think that it is alright

  • Even if you candlestick is not lit

God is Over All

March 17, 2019

Preached Word

Apostle David Watkins

I Am My Brother’s Keeper

  • John 13:35

  • A new commandment I give to you

  • Love one another

  • You need to find out what love is

  • True love does not seek out love

  • True love suffers long

  • John 13:36

  • There are some folks that are not loving

  • You are not keeping them

  • You will know that person by their love

  • People will know you if you love one another

  • Romans 15:7

  • Accept one another, don’t just accept your best friend

  • Let’s accept one another

  • God is waiting to bless us

  • God can’t bless if we do not get along with one another

  • If you do not forgive them, I am not going to forgive you

  • Galatians 6:2

  • Bear one another’s burdens, whatever is heavy

  • Bad attitude, bear it

  • Be your brother’s keeper, until they can walk on their own

  • Put so much love in it

  • If you love those who hate you it is like pouring hot coals on their heads

  • If I treat them well when they treat me harshly

  • Romans 12:20

  • I am sorry for treating you so harshly

  • II Corinthians 11:33

  • When you come together to eat, wait for one another

  • Talking about communion

  • How are we dealing with people now?

  • We mistreat those who don’t have what we have

  • How many times do you come together on Thanksgiving late

  • They want you to wait, they are almost there you need to wait

  • I need to tarry for my brother, I must keep loving them

  • Keep on trusting and waiting on them

  • You already know that they are always late

  • Wait on them

  • Tarry for one another, they will not act right all the time

  • Maturity has it’s journey

  • People are judging one another because they are not acting their age

  • Wait on them, tarry for one another

  • You can’t wait on the same response as those who have been long in the way

  • You can’t expect the same response

  • Some people have been saved for years

  • People are expecting the same response as those who have been here a long time

  • Even if you think that you have the answer

  • They don’t walk like you, talk like you

  • Same mind, same judgment, perfectly joined together, together, together

  • We judge one another

  • Wait on them, you are the keeper

  • Wait until they get where you want them to be

  • We take on the fruit of longsuffering

  • God is going to bless us, because we get along

  • Each one of us is our brother’s keeper

  • Tarry for the weak, we are to be as weak as they are and carry them with us

  • I will become weak to win them, I will not let those things move me

  • If they can’t eat pig, I have to give it up while they are around me

  • I am my brothers keeper, I will wait on you to give up the pig

  • Same mind, same judgment, perfectly joined together, together, together

  • Something about that oink!

  • We are to be willing to be carried if we are weak

  • Some of us are weak and we will not let others help us