SERMON Sunday July 7th 2019

Sunday, July 7, 2019
Assoc. Pastor Jerri Harrison
Topic: “God Keeps His Promises!”
Scriptures: Numbers 23:19, 2 Peter 1:4, Deut. 28:1-8, Isaiah 57:15, Hosea 6:2 and Genesis 12:1-2

Numbers 23:19: God is not a man, that he should lie; neither the son of man, that he should repent: hath he said, and shall he not do it? or hath he spoken, and shall he not make it good?
2 Peter 1:4  Whereby are given unto us exceeding great and precious promises: that by these ye might be partakers of the divine nature…. 

Definition of Promise: 
1a: a declaration that one will do or refrain from doing something specified
b: a legally binding declaration that gives the person to whom it is made a right to expect or to claim the performance or forbearance of a specified act
2: reason to expect something promise of relief, especially : ground for expectation of success, improvement, or excellence shows considerable promise
3: something that is promised
1: to pledge to do, bring about, or provide promise aid
4: to suggest beforehand : give promise of-dark clouds promise rain
1: to make a promise
2: to give ground for expectation : be imminent
Promises that God has made to us here at Grace Covenant:
THIS IS OUR YEAR TO BE BLESSED! (July 17, 2018-July 17, 2019)
       Definition of Blessed
Made holy, consecrated
Endowed with divine favor and protection
Bringing happiness or relief as a welcome contrast to what has been previously experienced
To receive a particular cherished thing or attribute  
Scriptures on Blessings
“And all these blessings shall come on thee and overtake thee, if thou shalt harken unto the voice of the Lord thy God” (Deuteronomy 28:2)
Note: Obedience is a necessary part of being blessed
“Blessed shalt thou be when thou comest in, and blessed shalt thou be when thou goest out. (Deut. 28:6)
“The Lord shall command the blessing upon thee in thy storehouse, and in all that thou settest thine hand unto…” (Deut 28:8)  
It’s REVIVAL TIME (Our theme: “THIS IS OUR WINNING SEASON!” (July 12-19, 2019)
NOTE: Notice how the dates overlap?! God wants us BLESSED and REVIVED!
      Definition of Revival
restoration to life, consciousness, vigor, strength, etc.
restoration to use, acceptance, or currency:the revival of old customs.
an awakening, in church or community, of interest in and care for 
     matters relating to personal religion.
an evangelistic service or  series of services for the purpose of effecting a religious awakening:to hold a revival.
the act of reviving.
the state of being revived.
Scriptures on Revival
 “I dwell in the high and holy place, with him also that is of a contrite and humble spirit, to revive the spirit of the humble and to revive the heart of the contrite ones.” (Isaiah 57:15)
 “After two days will He revive us: in the third day He will raise us up, and we shall live in His sight.” (Hosea 6:2) 
   Story about keeping your promises and trustworthiness:
The kitchen chair looked fine. But when Michael sat down to dinner, one of the chair’s legs snapped in two. As he tumbled to the ground, Michael reached for the table. The only problem, however, was that he nabbed a corner of his place mat, which happened to be holding a tall glass of milk and a plate loaded with spaghetti. A little crack in the chair leg meant Michael wound up wearing his dinner. The chair just couldn’t hold Michael’s weight.
Some people think that God’s promises are just like that old chair with the broken leg. They figure that the promises about God’s faithfulness and love sound good, but they suspect that under pressure the promises will fall apart because they can’t stand up under the weight of difficult situations. 
But I’m here today to remind you that GOD keeps His promises! Don’t let time, your impatience or distractions take away your vision of who God is and the great promises that He has made to you!
Let’s look at one Biblical character today that GOD made many promises to: ABRAHAM
In Genesis 12:2 God made 7 promises to Abraham and GOD KEPT HIS PROMISES!
I will make you a great nation
I will bless you
I will make your name great (The Father of Faith)
You shall be a blessing
I will bless those that bless you
I will curse those that curse you
In you, all the families of the earth shall be blessed
When God give you a promise, you must understand there will come a testing time to see if you are going to be faithful to Him all the way to the end so that you can receive His promise!  Anybody having their faith tested right now?!
Also, God’s promises come with instructions. Like Deut 28:2 reminds us that we must listen to the voice of the Lord and obey Him. In Genesis 12:1, God instructed Abraham to “get out of his country and from his kindred (family)…ie, leave your comfortable surroundings and all you’ve known and follow God! At home you get comfortable and get into a rut or routine but God commands that we leave the comfortable and get into a place where we only have Him to rely on. Our Revival is in ALASKA and that made many people uncomfortable, but you trusted God and you’re pressing out into the unknown for your blessing!  
God told Abraham to get out from his kindred, family. Why Because family influences you, but not always to the things of God, if they are not following Him. God wanted Abraham to only focus on what HE was telling Him to do! Family and friends may not understand what GOD is calling you to do and they will try to discourage you from what GOD’s call is on your life because the world cant understand the ways of God!
In his OLD age, God promised Abraham and Sarah a child. They did not believe God. Sarah even laughed at God’s promise! Don’t underestimate God! You cant see the promise as fulfilled right now, but God is looking at what you are going to have! What is 1 today could be 10,000 tomorrow! STOP LIVING YOUR LIFE BASED ON EARTHLY RESOURCES AND START BELIEIVING THAT THE GOD YOU SERVE IS NOT A MAN BUT THE GOD WHO CREATED EVERYTHING! GOD KEEPS HIS PROMISES! 
Hours can pass, days can pass, months can pass and years can pass, but GOD keeps His promises!
How much trouble could we keep ourselves out of if we could could just wait on God?
How much pain could we avoid if we would just allow God to be God and bless us in His way and in His time?
How much stress could be prevent ourselves from going through if we could just trust God?    
God keeps His promises and He can do anything, at anytime, the way HE wants to do it to get it done! Let’s look at a history of God keeping His promises:
God saw darkness and created light (NOT Thomas Edison)…God keeps His promises!
God saw dry land and created water and rain
God saw a lonely man, Adam, and created him a woman, Eve
God cause a staff to be turned into a snake
God saw the children of Israel blocked by the Red Sea and let them walk across on dry land…God keeps His promises!
God killed a Giant with a Shepard boy and a sling shot…nothing is too hard for our God who keeps His promises!  
God fed 5000 with 2 fish and 5 loaves of bread and they had leftovers!  No lack can hold our God back…He Keeps His promises!     
God promised to raise His Son Jesus from the Dead and He allowed Him to be crucified but rose Him up on the 3rd day! GOD KEEPS HIS Promises!
You may have some blessings that you are waiting on as you stand on the promises of God, but remember that NOTHING is too hard for God because HE KEEPS HIS PROMISES! Trust Him and KNOW that your promised blessing IS on the way!  

God is Over All
June 30, 2019
Preached Word
Pastor Deborah Williams

Sermon Title: This is My Season!
Foundational Scripture: Ecclesiastes 3:1-8

This message inspired by Understanding the Christian Life
Season is a defined period of the year
A season is distinguished by special climate and conditions
Four seasons annually
We also experience spiritual seasons
We go through many seasons on our Christian walk
We find that seasons are constantly changing
Ecclesiastes the 3rd chapter Solomon giving words of wisdom
Time is constantly moving into an uncertain future
What season am I encountering?
Examples of recent loss
Facebook example of being in line for eternity
Why is this my season?
Being alive, breathing, thinking and moving
Galatians 6:9
This is the season for the people of God to persevere
We find ourselves in the multiplicity of seasons
Seasonal patterns are changing
Galatians 6:10
II Timothy 3:14
Hebrews 12:1
I Peter 1:13
What would we do if we knew we were next in line for our reward?
Remember. Repent. Do the first works.
II Timothy 4:2
Genesis 8:22
Galatians 5:7
John 4:7-10
John 4:13-14
Mark 5:25-34
Galatians 5:1
This is your season for healing, spiritual growth, etc.
This is your season of laughter, not weeping
This is my season!

God Is Over All
June 23, 2019
Sermon Notes
Apostle David Watkins

The Best Job Ever

Numbers 3:25
You have the best job ever and you are not doing anything
Normally you get fired when you are not doing your job
God is merciful and has not fired us
Some of us do not do the work
Some get fired for doing the work poorly
Some do work at the last minute
God is patient toward us
When Pastors prepare their sermons at the last minute
I know that God is Intentional
I have the best job ever
I am doing my job
I may not do the best job ever
If your people could just come in and do something
I can barely get them to just come to work
II Chronicles 7:14
You get up and say, I got to go to work!
I would stay but I have got to go to work
There are some devils that only go by fasting and prayer
Sometimes you push against the devil and the person feels you are pushing them
There is guard duty for the house of God
The hanging of the doors that are around the tabernacle
All the service connected with that
Numbers 3:26
Some were hanging up curtains
The priests came and helped to fix the window
You could see out the windows
One of the priests said, I will go and get the curtains
Our Assistant Pastor said, I will go and hang the curtains
Numbers 3:27
Numbers 3:29
Their guard duty had to do with the care of the temple
Numbers 3:31
Their job was to take care of the tables, candlesticks, etc.
It is the best job ever
Numbers 3:32
Your job is to keep guard and make sure that all is safe
Keep your eyes open and watch out
Example of cousin cutting iron off the building, named “watch out”
It is our job to watch out for one another
We have to care for one another
The sons of Merari was camped to keep guard
Numbers 3:33
They were responsible for the pillars around the court
Numbers 3:36
They had to do their job constantly
The altar of God, do you think weeds are growing?
Weeds are growing and we just pass by
You do no watch out!
You have a job, the best job ever
If you are not with me, you might get fired
They were guarding the sanctuary to protect the people of God
You are working for others to receive a blessing
You should go to church, but do you?
Do not give me an excuse about not worshipping, like I am Jewish, Catholic
Don’t tell me that you are Catholic if you do not go to mass
Do you know the bible?
The priests are telling the people that we have to meet
Hebrews 10:25
Aaron and the sons of his guarded the sanctuary
Don’t come near the sanctuary, God changed it
Jesus made us all capable of coming into the House of God
We are able to come into the Holy of Holies
The part where the curtain kept us from going in
The curtain was rent in two, we can talk to God ourselves
We can lay our sacrifices unto the Lord
The priest was the only one holy
I have been sanctified!
Numbers 3:34
God has already hired you for the best job ever
Your labor is not in vain!
When we work we have to wait to get paid
You have to do the work and then wait for the pay
It is not in vain!
You will get it if you do not faint
I Corinthians 15:58
Our labor in the Lord is a labor of eternal things
Everything we do in Christ we will receive eternal blessings!
You are priests of the Lord, getting paid by God
Your employee is very good
He is protective and looks out for your well being
He accepts your excuses right now
He is good to you right now
Although you fall sort mercy follows you
Mercy is sent after you!
The original OG
Mercy has been around for along time!
Mercy is not to be messed with
God sends mercy to follow you, to stay on you…
Mercy has our backs!
Psalms 23:6
Sometimes you are in the wrong place and Mercy let’s you learn a lesson
Have Mercy comes!
You can’t always go into the devils den and expect to be protected
Everything that we labor for now if eternal
The first job ever
Genesis 2:15
Work in the garden and keep it!
Adam had to work! We come as priests and just eat
Example of a play: Adam was eating the fruit but was frustrated
Adam wanted God to send him some help
The best job ever, to keep the garden
Hebrews 6:10
I Corinthians 3:14
I Corinthians 3:15
You are saved by grace through faith
Not of works
You are saved by Grace 
You are a priest start working for the Lord
Revelation 22:12
Labor for eternal life and not for meat
We look for meat on our job, this is what makes us happy
John 6:26
Sit in a room and be called on, will they take my meat away?
The man was the bread winner
Bring rent, car, television, etc.
He is talking about work, the things that you want!
What are you working for?
In the house of the Lord we say no!
We do not say that to the job that I can’t come in
You might not have your job
God says, I am already paying you!
I have given you the things that you want
Some are working harder than you, they do not have the blessings that you have
This meat that we give our lives to is to make us happy
The joy of the Lord is my strength
His yoke is easy
If I abide in him and he abide in me he will give me the desires of my heart
All I have to do is show up!
We have stains in the carpet
Lord have mercy upon me
You do not ask if there is anything that I can do
Minister Michael Smith does everything, he is all tribes
You work for an employer only if you can get something out
Everything that sustains human life Jesus is…
John 6:35
John 6:55
John 4:11
John 4:34
Jesus says this ought to be your meat, your water, all your needs
John 6:27
I just have to believe and I am working!
To believe in Jesus is to do the work of God, to give up your rights
I don’t feel like it!
John 6:29
The work of God is to believe in Jesus
Believe is movement and doing something
Believe is working!!! Some would do anything for their jobs!
Some go to work when they are tired!
It is Sunday and I need rest
You are the priest of the house and Sunday is not the Sabbath
Saturday is the Sabbath, the first day of the week is on Sunday
The “forst” day of the week!
When called by our boss we come running
Some continue to work although they have been working all day!
Will they come in on your day off?
I was glad when they said unto me, let us go into the house of the Lord
If they would just come in on their day off!
You have been scheduled every Sunday!
Psalms 122:1
You are priests of the most high
Call them, who among them has been called?
I have been called to do a work
Go downstairs and wash the tables
God is good!
We are called to be priests of God
Some do not want to sacrifice our wants
Don’t want to be held accountable
You do not want to sacrifice for the Lord
I Peter 2:5
True sacrifice, the best job requires work!
Retirement is when you are not working
According to God we must continue to work until Jesus comes
There are a lot of things that must be done in the house of the Lord
You did it because of me!
I am not going to show up, I quit!
You work us too hard!
You think that is what is happening at Grace!
We have to come to church again?
I got to go to church, to prayer, to bible study, to seeker’s class
Do I want to be here? No, the people are tripping!
I dispose of issues! Wrap them and not open them!
Hear peoples problems!
We refuse to sacrifice our wants
Do you feel burdened? Try the garment of praise!
You refuse to give God the true sacrifice, we miss out on the best job ever!

God is Over All
June 16, 2019
Sermon Notes
Apostle David Watkins

Just Like A Father Would

Ephesians 5:23
The world is trying to take the rod of correction out of Father’s hand
Everywhere we go the rod is being taken
I have my rod, it is a good rod there for a purpose
Example of a Father: Psalm 23:1
The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.
I have no lack, I will have everything that I need if I allow God to be my shepherd
I will be cared for and provided for
He makes me to lie down in green pastures
He keeps me from struggling
Psalms 23:2
He makes me like a Father does
I want you to not struggle
I want you to lie down right here
He leads me beside the still waters
He restores my soul, when a wife is retracing old trauma
When family members are in pain and they feel like their soul has been stolen
God restores harmony just like a Father would
He leads me in the path of righteousness
Just like a Father would
Psalms 23:3
He leads me like a Father for his names sake
As for me and my house we will serve the Lord
When guests come, we go to church on Sunday
No one stays at my house when I am at church
Some of them just have to leave the house
Joshua 24:15
For his names sake, to keep his name holy
He will lead us, Just Like a Father
Oh them Holmes, Smiths, McElroy’s, we have to keep the name holy and right
Train up a child
Thee is a purpose for rules, for his names sake
You will not mess up my house, my name
Isaiah 48:9-11
For my names sake I will defer my anger
Just to keep your name right you defer your anger
Just so I do not have to show you that I am stronger than you
Young folks do not fight an old man
You are going down if an old man gets a hold of you
Respect your Father, some Fathers are called Dad
It takes care and support to be called a Father
The Father takes care of their children
Some kids say, you are not my Dad, response no I am your Father
That is my baby’s daddy!
Isaiah 48:10-11
New living translation for the honor of my name I will hold back my anger and not wipe you out
The original OG, I will visit the first, second and third generations out
God is so powerful I will take you out before you were born
I have refined you but not as silver has been refined
I will rescue you for my own sake
I will not let my reputation be polluted
Just like a Father would
I brought you in, and I will take you out!
Fathers have a difficult time really trying to correct the child
It is difficult to refrain from being angry
They grab the child due to lack of respect
Mothers will stay on you, Dad wants to tell you one time
Just like a Father would….
He leads me in the path of righteousness, just like a Father would
He does not want his name to be destroyed
I will feel no evil, just like a Father would
You need not fear, the Lord is with you Just like a Father
Thy rod and thy staff they comfort me
Psalms 23:4
Children do not want to do what they are told
They need he rod to comfort them
Don’t let me get my belt
My Mother would have me pick out the weapon of your choice
Go get me a switch! Find a smooth, thin switch
Extension cord was discovered, she wrapped it around her hand
She looked like Bruce Lee
Yea thou I walk through the valley of the shadow of death
For some of us Dad is just not there
Some Mothers have to take on both roles
Fathers have to fight to be gentle
Shepherds carried a rod and staff to fight off predators
The rod and staff is for your protection, you are cared for and loved
Thou prepared a table before me in the presence of my enemies
Just like A Father would
You would be taken care of in the midst of your opponents
A table and a feast will be prepared for you
Just like a Father would
Thou anoints my head with oil
To be set apart
A Father anoints the heads of their children to make them feel special
Anoint the head with oil is biblical to honor a person
Not only will you be fed and cared for, you will be honored
Just like a Father would
My cup runs over
I am giving even more than I need or can use
Father’s try to get you more than you need
They work to get you what you do not even deserve
Tis Psalm is how God is our good shepherd
Surely, goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life
God’s goodness and mercy shall go with me wherever I do and whatever I do, even if I temporality walk out of the will of God
The Father does not leave you because you fall short, or talk back
His goodness and mercy are forever with you
Mercy says at times I will sin, I will not act or speak correctly
If we allow God to be our guide we can be treated mercifully
Just like a Father would
Psalms 23:6
I will dwell in the house of the Lord
I will dwell with my Father’s rules
I will do all that I can to dwell in my Father’s rules
Submit your will to God’s will
Stay with this forever, we can just stick to what we are taught
Talk to your parents more, they have been through what you have gone through
You the parents had temptation also
The temptations were as strong to us as your are to you
My Mother preached about burning in hell
I do not want to burn, I did not want to sin, I do not want to go to hell
Young people some fall short, they stop going to church, then they watch it on television, once saved always saved, then they stop believing in God
Some have gone all the way off, the road is narrow
Many go down the wide road, don’t go down that road
To dwell means to embrace to follow, to be one with
I will abide in the statues of my Father
When you get married you want to be fruitful and multiply
Wait until you get married and then talk to your Dad
I repent now that I was trying to get other people’s kids
You will do the best that you can do!
After you have done all that you can do then stand o the promises of God!
Some of you can’t get your children to come to church anymore
The rod is put down after a while
I am expecting you to respect my wishes, you live in my house
You must do what I say
Father’s and Mother’s there is no personal boundaries when it comes to your children
When you become an adult you have your own business
You can’t run a business inside another business!
The great thing about parents is that you get to go home!
You can’t sub lease in your parents home
It is your parents business! I can go through all my drawers!
In my business I can do what I want!
It is good to understand, I am stepping on some young peoples toes
You would be surprised at what you find in some of those drawers
Finding edible cannabis, give it to the dog and see what happens
We had plenty medical conditions, back in the day
I thank God that they did not allow that in school
Everyone would have been high, hardly learning
Stay off of drugs!
The bible talks about Pharmacia, it is called witchcraft
Stop buying Nyquil when you do not have a cold
Too many drug addicts when you are sixty and need identification

God is Over All
June 9, 2019
Sermon Notes
Apostle David Watkins, Preaching
“Waiting for the Power”

Acts 1:8
Acts 2:1-4
John 20:22

In the book of Acts, the disciples were told to wait on the Promise of the Holy Spirit
We now substitute the REAL power of God for other power
We try to produce our own power. We switch on our “generator” power because we feel the need to “help God” and back Him up do His work.

We ask “should we turn on the generator?!” when we see things in the church like people not coming to church like they used to.  
But, there’s no need for emergency power. We have the REAL power of God! The power of God is eternal and everlasting.
When we see that people are not coming to church like they used to, we’ve been instructed to check on them and ask “what makes you think you’re not supposed to come to church every Sunday?”   
We wrongly think that we need to turn on the emergency/auxiliary power to get people to come/stay at church. Examples of this “generator” type power to get people to come to church: start a youth group, start a singles group…people can find husbands or wives, open child care center with classes for kids during worship service, invite Christian celebrities to the church (singers/preachers, etc.), etc.

Trying to find a way to attract people to come to church or keep people at church is using “auxiliary” power 
Acts 2:6 on the day of Pentecost tongues were heard in at least 19 languages out of the same mouth!
Acts 2:38 Peter said, “Repent and be baptized!”
Acts 2:39 The promise is for all of us and not just those back in Biblical times! 
Acts 2:40 “Save yourself from this crooked generation”

It is harder for you to trust the real power of God when you get used to using the generator power!   
3000 people received salvation on the day of Pentecost. Souls were saved after seeing the power of God moving!
Acts 2:41 But, not everyone was saved on the day of Pentecost…only those who received His word gladly and were baptized.
We try to create our own “fire” with words that flatter the ears.

Do preachers struggle with wanting to give sermons that make people happy, ie, “dessert sermons”?
Pastor David said that he was taught that you should eat your food BEFORE your dessert! 
We ought to eat ALL of the Word!

Acts 1:8 What kind of power do we receive after the Holy Ghost comes upon us? Power to: witness, overcome all of Satan’s power, tread on serpents and scorpions (Lk 10:15), cure disease (Luke 9:1), get wealth to fulfill God’s covenant with each of us (Deut 8:18), etc.
Some of God’s covenant with us is: to be the head and not the tail, to be the lender and not the borrower, to be in good health and prosper (3 John1:2)

We offer offerings, fasting and prayer to God. Our Pentecost offering is an offering done of our own free will. This year it will be used to fix the temple grounds: lights and a paved parking lot.
ALWAYS remember that there is power in your prayer! You have the power to change the mind of God with your prayers!
It’s not over until we get an answer from God!

Ephesians 6 reminds us that praying in tongues (ie, in the Spirit) is part of the armor of God!
But, if you’re not going to fight, you don’t need the armor of God! Are you a fighter?
We have happy hour here at Grace Covenant every Sunday for 2 hours and 10 minutes while we are in worship service. And it is an everlasting Happy Hour…the effects of the world’s happy hour DO NOT LAST!
The devil tells you a lying wonder so that he can deceive you. He may tell you a “truth” like “you don’t have a job and that’s why you can’t pay your bills!” but his intent is only to discourage/hurt you. 

Sometimes the power to get wealth that God gives us is just a thought. For example, God reminded Pastor David that the other part of the land of our Santee church property is a separate parcel and that it should be sold! Pastor David followed the instructions that the Spirit of God gave him and the church was able to sell that land and use it as part of a down payment on our current building!   
Wait for the POWER!         

God is Over All
June 2, 2019
Apostle David Watkins


We are faithful tithers not obedient tithers
You want money, then plant a seed
God et up a need for a purpose
Why does the church need money?
Why as large as God is does he not give us all that we need?
Why does God not give us the money and we just do it?
We would not talk to you about giving
How much money do you need before you ask for money?
I don’t need anything
What would you do if you have two hundred million dollars
Some would just be good
If God provided for the church with everything that we needed
We would not ask for you to do anything, you would miss a blessing
 God blessed only the ministers, pastors, prophets and teachers
God said in his mercy, I want to bless them
I can not give you everything
You tend to not appreciate anything
There is always something that you need to do
If you want to gain weight, you have to eat
If you want to lose, you have to stop eating
Men you want muscles you have to work out
If you want to be healthy you have to work out
You have to do something if you want something
He will bless you more than what you have given
It will still run over if it is smashed down
God blesses us so that we can bless others
You can support every good work
I thank God that he set up a need
The Prophet Elijah came and fed him each and every day
The birds brought him food
I Kings 17:1-10
The Prophet made his journey and he saw her picking up sticks
She was about to make her last meal
She and her son was about to die
The Prophet asked for water
He had to start with a little first
God is good, all the time
Give it!
When the widow woman was told to give it she did
Before you die, make me something
Out of obedience there was a need set up
I Kings 17:13
God will not allow you to starve
God will meet your needs if you do what God called you to do
Luke 6:38
Trusting the Lord in difficult times
God is able, you can not trust in your job
It is not able to deliver you!
We work hard for the man and we still have needs
We are still not satisfied
God alone can make you content in the state that you are
God takes you further and you are happy
Family can’t do that for you
People are dying, why are the rich killing themselves?
They are looking for the peace of God
II Thessalonians 2:3-4
Except there come a falling away first
The Son of Perdition
Don’t be deceived
Why are people feeling that it alright not to come to church?
Except that falling away comes
The last days will be like Sodom and Gomorra
I would have never thought that the things going on now are different
Both cities were filled with homosexuals
They named the cities after it, it was focused in the men and not the women
Men would seek loving themselves
Jude 1:7
I did not write this, I was not there
I did not think that it was going to be like that
I did not know that I can’t watch my favorite shows
Romans 1:27
One day Superman, Captain America….
There is something that they are doing
We are going to push this thing to the point
You won’t have a choice, you will accept it whether you like it or not
The older ones are uncaring
I don’t hate the pimps, the pedophiles…I hate what they do not the person
Let us the faithful few, come and worship the Lord
Let us come every Sunday and se us worshipping and that is when God will move upon us with His presence
Revelation 4:2
Revelation 4:4
Revelation 4:8
Holy, holy, holy, LORD God almighty, which was, and is, and is to come
There was a time when you were at the house of the Lord
Mighty and Wonderful is his name
David was a man after His own heart
Last night, I said Lord I want to get there
David was worshipped the Lord, he sang unto the Lord
He had service all the time
Why do you go to church every Sunday?
Praise and worship makes me feel good
I like talking to people
I like busting a move
All the things that you do at a party is what I do
I party all the time
I love to party in the house of the Lord
Oh my God, who lives forever
Continue your grace that you bestowed upon me
My God, my Savior, my protector
Our Father, who art in Heaven, hallowed be thy name
Thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven
Talk to your brothers and sisters and tell them it is good to come into the house of the Lord

God is Over All
May 19, 2019
Sermon Notes
Apostle David Watkins, Preaching
The Feast of Weeks

Matthew 27:58
The Passover where God took out all the firstborn
A God has no laws
If you are truly a God there is nothing over you
God swears by himself
God is truly God, not a Star Wars movie
We judge God like we are somebody
Beware Jesus came as a Passover lamb and freed us
If you curse God and Jesus you are alright
If you curse the Holy Ghost you will be held accountable
Millennium is the next rest
Take a lamb and kill the lamb
The death angel will pass over if they see the blood of the lamb
Whoever did not have the blood the first born died
Jesus is the Passover lamb, his blood is put on the doorpost of our hearts
Leviticus 23:2
Leaven represents sin in our lives
Matthew 27:57
Leviticus 23:5
John 20:17
Don’t cling to me, I have not ascended
The Feasts are shadows of what is to come
The Feast of First Fruits
The priests shall wave the sheaths before the Lord
The first fruit is the first harvest
Your first gathering, your first
Leviticus 9:6
Jesus said you can’t touch me yet
John 20:22
The Promise was sent
Leviticus 23:15
The Feast of Weeks is Pentecost
Pentecost meaning fifty
We start after the first frit has been offered
Fifty days after that then Pentecost will fully come
From the day of the sheave and the wave offering
Count fifty days
Present an offering of grain unto the Lord
Acts 1:4
Wait for the promise of the Father
Acts 1:5
You will be baptized with the Holy Spirit
Leviticus 23:15
Deut. 16:9
Deut. 16:10
You shall keep the Feast of Weeks as a tribute of a freewill offering
Do not allow yourself to feel condemned if you do not celebrate
It is not my will to have you feel that if you do not celebrate that you will burn in a lake of fire
We are saved by Grace 
There is none good but the Father
James said that if you want to get in by the law then you must be completely good; do not mess up on any little tiny part of the law.
If you have messed up all the law you will burn in hell
I lost my wallet, I was going to give whoever found it $500
You can’t make it in by the works of the law
We have messed up in the law
What you sow you will surely reap
God will not be mocked, whatsoever you sow you will surely reap
You get a lot back!
Only Jesus can get rid of our sins
You shall keep the Feast of Weeks unto the Lord
We shall give a free will offering unto the Lord
The Pentecost
The Feast started at the beginning of the Jewish year
Exodus 12:2-3
Deut. 16:9
Exodus 34:18
They were able to harvest, Nisan means ear of grain
From the beginning of the year you do the Passover, then Un-leaven Bread, then the First Fruits then the Passover
They dwelt in tents and they were told to remember
Deut. 16:17
Nehemiah 8:14
Nehemiah 8:12
If you are evil money will make you more evil
If you are stingy money will make you more stingy
God does not want you to be guilty and give all your money away
God you must lead me and guide me
Bad things happen when you are led by your heart and not the Spirit
The purpose for Pentecost is for the Lord to bless your harvest
To bless whatever you have made
Taxes will come and haunt you after some years
This is why the Lord delights in the death of his saints!
You are free from taxes
Understand why you are hurt
You think that you have power to keep people here
You think that you should have prayed differently
It all depends on the Lord
God can’t give you that kind of power!
Some feel that there are false Prophets because they don’t heal the way that they think
We will have a healing, deliverance and breakthrough
I pray that God will heal
You need a deliverance is you come for prayer over your finances and you are sick
I can hardly walk but I need money
We need deliverance, a breakthrough!
God said, I come with Pentecost with a promise of power
Acts 1:8
You will receive power when the Holy Ghost comes upon you
You will be a witness, that I am blessed of the Lord!
Deut. 16:15
God will bless the works of your hands!
That is power, if you believe it!
Put your hands on your desk!
Put your hands on your spouse
Believe it and you will receive it
Something about giving it, and it will be given to you!
If you want love, give it and it will be given unto you!
Give it! Give it! You want peace in your life? Give it!
Stop disagreeing with everyone
The Lord is going to bless me, looking like you disagree
You want love? You want peace? You have power to get it
Three times you shall come
Do not come to the Lord empty handed
The Lord has laid on my heart
The bucket goes around one time!
God has set up a need to bless you
God can bless the church without the people
He is able to do abundantly exceedingly
Ephesians 3:20
Every man is to give as he is able, according to the blessings of the Lord
Give as you are able
Deut. 16:17
How many have come to someone else’s house on Thanksgiving
Come with something, show that you appreciate
Do not go empty handed before the Lord
If you do not have a job! Don’t come empty handed
You are the one that needs a blessing
You cone with something to present to the Lord
Lord sees it as a holy offering
God will bless you!
The widow woman came with all that she had
Your one days wage is all that you have
She believed God and she honored her offering
Harvest, wherever your source of income is
Deut. 16:15
Proverbs 3:8
Honor the Lord with your wealth
One honor is respect, the other meaning is to support
Support the Lord with your wealth
If you think that you are giving money to the church you are not honoring the Lord
God does not separate his work from himself
I don’t want you worshipping any other gods
People know you by certain names, stingy
They call you by sick and tired, hungry, slow walker, hard head, etc.
Honor the Lord with your wealth
You will be altogether joyful
Power to gain riches! Power to heal, power to declare
We support the Lord, the Lord supports us
Lev. 23:4
Pentecost, the gift of the Holy Ghost and power
Luke 24:49
John 20:22
Filled with the Holy Ghost, receive ye the Holy Ghost
Power to get wealth
It is God that gives you power to get wealth
You have power to receive the blessing and the promise to receive blessings!
Promises of blessings! We have to power to get the blessings!
We do not work because we lack faith!
Pro. 10:22
You can pray for yourself! They know that pastor believes that God has given him power
The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me, because the Lord has anointed me to preach good tidings….
Forgive me because he has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted!
To proclaim liberty to the captives
Isaiah 61:1
Confess with your mouth and God will cleanse you of all unrighteousness
You are free!
The Spirit of the Lord God is upon you!
Free the bound! 
Loose the chains of disease, depression, etc.
God knows, the doctors are practicing on us!
I feel good! Until the doctors say something crazy!
The Lord has given me power!

God is Over All
May 12, 2019
Sermon Notes
Apostle David Watkins, Preaching
Born For Motherhood

Try with everything within you to honor your Mother
Show love and appreciation while she is alive
Some Mothers are not here
A lot of you have Mother’s who are here
Take advantage of your Mother being here
1914 President Wilson declared that the second Sunday in May will be mother’s day
1907 Anna Jarvis considered a day to honor mothers
Mother’s always worked hard
The Mother took care of the family, she was to raise the children
This is not some equal opportunity, both of you are to work
Even though the Mother’s say that we are equal Mothers take most of the work
The Father is ready to go and the Mother has to grab the children
Many individual states celebrated Mother’s Day in 1911
It was suspended after initially being formed
Julia wanted the women to stand up and let your voice be heard
Stand up be a woman and raise those children
She did not think of it as a day that you brought roses to a Mother
She wanted them to appreciate themselves, wanting a day of peace
Give us a day of peace!
Don’t come home fussing and fighting
A day of appreciation for all that I try to do
It was fought to be removed
In 1933 the first country to declare Mother’s Day as a National Holiday
Hitler celebrated in Germany 1934, the first Mother’s Day nationally
1970 Father’s Day followed
Mother’s Day we would cook breakfast and bring it to her in bread
We had no money for anything
We would go to Pick & Save they could buy things for a quarter
My Mother appreciated what the children gave them
God built women for a purpose to raise children
Moses would raise up a people
Deut. 18:17
Isaiah 7:14
Every Jewish girl praying to be the Mother of the Messiah
Inspired women to get married and have a baby
Today I can’t wait to get married and get some financial help
They want to wait now
Motherhood was a wonderful thing to look forward to in biblical times
Let’s look at the woman that God chose to be the Mother of His Son
Mary was given the privilege of being Jesus Mother
Let’s have a baby, you think that it will be great, you want something to play with
Men wanted children to carry on their names
Why do women want to have children?
It is not as glamorous it once was
I love the good ole days, then they get older things change
It is hard work made for a Mother
Mother’s have to deal with teenagers who think that know it all
Mary had to deal with a Son who did know it all
The Daddy could only teach him natural things
Carpentry, Jesus did his work well better than Dad
The last time the Father mentioned is when he was twelve years old
At the cross Mary was there, when he was being pushed Mary was there
Jesus had to tell her, Mother this is what I came here to do
When they went to the first marriage reception, do what he tells you to do
God did not make it easy for Mary to raise Jesus
Mary knew that her child would suffer for the world
Mary knew her sons future
Luke 2:19
Mary pondered these things in her heart
Mary had to be a strong woman
You are able and capable of doing it 
Mary knew the direction that her son was going she still continued to be his Mother
Her name is blessed above measure
No one was there dealing with this child, imagine Jesus being tormented by Satan every night
Mary having to comfort him
A woman is born with the ability to become a Mother
I wrote this thinking about my wife
A Mother does not give up on their child
A Mother will stay in the hospital night after night with their child
It is interesting that when a child is going through pain a Mother claims the child
That is my child you are talking about
Something about the power of a Mother
Born for Motherhood
A Mother has the God given ability for her children to covet a hug from their Mother
Something about a Mother’s hug!
They hug you in a different way
It fills your Spirit
Nobody has that but Mothers
Mothers comfort can be a powerful thing
It is to a Mother that a child goes running
I watch my daughter come into the room, she cries out Momma!
Where is Momma? There is something about the Momma’s
There is something that God has given you and you can not give up on it!
My daughter say I am mad at you! They get mad at Daddy!
One day I might not be here and you should not be mad
Does any child expect their child to go first?
I expect to be gone before you!
You left me! You should have fought! I am in pain
Mother’s will stick it out, will you be alright?
They will stick it out longer and longer
I love you, but you will be alright!
A God fearing Mother will teach her child even when it hurts
A heavy burden falls on the mother, show your Mother love!
Proverbs 13:34
I remember the day when there were a lot of kids in the house
Bedtime was whipping time! 
Momma would come into the room and get a whipping!
If you spare the rod you hate your child
The Mother will take care of some business they raised the kids
Proverbs 19:18
Chase the kids while there is still some hope inside
Don’t quit because the keep crying
Proverbs 22:15
Foolishness is bound in the heart of a child
When I finish with you, you will not be stupid anymore
Only a strong Mother can deal with correction
You kid is doing all kinds of crazy things
Don’t let the world change your way of training your child
Call Child Protective Services, while they are on their way you will learn
You have no more rights in foster care, you are a ward of the state
Rules of the house no going to the mall, no calling your boyfriend…
Mother’s had some peace
Maybe we should go to court and get her?
A rod of reproof a child will bring shame to their Mother
Do not leave them to their own in your home!
I bought everything in this house!
I am leaving tonight!
Going from friend to friends home
Don’t leave them to themselves, they will bring shame
Proverbs 31:28
After all that, your children will rise up and call you blessed!
Motherhood is a blessing
Psalm 127:3
Mother’s continue to teach your children about God and His Word

God is Over All
Preached Word
May 5, 2019
Associate Pastor Jerri Harrison
The Call to Revival Action: Revive, Raise Up and Live

Hosea 6:2
After two days will he revive us: in the third day he will raise us up, and we shall live in his sight.
Based on this is our year to be blessed, July 12th-July 19th, 2019, Remember, repent and do the first works
Revelation 2:5
We are involved to the revival call to action
John 3:16
Hearing this scripture with fresh ears
The first part emphasizes love not because we have earned it
Romans 5:8
But God commended his love for us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.
God showed his love to us, that while we were sinners he died
When someone treats you good it is easy to love
When they turn their back it is more difficult to love
God sent Christ to die for us while we were yet sinners
He shows me his love in spite of myself
Gave – God showed his love by giving
Talk is cheap! People in your life who say they love you but do not show it
God gave us his best, he died for us and did what we could not do
II Corinthians 5:21
100% pure sacrifice
Jesus became what he was not which is sin so that we could become what we are not which is righteousness
That blood covered us
Whosoever – this is no a country club thing, it is for whosoever will let them come
Aren’t you glad that God opened the door
I just want whosoever will let them come!
I had sin in my life, and fight sin every day through continual sanctification
I would not have made it into the country club church
Jesus died on the cross and shed his blood
Not perish – there is a price to pay for sin, but God does not want us to die
Romans 6:23
The price to pay for sin is death
The gift of God is eternal life
Because of his love we can start all over
Life – instead of death God wants us to have life
John 10:10
The thief comes but to steal, kill and destroy
Jesus came to bring us life
We have a nice house, a nice car, money in the bank, we think we are cute
When God looked at me, he looked beyond the surface
God knew how much I needed him
God saw beyond the surface and saw that she needed salvation
He made a way! I got ot know him for myself
God brought we out of a denomination and put me in relationship with him
Our God has called us to be revived
On the Ovation of the Seas!
God is calling us to be revived! God is calling you to be revived!
He knows that we get sick sometimes
He know that we get depressed sometimes
We get discouraged sometimes!
He knows us!
We need revival! This is the season of revival
Revival means restoration to life, to consciousness, to strength, to usefulness
Didn’t you feel the revival fires begin to burn when we heard, remember, repent and do the first works!
Nevertheless I have somewhat against thee
If you have ever been left by someone who says that they love you
Remember from whence thou hast fallen
I am sorry God! I don’t come to church like I use to
I am sorry God! I will come to thee quickly and remove your candlestick
Lord, I messed up! I did something that I should not have done
Forgive me Lord, I repent and I will go back to my first works
Ask God to wash us and strengthen us
Have you ever felt dead in your walk?
You are here but you are dead on the inside?
Ever felt like I am trying my best, but I know that there is more?
This is why God calls us into revival
Isaiah 57:15
God is saying come close to me
It takes meekness to acknowledge that you are wrong in God’s sight
Habakkuk 3:4
Rev vie your work in my life, don’t look with wrath but with mercy
So many times hat we have not been right in his presence
Acts 3:19
Working on a hot day and needing refreshment
God will bring a refreshing to your walk
Build you up ad strengthen you!
Holy Ghost refreshing, when you feel dried out on our walk
Hosea 6:2
Revive means he will bring us back to life spiritually!
Have you ever felt burned out?
God promises to revive us!
God can bring you back to that life of serving Him
Some are saying, what shall I do?
There is so much work to do for God!
Walk and stay in your calling! Be useful in the kingdom of God!
God’s resurrection power will lift us up!
Our finances might be dead, our health, our faith, but God is going to raise it up!
We will live ad no die, both physically and spiritually!
Psalms 116:15
God is love! He revives us because he wants us to live and not die!
Why does he revive us? Why does he love us?
The bible tells us to!
Be revived, raised up and live!

God is Over All

April 28, 2019

Preached Word

Pastor Deborah Williams


Love One Another


Foundational Scripture: John 13:34-35

  • The sermon inspired by, I Am My Brother’s Keeper

  • We were challenged to demonstrate love

  • Am I responsible for my actions and choices?

  • Genesis 2:18

  • It is not good for man to be alone

  • Ecclesiastes 4:9

  • Two are better than one

  • John 13:35

  • We are known to others by our love

  • I John 2:9

  • Revelation 2:4-5

  • Remember. Repent. Do the first works!

  • Our walks began to weaken

  • We were once loving each other and doing the work

  • Do you remember?

  • It is time to repent

  • God is waiting to bless us

  • Acts 20:24

  • I refuse to let little things move me

  • Deuteronomy 6:5

  • We are to choose God first

  • Use God’s example of love

  • Philippians 2:5-11

  • Jesus humbled himself

  • God saw the best in you

  • I am my brother’s keeper

  • I choose to be known by my love

  • Love one another!

April 21, 2019
Resurrection Sunday
Sermon Notes
Apostle David Watkins
Jesus Death Was Foretold 

Isaiah 53:1
Who hath believed our report
You will give the Word of God they will not believe
We believe the Word 
We believe with our heart
The heart we believe
They will try to prove that he is not the Son of God
Romans 10:9-10
Your intelligence will not get you far.
Paul was trained
The other disciples were with Jesus
Jesus started teaching at twelve years old
They wondered where he got his ability to teach
Parents leave the children and dont know
They found Jesus in the temple
They looked for three days
Jesus was not on the playground
Joseph had to say not the Father
Jesus knew that they did not know.
He had to submit to them
Subject to the Father.
Waiting for God to start his ministry
The Prophey started the ministry.
Isaiah 53:2
No beauty that we should desire him.
His hair was curly.
Skin like brass.
All I know is who he is and what he did.
Hair curly like a lamb.
He had no beauty that we should desire him.
Despised and rejected.
Most turned away from him.
Peter turned in shame.
You even sound like him.
Dont be ashamed.
We esteemed him not.
Surely he bore our sins.
Isaiah 53:4
Job God is not happy with you.
Curse God and die
Job said the Lord gives and the Lord taketh away.
Isaiah 53:5
John 19:34
Isaiah 53:7
He opened not his mouth
Mark 15:5
Jesus made no reply
Psalms 41:9
Mark 14:10
John 14:24-27
Simon Peter asked Jesus who would betray him.
Jesus threw me under the bus.
Who would betray him 
The one I give this bread to.
Judas are the bread.
Satan entered into him.
It was prophesied and it was done.
John 13:27
Zechariah 11:12
The Word is for us. It is not written for the sinner man.
I told them.
Matthew 26:14-16
Psalm 26:15
Psalm 69:21
John 19:28
The scripture might be fulfilled.
Psalm 22:1
Matthew 27:46
Psalm 22:18
John 19:23
They gambled for his clothing.
John 5:46
Moses wrote about me
Duet. 18:15
The Lord will raise up a Prophet from a

Matthew 27:63
The soldiers watched the grave
He rose from the grave.
Exodus 12:21
Blood on the doorposts.
John 7:31
Jesus is the li king water.
Jesus is the bread of life.
Jesus suffered for us.
Moses took the rock and strike it and water came out. They carried that rock.
God was just testing them so they could be blessed!
Moses instead of striking the rock complaining that they were going to die.
Crying Moses, must I carry these children. 
God says speak to the rock.
If I kill you I won't have to hear you.
Moses struck the rock twice. 
Must I bring water from the rock?
God still fed the people.
He might hear wrong.
You will get blessed.
Give it the way that God gives it to you.
Prophets can get it wrong.
Why are you in jail?
I really did do it.
I have to pray you out of jail.
You can't have problems being wrong.
I am the bread from heaven.
I am the li king bread.
John 6:51
God sent snakes into the camp.
Blood had to be shed for sin.
Jesus is the one who bled for us.
Snakes to shut them off.
God took a snake and raised it up.
Look at what bit you.
The snake on the pole represents healing.
Jesus was lifted up that we might be ssved.
John 3:15
God thought about his Son back in Genesis.
God put a hatred in our hearts for snakes.
Holy hatred.
Jesus said I will crush his head.
Jesus would destroy the head of the serpent.
Isaiah 7:14
Matthew 1:21
All this took place to fulfill the prophecies.
Isaiah 9:6
Luke 2:11
Some Jewish persons do not know Jesus.
Some other religions do not believe.
Some say they believe but they do not follow.
II Timothy 2:15
We must be great followers  to be great leaders.
Stop being afraid!
Let God separate the rest.
Preach the Word!
In season and out of season.
Submit yourselves to one another.
Why woul