Sermon Notes Sunday, September 17th, 2018

God is Over All
September 16, 2018
Sermon Notes
Apostle David Watkins, Preaching

A Christian Struggle

John 2:16
The reason we struggle is that we live somewhere else
We are citizens of heaven
The world parties hard, happy hour
Our happy hour is Sunday morning worship
We want to keep the laws of God
Hebrews 10:16
We want to do right, we struggle to do right
Romans 7:14
The law is spiritual and it is good
The trouble is with me I am all too human
I am a slave to sin
I do not understand myself, I want to do what is right instead I do what I hate
I am not of this world, that is why I hate sin
My goal is to bring God’s will to earth as it is in heaven
We are hurt because we are not pulling our weight
We have it all under control
You are a genius
Romans 7:15
We know that we are not all that
I might be worth a bag of chips and a cup cake
We worry so much and we act like we have everything under control
Let it go, you do not have to worry
No one in heaven is concerned about being somebody
At your birth you were set up as a child of the king
You do not have to prove to the world
Tell people that you are a citizen of heaven
I am not of this world
Why are you happy when things are going wrong?
I am not of this world
Why if you don’t have a house
I am not of this world
The world has made it easy, you can ride a scooter
God has given things to man because of your prayers
Soon we will have unmanned cars
You are not of this world
There will be some transportation for you
Because of your prayers
I do not understand myself, instead I do what I hate
If I know what I am doing is wrong
It is sin living in me that does wrong
The lust of the flesh is in me
You already know that you are a citizen of heaven
Something inside of me makes me do what I hate
This is not me!
Have you ever not acted like yourself?
We act like we are of the world, it is what is inside of you!
The Holy Ghost within you is trying to get you to do right
The Spirit of God is willing to move you
You are Born Again, the Spirit of God is trying to get you to do right
The other spirit within is trying to get you to do wrong
If you do not hate it you are not of God
You think that you are a citizen, but you don’t have papers
Your name is in the Lamb’s book of life
Don’t get to heaven and think that you are a citizen and you are not
The bible is written to the citizens of heaven
You need to watch yourself
Walk in the Spirit
If I know that what I am doing is wrong then I know that it is God
I know that nothing good lives in me
Nothing is good in my sinful nature
Romans 7:18
Don’t let the devil condemn you!
The devil is a liar!
When the enemy tries to keep you from praying to God about your sin
Truth is the absence of being tricked or bamboozled
The enemy told Eve the truth to deceive her
The truth has no deception in it
Lying wonders are what the enemy performs to deceive
Truth is the absence of deception
It is a daily battle to overcome the flesh and bring it into subjection
A daily battle that many times we fail
It is not us that is sinning!
Romans 7:20
It is not me, but the sin that lives within me
I hate doing that, it is not me
What do we do to overcome the flesh?
Galatians 5:16
Walk in the Spirit, and you will not gratify the desires of the flesh
Walk in the Spirit and you will not fulfill the lust of the flesh
To walk in the SPIRIT is to try to live God’s way
Do not try to destroy the flesh
Overwhelm it with the opposite
If the lust of the flesh pulls on you keep asking forgiveness
Walk it out! Act like it does not even hurt!
Claim that you are alright! I am ok
Live in the Spirit, do things in the Spirit to suffocate the flesh
Never stop praying
So many things are the desires of the flesh
Do more spiritual than you do in sin
The Lord is not mocked, you will reap what you sow
Do more good to suffocate the bad
Galatians 6:7
When someone we love dies, it hurts
When they leave some money it takes the pain out of the loss
The money suffocates some of the pain
Look at what my family did for me!
You have time to use the spiritual things
Worship, praise and thank God for the things that you do have
Be thankful for the state that you are in
Count your blessings!
There is someone worse than you
You will never be alone
James 1:2
If the pride of life pulls on you, remember who you are
He who humbles himself shall be exalted
Think about pride
It is not my job as a citizen of heaven to be known
The only people that can hurt you are family and friends
You get so strong in the Lord you can’t even go to the movies
I don’t want people coming from everywhere wanting to be healed
I don’t want to be known, I am already known by God
We must proclaim it
I don’t want to do what is wrong
It is sin living in me that does wrong
Romans 7:19
That was not even me!
It was not me, it was sin in me!
Romans 7:21
When I want to do what is right, I do what is wrong
This is a principle of life
I love God’s law with all my heart!
Romans 7:22
For I delight in the law of God after the inward man:
Just worship and praise the Lord!
Why did God love King David?
King David did some bad things, he was a man after God’s heart
He magnified God, worshipped God!
He prayed in everything, he sang everything!
What do you do?
Just a secret for citizens, if you learn to worship God he will bring you through some things
The sooner you do it the sooner God moves
Financial problems are of the world
Overwhelm, suffocate that poverty spirit by lifting your hands
I am expecting a blessing
Give thanks! In all things give thanks!
We are not of this world!
According to the world we are crazy when we praise through difficult circumstances
We must stop trying to be like the world and work on getting our reward
We are to set up treasures in heaven
Overwhelm sin by doing righteousness
Matthew 6:20
I will do more good! I will lift up my hands!
Put on the garment of praise!
Isaiah 61:3
Romans 7:22-23
We sin with things that seem small, like not coming to church
Are you a citizen you go home!
We had two places to go, church or home
Pastors were part of the struggle
Now we act like our oppressors
There were times we walked to school
Now you can’t walk one block
We are in the last days, be citizens of heaven
The struggle is because we are not of this world
We live here but we are not from this world
Romans 7:24
O wretched man that I am
Romans 7:25
I thank God through Jesus Christ our lord
I am a slave of my flesh
In sin you go through a lot!
Many came out of debt!
The lust of the eyes!
We goat a new car, although our car is good
We got pulled in!
Mortgage is a death grip! Now we have one and two mortgages!
Stop being pulled in
Choke out sin, overwhelm it with praise, thanksgiving and petitions!
Let’s start using the Spirit
To walk in the Spirit is to hate the sin that I am in
I am living as a citizen of heaven
I am walking and I am fighting!
I am struggling because I am not of this world!
The world hates us, because we think different than the world
Television is dragging us in vampires are good, witches are good
Wanting the bad guys to win
It is wrong to beat up bad people
Even child molesters, they need to be saved also
I think about safety, I put cameras all over
To walk in the Spirit is to hate the sin that you are in
Jesus made a way to overcome the lust of the flesh
Lust of the eyes, pride of life!
They cater to our weakness!
I John 2:16
I see the homeless and I still give
There is a certain state of mind that something is wrong
We are struggling, we will suffocate sin
We are not of this world!

God is Over All
September 9, 2018
Sermon Notes
Apostle David Watkins
We Are Not of This World

John 17:6
John 17:16
Ephesians 2:19
I John 2:15
Do not love the world or anything in the world
If you love the world the love of the Father is not in you
I John 2:16
John 3:16
The term world refers to world or universe
John 13:1
The world means those in the earth
Hebrews 1:2
Matthew 18:7
Woe to the world because of offences
John 15:19
If you were of the world, the world would love his own:
I John 4:5
Example of coworker talking negatively against you
We start changing our lifestyle
Looking at television we start picking up the ways of the world
The alternative lifestyle is everywhere
Your favorite characters have another lifestyle
All our super heroes will one day
We are not of this world!
That is why this world gets on our nerves
I tried to watch a movie
The bible says that God loves the world it is the human beings in it
We do not love the world’s corrupt values and systems
The god of this world has blinded their minds
II Corinthians 4:4
If the gospel be hidden, it is hidden to those who are lost
Satan has blinded their eyes
We are not of this world
I John 2:16
Satan’s systems are the lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes, and pride of life
God has gifted me with a spirit of not wanting to be popular
We can make our boast in Christ Jesus
Does anyone in heaven speak out and say, I am somebody?

We as Christians have to bring the heavenly system to this world
Hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come, thy will be done…
We have to live a certain way, walk a certain way
When people wonder why you are kind, it is because we are not of this world
We are kind to those who abuse us
We are not of this world
Where I come from, I am not of this world
Every sin imagined comes from those things
When we come to Christ, we escape this world mentally and spiritually
Those who come to Christ are new creatures
Isaiah 55:7
Coming to God means forsaking our thoughts
This world applauds sin
Hollywood causes us to envy sinners
Proverbs 23:17
Let not your heart envy sinners, continue in the fear of the Lord
Movies where we cheer for the bad guys, Power, The Godfather
We are not of this world but we are tempted
When someone does us wrong, we hear others telling us what they would do
I use to be on the A Team, now I am on the D Team
We are being pulled by the world
There is a popularity of stars

These stars stir in us a dissatisfaction with our own lives
We want to have what they have, we are willing to walk out of heaven for the world’s things
Advertisements and marketing appeals to the lust of the eyes, lust of the flesh, the pride of life
Buy the new car, movie star homes, we are not of this world
Loving this world means being devoted to this world’s priorities
What is most important? Happiness is most important
Like Eve eating the fruit, and learning something she did not know
Apple has taken the sign of knowledge
Signs of the enemy trying to get us to be like the world
We are not of this world
To continue to love the world and be in the world like unbelievers it will cripple us and cause us to be fruitless
Some movies just turn them off
John 12:24
Not loving the world extends to our own lives
If we love anything more than him is not worthy
Matthew 10:37
God’s spirit can take a lot, not yours

David said, if I make my bed in hell you are there
Just because God is everywhere, it does not mean that you should be
In general the term world is the evil system controlled by Satan that leads us away from worship
I am going to bury my father, Jesus said, let the dead bury the dead
Whosoever is willing to lose their life
Matthew 8:22
What do you hold dear? Car, house, money in the bank…
What would you fight for?
Are you a minister? If you are singing, playing an instrument, etc.
Christians are suffering all over the world
The bible says that we must be willing to pick up our cross
We must be willing to die
Luke 9:23
We are not of this world, when we die we are going home
Do what you have to do; I am going to be with the Lord!
I will be more blessed because I am willing to suffer!
Just a short amount of time

Are you ready?
The human heart is an idle factory
We can make idols out of anything
Things can become idols
God’s main issue with us is that we worship other gods
We worship money by choosing it before we choose God
You have the power to come to church or work and get double hire
You choose the job before God
God wants all of his children to be entrepreneurs the head and not the tail
You can make all kinds of idols
I Corinthians 10:31 Whatsoever you do, do all to the glory of God
Loving the world is idolatry, do you love the world?
You choose the lust of the eye, the pride of life.
The blessings of God makes rich and adds no sorrow
Proverbs 10:22
Do not fall in love with it or desire it first
Here is how you know that this is not first, when you are able to give it up!
If you ever require it of me, I will give it up!
I will give up my car, home, everything if you require it
God did it with Abraham, required everything
You must be satisfied in the state that you are in
I am a citizen of heaven! You are a citizen of heaven!!!
Walls can be built, there is no stopping you from getting in
Are you willing to give up everything that you have?
Get to a place where you are willing to sacrifice it all unto the Lord
God will bless you with everything that you ever wanted!
Just abide in me and I abide in you!
You have to judge your own spirit
Are you really willing to give up everything that you have?
You must be stable, you are called to a specific place
Jesus, the Son of God was called to train a group to set up a work for God

Are you willing to sell it all for what you want?
Anything can become an idol
We are commanded to love, what in your life is competing with God
God more than anything wants your soul to prosper
As your soul prospers, be in good health, as your soul prospers
III John 1:2
In three years you know that this is the church for you
God works out your poor decisions for your life
It takes your entire lifetime to hear the Lord
Romans 8:28
We are not of this world!

Minister Reggie White Sr.  
September 2nd, Sunday 2018

It’s my time Thrive

Many of us in the body of Christ have found ourselves where we are in a place of survival mode. We are just fighting to stay saved. The enemy has been attacking us left and right. We feel like both physically and spiritually we are just getting by. For some of us we find ourselves on life support. Well it’s your time to move from Surving to Thriving.

Did you know they associate failure to Thrive with Terminal illness

To Survive continue to live or exist, especially in spite of danger or hardship

To Thrive to grow vigorously : flourish


: to gain in wealth or possessions : prosper

        : to progress toward or realize a goal despite or because of circumstances —often used with on thrives on

Scripture Reference

“But what things were gain to me, those I counted loss for Christ. Yea doubtless, and I count all things but loss for the excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord: for whom I have suffered the loss of all things, and do count them but dung, that I may win Christ, And be found in him, not having mine own righteousness, which is of the law, but that which is through the faith of Christ, the righteousness which is of God by faith: That I may know him, and the power of his resurrection, and the fellowship of his sufferings, being made conformable unto his death; If by any means I might attain unto the resurrection of the dead. Not as though I had already attained, either were already perfect: but I follow after, if that I may apprehend that for which also I am apprehended of Christ Jesus. Brethren, I count not myself to have apprehended: but this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before, I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.”

Philippians 3:7-14 KJV
“Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.”

3 John 1:2 KJV

“I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service. And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.”

Romans 12:1-2 KJV

“And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force.”

Matthew 11:12 KJV

I. Are you surving or thriving

    A. Do you feel you are growing vigorously?

    B. Do you feel stagnet or stuck

    C. Do you complain about coming to church

    D. Have you had thoughts of quitting or leaving

    E. Do you complain about the food?

    f. Have you found yourself talking about Gods people (judging vs praying for them)

    G. Do you look at the clock and wonder when service is over.

    H. Have you become familiar with the things of God.

It’s our time to Thrive

    1. It’s time to get back excited about things of God

       A. Daily we must renew or mind change our perspective, begin to think like the father.

     B. Stop focusing or your problems and focus on the problem solver. It should not surprise you that we are going to have trouble in the flesh. Think it not strange the fiery darts that come to try your faith.

C. If you don’t feel your growing, ask yourself why. What have you done to grow. Are you coming to church expecting to hear a word and think that’s enough. That worked. When you were a babe, but now God is expecting more. The problem is not the food the problem is you and me. When was the last time you changed your seat, is your prayer still the same prayer. Have changed your posture of prayer.

God is requiring a deeper level of praise. If you want something different you have to do something different.

It’s time to Thrive.

John10:10 I have come that you might have life and have it more abundantly.

Jesus came that we would live the abundant life.

Is your soul prospering.

D. We have to turn off the Facebook , the Instagram, the snap chatting, the things that are distracting, the things that cause you to long for somebody’s fake life and begin to live the live God has for you.

f. We have to get to know God in a more intimate level. Paul said that I may know him. Is there anybody here that want to know him and his power. 

G. It’s a struggle for survival we daily meet the foe. You got stay armored up. It’s time to Thrive.

H. Our worship has to be for real not the motions of worship, but the very act of worship. When you say thank you Jesus there alt to be something in your mind that you are thanking him for in that moment.

I. We have to stop gossiping and start praying for one another. When you touch one of Gods people with your tongue it’s kind of hard to Thrive, because he said touch not my not anointed. But rather consider yourself, because but for the grace of God that’s not your issue.

J. We got to press, meaning we have to go all in for God. Get radical for Jesus, lose ourselves, forget the past and reach forward. When a runner is in a race he focuses on the prize. If he looks back his enemy Gaines on him. He becomes distracted.

K. You have to fast and pray for this kind only comes out by fasting and prayer. This breakthrough. Is going to take sacrifice, it’s going to take obedience.

Duet. 28 says

“And it shall come to pass, if thou shalt hearken diligently unto the voice of the Lord thy God, to observe and to do all his commandments which I command thee this day, that the Lord thy God will set thee on high above all nations of the earth: And all these blessings shall come on thee, and overtake thee, if thou shalt hearken unto the voice of the Lord thy God. Blessed shalt thou be in the city, and blessed shalt thou be in the field. Blessed shall be the fruit of thy body, and the fruit of thy ground, and the fruit of thy cattle, the increase of thy kine, and the flocks of thy sheep. Blessed shall be thy basket and thy store. Blessed shalt thou be when thou comest in, and blessed shalt thou be when thou goest out. The Lord shall cause thine enemies that rise up against thee to be smitten before thy face: they shall come out against thee one way, and flee before thee seven ways. The Lord shall command the blessing upon thee in thy storehouses, and in all that thou settest thine hand unto; and he shall bless thee in the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee. The Lord shall establish thee an holy people unto himself, as he hath sworn unto thee, if thou shalt keep the commandments of the Lord thy God, and walk in his ways. And all people of the earth shall see that thou art called by the name of the Lord; and they shall be afraid of thee. And the Lord shall make thee plenteous in goods, in the fruit of thy body, and in the fruit of thy cattle, and in the fruit of thy ground, in the land which the Lord sware unto thy fathers to give thee. The Lord shall open unto thee his good treasure, the heaven to give the rain unto thy land in his season, and to bless all the work of thine hand: and thou shalt lend unto many nations, and thou shalt not borrow. And the Lord shall make thee the head, and not the tail; and thou shalt be above only, and thou shalt not be beneath; if that thou hearken unto the commandments of the Lord thy God, which I command thee this day, to observe and to do them:”

Deuteronomy 28:1-13 KJV

It’s time to Thrive
It’s your winning season, take advantage of it walk in what’s yours. Move forward and not backwards. Believe God 

God is Over All
August 26, 2018
Sermon Notes
Apostle David Watkins, Preaching

SERMON: It’s Never Too Late

 The kingdom of God is God’s way of doing things  The kingdom of this world is an eye for an eye
 God’s kingdom is different, thou shalt not murder
 Some say that God told them to kill, do not believe them
 People do not hear you speaking right into their ears  What makes you think that you can hear so clearly
 Don’t keep telling people that you hear God speaking all the times  God is not speaking to everyone as he once did
 Stay in the fight, forty-two years of preaching the gospel  Missing things, getting things, misunderstanding God, not every time I
hear is it God
 Staying in the fight for 47 years  I am an overcomer
 I have to move and stick and drop to a knee till the count  When you are counted out you tend to not worship the Lord like you
once did
 It is alright to take a knee and get knocked out  You have the Holy Spirit as the referee, Jesus and God in your corner
 The Holy Ghost is down there, counting, one, two, three…
 You are more than an overcomer
 The Holy Ghost gets you up at ninety two
 God said that you already won!  Stay in it, don’t give up, don’t quit!  The Holy Spirit will hold your hands up
 Heavy weight champion of the world
 All the sinners are all upset because you stole the crown
 Stay in the fight! How long have you been in the fight?  You don’t know how to block
 The underdog are the ones that God is rooting for
 Run around the ring, tire the devil out  It is never too late to come back stronger
 A good fall means that you are about to get up!  It is never too late
 Many Christians are trying to get back to being a strong walker
 Some get lazy
 A time when God was first before their own desires and wants  Just start doing what you use to do!
 Start thinking the way that you use to think when you were strong
 I believed all things in God!  There was a time when I believed the instructor
 They said I believe that God can do abundantly beyond anything that I
can think or ask
 Example of Community College, they were paid to go to school  Continued to go until he figured he could not learn anything else
 Example of children that know everything
 Everything is my business, I furnish the business, my wife cooks,
everything that I own goes to my wife
 When the child says, mind your own business, take the door down
 The children to clean up your business  I started your business  One day you will have your own business  Start believing what you use to believe
 You trusted in your pastor, the Word of God
 Remember when you got lazy in your worship to God
 Revelation 2:2-5
 I know thy works, and thy labour, and thy patience, and how thou canst
not bear them which are evil: and thou hast tried them which say they
are apostles, and are not, and hast found them liars:  I have been tried
 Some of you are trying to get back
 You need to get back to where you were when your faith was not
 No one could get you to lie, quit, or not go to church
 I’ve gotta go to church!  No one asked if you have to go to work!  Example of Mother who disciplined him
 In ministry school, anointed his home, got himself together
 I would repent, the neighbors wondered what they were doing
 It is alright to be home if you need to be
 When you come home and have to give your check up
 You had to learn to support the household
 Folks will work hard if you take their checks  The candlestick where you are getting your teaching from
 The candlestick is the pastor of the church
 The devil removes your understanding of what is right and wrong
 You can live by one scripture and not the entire bible
 Satan threw some scriptures, he believes and trembles  I was once over there in the Lord, just do what you use to do
 Write down the percentage of if you are with me
 Perfectly joined together, perfectly joined together
 Puzzles that are perfectly joined together
 Some do not understand same mind, same judgment  You agree, we are perfectly joined
 Eventually you will agree, wash your mind, gain the mind of Christ  Your brain needs to be brain washed!  You will do anything for the Lord!  People kill themselves for less  Romans 12:2
 Jesus always answered a question with a question
 Never too late!!!  God blessed me with purpose
 Focus, focus, focus!  Some wish I would give up now, some wish I would fade away!  I hear voices calling me, money calling, folly calling!  Not too late to fall on your knees  Tell them you are a fighter!  Not too late to come back stronger!  They can’t take my crown!  Never too late, Never too late, it’s not over!  Not too late to fall on my knees!  It’s not too come back stronger
 Not too late to come back!  I am a fighter they can’t take my crown, tell them you’re a fighter!

God is Over All
August 19, 2018
Preached Word
Apostle David Watkins

God’s Got A Waiting Room

Psalms 130:5-6
Everything has to do with waiting
What are you waiting for?
A special mate, waiting for commitment
A better job with more money
Waiting for the economy to rebound
The return of the market
We are always waiting
Waiting for children to leave the house
A portion of the blessing promised twenty one years ago
We will always be waiting on something
We must discipline ourselves on waiting
Babies are not born with patience, feed me, change me, entertain me
Children do not want to wait until tomorrow
Fishing tends to force you to wait
You sit patiently waiting for the fish
Fishing is a good way to teach children how to wait
Waiting comes with maturity
We must develop waiting over time
God’s waiting room, you must look for God
Psalms 130:5
I wait for the Lord
Psalms 62:6
Look toward the Lord and get your blessing
My soul waits
Psalms 62:5
Isaiah 40:28
Hast thou not known?
The everlasting God faints not
He gives power to the faint
Isaiah 40:29
He gives power to the faint; to them that have no might he increaseth strength
Stay in my waiting room
So many get up and walk out of the waiting room
Although you are sick, have gun shot wounds, etc
God says sit down and wait
There is no searching for my understanding
Don’t walk out
You are waiting for a blessing!
You want to get out of God’s waiting room
He wants you to wait on him
He is the creator of the ends of the earth, he does not faint
Are you losing your faith?
Those who are unable to get, you are the ones that God comes to
I am not doing enough good
As long as you are in the waiting room
Where is the waiting room?
The waiting room is where God comes and deals with his people
You are sitting right now waiting
You do not understand, you need to get your hands up
You may not feel like it, but you get up and praise
I get my hands up, I get God’s attention
I got my hands lifted up, my mouth is filled with praise
Lord do not pass me by
Learn how to wait, you are the one who needs the help
Why do you go to church every Sunday?
Every day you need something
God wants to help you every day
Wake up and things are different, where did that mark come from
You need to be in the waiting room every day, until you get what you are asking for
It is hard for a rich person to enter into God’s understanding
God’s waiting room is called church
Don’t just sit there while you wait, talk to the other people
He has made us all priests, I can help you with what you need
You can help someone else
Don’t do nothing, get your hands up!
He gives power to the faint, even the young people might faint
The young man will utterly fall
Isaiah 40:31
They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings of eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; an they shall walk and not faint.
If you wait, I will make you strong
I will make you run
You will not be weary, you will not faint
Wait in the waiting room
Waiting is everyone’s position, it is a classroom
A place to be taught, a place of instruction
Waiting is all about teaching
God is waiting on us to learn a particular lesson
God is waiting on you
Psalms 130:5
I wait for the Lord, my soul doth wait, and in his word do I hope
Your soul is your emotions, it is an opportunity to learn
There is always something to learn while you wait
You learn about yourself in these waiting situations
How much confidence in God do you posess?
Waiting measures how deep your relationship is with God
Waiting measures how shallow or selfish you are
Waiting will expose you
Waiting on the Lord
I Samuel 13:10
Saul reigned one year over Israel, he had to wait on Samuel he took it upon himself to determine what we should be doing?
You want to start your own class
Samuel was to make the sacrifice, he was not there
Why it did not happen when he said it was going to happen
Saul did not want to wait, I can do the sacrifice to God
God rejected him because of his disobedience
Thou hast done foolishly
I Samuel 13:13-14
Waiting develops us
Abraham and Sarah had to wait on their child
Joseph was forced as a slave, he was subject to betrayal
David was chosen and anointed, was forced to live as a fugitive
Has God promised to do some things and you had to wait? 
All we have is time, we just want to do some thing else
Get the job and work to get off so that you can get to church
If it was not for my church, I would not be working so hard
I need to be in the waiting room, waiting for a better job
We learn patience
David had to wait ten years
Surrendering our control is what waiting does
We manipulate the circumstance
Waiting demands patience, we must give God the key to our lives
What if God does not do it for me?
Castaway – example of the movie
Wife waited a while and then married someone else
He found his way home and no one was waiting on him
Feeling emotional on one hand, with the need to move on
Unsettled by the fact that she only needed to wait a little longer
She was hurt because she walked out of the waiting room
They do not trust God like they should
What are you waiting for?
I do not know if you should be waiting for that
Move on to a church that caters to your needs
You need a singles ministry!
You need some place where they are giving more food away
Grocery store when you change lines
Driving in such a hurry, you keep changing lanes, it is like the devil that slows them down
Keep moving and traffic just stops
You need to learn how to wait
Stay put and wait on the Lord!
He will give you the strength
Romans 8:24
Faith is hope that is not seen
Wait for it!
I do not know what tomorrow will bring, but I can wait and see!
Why worry about tomorrow?
Learn how to wait!
If you do not know what to do, when you are in darkness wait for God’s light
Wait for God’s direction
Wait for God’s comfort
When you are in the midst of a trial wait for God’s deliverance
Psalms 37:9
Those that wait upon the LORD, they shall inherit the earth
God’s world is big!
Each one of us has different worlds
I am going to give you everything that you ever needed or wanted
They that wait upon the Lord shall inherit the Lord
Let’s learn to wait on the Lord!

Sermon Notes for Sunday, August 12, 2018
Title: ”A Change is Coming: Living in the OVERFLOW blessings!”
Scriptures: Joel 2:12-27, Matthew 6:33 and Malachi 3:10 
Assoc. Pastor Jerri Harrison
Our Preached Word today is inspired by Pastor David’s sermon that was preached on June 10, 2018 titled, “A Change is Going to Come”. 
The word change means to make radically different; to alter or transform. 
Ultimately all change begins from within a person and then is manifest on the outside to the outside world.
 Example, weight loss. People don’t see the change in you right away! (Can I get a witness!)  Todays’ scripture shows how God’s promised change happened first on the inside of the people of God so that they could change from being reproached (disapproved of, discredited or disgraced) and ashamed (a feeling of shame, guilt or disgrace) to being BLESSED to the point of overflow! 

SCRIPTURE: Joel 2:12-14 (KJV)
12 Therefore also now, saith the Lord, turn ye even to me with all your heart, and with fasting, and with weeping, and with mourning:
13 And rend your heart, and not your garments, and turn unto the Lord your God: for he is gracious and merciful, slow to anger, and of great kindness, and repenteth him of the evil.
14 Who knoweth if he will return and repent, and leave a blessing behind him?
So part one of experiencing that change to being blessed to overflowing comes from making a change on the inside! The Bible instructs us in Joel 2:12-13 to turn to God with all of our heart and with fasting and weeping and mourning! 

Why do you think that the Spirit of God laid it on Pastor Renee’s heart to take us back as an entire congregation to the place of breakthrough prayer and crying out to God? She even said that we have to be DESPERATE with God in our prayers! Why? Because the is the beginning of how to experience the change of being blessed to the point of overflow! IT HAS TO START ON THE INSIDE in our hearts!
In Biblical days, people tore (rend) their clothes as an act of showing repentance before God, but verse 13 tells us to rend our hearts and not our garments! It’s not enough to just make an outward show of change to get an overflow blessing, you’ve got to change from the inside out…in your heart! 
GOD knows our hearts and He is not fooled with just an outward change…you’ve got to dig DEEP and cry out to God and really make a change from the heart! And God will know when this change has really occurred!
And there’s even a PROMISE given to us in verse 14 if we begin return to God and repent…He will leave behind a blessing!
SCRIPTURE: Joel 2:15-17 (KJV) 
15 Blow the trumpet in Zion, sanctify a fast, call a solemn assembly:
16 Gather the people, sanctify the congregation, assemble the elders, gather the children, and those that suck the breasts: let the bridegroom go forth of his chamber, and the bride out of her closet.
17 Let the priests, the ministers of the Lord, weep between the porch and the altar, and let them say, Spare thy people, O Lord, and give not thine heritage to reproach, that the heathen should rule over them: wherefore should they say among the people, Where is their God?
Next we have to come together as the people of God and have our leaders cry out to God on our behalf for mercy to see a real change in our lives! 
Get a CHAT when you are going thru and need a change in your life and come together with the people of God on Sundays, Tuesday nights and Thursday nights to cry out to God TOGETHER as a unified body! Then God will not turn us over to be reproached (Disapproved of or disgraced) by others to dare to say to us, “I thought God Loved you and you’re going thru all this? Where is your God!” 

SCRIPTURE: Joel 2:18-20 (KJV)
18 Then will the Lord be jealous for his land, and pity his people.
19 Yea, the Lord will answer and say unto his people, Behold, I will send you corn, and wine, and oil, and ye shall be satisfied therewith: and I will no more make you a reproach among the heathen:
20 But I will remove far off from you the northern army, and will drive him into a land barren and desolate, with his face toward the east sea, and his hinder part toward the utmost sea, and his stink shall come up, and his ill savour shall come up, because he hath done great things.
Our God is a jealous God. Jealous means intolerant of rivalry and fiercely protective of His rights and possessions. 
IF we want a change in our lives and if we want to be blessed to the point of overflow, we’ve got to really apply Matthew 6:33 to our lives. That verse says “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and ALL these things shall be added unto you.” IF WE REALLY PUT GOD FIRST IN OUR LIVES, ALL OF THE OTHER THINGS THAT WE DESIRE WILL BE ADDED!  
Verse 20 reminds us that our God is not only intolerant of rivalry, but also protective of His possession: US! He called his people to repentance AND when they did, HE removed their enemies far from them! Don’t you want our GREAT GOD to remove your enemies from you because He has done GREAT THINGS?!!
SCRIPTURE: Joel 2:21-27 (KJV)
21 Fear not, O land; be glad and rejoice: for the Lord will do great things.
22 Be not afraid, ye beasts of the field: for the pastures of the wilderness do spring, for the tree beareth her fruit, the fig tree and the vine do yield their strength.
23 Be glad then, ye children of Zion, and rejoice in the Lord your God: for he hath given you the former rain moderately, and he will cause to come down for you the rain, the former rain, and the latter rain in the first month.

24 And the floors shall be full of wheat, and the vats shall overflow with wine and oil.

25 And I will restore (bring back to its’ former state) to you the years that the locust hath eaten, the cankerworm, and the caterpiller, and the palmerworm, my great army which I sent among you.

26 And ye shall eat in plenty, and be satisfied, and praise the name of the Lord your God, that hath dealt wondrously with you: and my people shall never be ashamed.

27 And ye shall know that I am in the midst of Israel, and that I am the Lord your God, and none else: and my people shall never be ashamed.

  • God tells us to not be afraid but rather to be GLAD because HE WILL DO GREAT THINGS!

  • He has promised us Rain to water our seed that we have planted for Him for our blessings: the former rain meaning our old blessings AND the latter rain meaning our NEW blessings!

  • WE must expect our seed to PROSPER!  

  • He says that He has given us the former rain moderately, but that now He is giving us the former old blessings AND the latter rain blessings so much so that our vats (bank accounts) Will OVERFLOW!

  • LOOK OUT GRACE COVENANT WE’RE ABOUT TO EXPERIENCE A CHANGE WHERE WE ARE GOING TO BE BLESSED TO THE POINT OF OVERFLOW! The song on our Blessings of Expectation CD called “Expectation” says, “I expect more, I expect double! I am living in the overflow!”

  • Malachi 3:10 says of the tither’s blessing: “I Will open you the windows of heaven and POUR you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it!”


God is Over All
August 5, 2018
Sermon Notes
Pastor Deborah B. Williams

Sermon Title: “New Faith”

Hebrews 11:1
Faith is the confident assurance that something we want is going to happen
It is the certainty that what we hope for is waiting for us
We are living in changing times
The world’s view is trying to dictate Christian behavior
We are witnessing accepted sin
Blatant lying
The separation from immigrant children from families
Violence on every hand
The church is changing also more people watch church than attend church
Many industries are declining
Internet communication replacing human conversations
Now is the time to strengthen our spiritual walk
New is defied a not existing before, reinvigorated or restored
We are striving for a faith that is on the next level
The disciples also desired an increase in faith
Luke 17:5
Preparation is what is needed to receive the blessings that have been promised
Isaiah 55:10
Isaiah 55:11
The Word of God cannot return unto me void
The first step to receive is to plant seed
The parable of the sower
Mark 4:3-8
Mark 4:14-20
Our seed is the Word of God
We have to care for the seed that we receive
Apply the Word to our daily lives
Romans 10:17
Faith comes by hearing the Word of God
New faith is not ordinary, usual or run of the mill
New faith is deeper and higher than we have ever believed
Our faith should not be at the same level as when we were saved
Our first Revival cruise vs. Revival 2019
We must call those things that are not as though they are
When it comes to being blessed we must believe
We must do something
If we want a different result, we must do something in a different way

We must work for God
Romans 4:2-3
The Hall of Faith
Hebrews 11:8
Hebrews 11:11
Hebrews 11:20-21
Hebrews 11:30
Grace Hall of Faith, re you an inductee?


Peyton Harrison Jr

July 29th 2018

Isaiah 30:18 New King James Version (NKJV)

“Therefore the Lord will wait, that He may be gracious to you;
And therefore He will be exalted, that He may have mercy on you.
For the Lord is a God of justice;
Blessed are all those who wait for Him.”


TOPIC: “The Best is yet to come”     Keep the Faith!



I don’t know about you, there are many times I have had difficult time waiting. 


I was born in a generation of waiters, patient people, times were slower, not many distractions, didn’t have the internet, gameboy, or other video games, I was used to being in church for 6-8 hours every Sunday, with prayer for 2 hours on Tuesday night where they “laboured in prayer, they tarried sometimes all night long, and Thursday night prayer meetings for 3 hours. 

Basically that as all we had was church and work. So I learned how to wait for church to be over, I learned how to wait to have fun, I learned how to wait to save up for my first car, but as times progressed, culture changed and folk didn’t want to wait as much.

They changed the speed limit the highways from 50 to 65 miles an hour, people wanted to get to their destination quicker,

 the  internal clock speeds of computers went so fast that we were buying new computers almost every 6 months because we want to work faster,  the creation of the microwave was a direct result of impatience. 

We didn’t want to wait that long to eat, we want it now. 

For example In the olden days for Thanksgiving a turkey took 5 1/2 hours to cook, during that time, mothers were teaching daughters how to cook, how to prepare and set a table, there was family fellowship time, board games, and conversation with great excitement and anticipation for the dinner.   

Waiting brought about bonding, teaching and small lessons like that “the best things in life are worth waiting for”

But people don’t want to wait much now, a 20 pound turkey can now be cooked under 60 minutes and if you buy the the turkey with the internal cooking substance, it can be done in 20 minutes.

What does this cultural indicator tell us, it says that overall people are impatient, lack the desire to wait, and they dont want to work for it as much, struggle for it, they want instant compensation, instant gratification, ….and we do the same thing with GOD.

We want microwave worship…some churches have 55 minute worship services, short prayer times, choirs sing the first verse only in songs, and the preacher preaches for 15 minutes or less. 

We want microwave worship service for long term problems, and nagging trials and tribulation, we want a quick GOD with microwave blessings, quick miracles, with no hardships and no consequences…..but I want to serve notice this morning, that the Word of GOD says that…

There is a blessing in waiting…Blessed are those who wait for HIM!  

 We are waiting on our promised blessings from the “Blessings of Expectations Banquet”!  

Those who were there, those who overcame the challenges to get to the banquet, those who had faith in the WORD of Prophecy, those who WORSHIPPED freely in tuxedos and GOWNS and gave GOD his glory in praise…..your blessings is on its way!    We just got to wait and we have a whole year for the manifestation of those blessings, but they will come!

Word of faith and fact:

Don”t dwell on HOW LONG will it take,  But dwell on the fact that GOD has heard your cry and HE is going to BLESS you for waiting!

Let me quickly share some things for you to remember while you are waiting for your blessing:

  1. Believe that the God who saved you hears your cries (Micah 7:7).

2..  Waiting helps things IN US to grow!

        Unseen growth: The Chinese bamboo tree is one of the most remarkable plants on earth. Once the gardener plants the seed, he will see nothing but a single shoot coming out of the bulb - for five full years! That tiny shoot, however, must have daily food and water. During all the time the gardener is caring for the plant, the exterior shoot will grow less than an inch.

At the end of five years, however, the Chinese bamboo will perform an incredible feat. It will grow an amazing ninety feet tall in only ninety days! 

Now ask yourself this: When did the tree actually grow? During the first five years, or during those last ninety days?

The answer lies in the unseen part of the tree, the underground root system. During the first five years, the fibrous root structure spreads deep and wide in the earth, preparing to support the incredible heights the tree will eventually reach.

While we are waiting, GOD is establishing us, GOD is grounding us, GOD is stabilizing us, GOD is preparing us to be able to handle the blessing that is coming soon.

2. Watch with expectancy, but be prepared for unexpected answers (Psalm 5:3).  

Listen to my voice in the morning, Lord.
    Each morning I bring my requests to you and wait expectantly.

4.Trust in the Lord, not in your own understanding (Proverbs 3:5-6).

5.Waiting on God reminds us that God is in control

    Waiting reminds me that I am not in charge

     Waiting reminds me that I am not God

6. Waiting on the Lord allows God to do his work

       God's timing is best

5.Resist fretting, refrain from anger, be still, and choose patience (Psalm 37:7-8).

6..Wait for God’s promise instead of going your own way (Acts 1:4).

 7.Continue steadfastly in prayer, being watchful with thanksgiving (Colossians 4:2).

“A right attitude, with the right spirit, brings forth a righteous blessing.

Remember the blessings will come, don’t be distracted, get in position to catch it, and just wait!  (Isaiah 30:18).

IV. Waiting on God increases my strength

Isaiah 40:31-1 But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.

The Best is yet to come;  KEEP THE FAITH!

God is Over All
July 22, 2018
Sermon Title: I Know I’ve Been Changed
Pastor Deborah Williams
Foundational Scripture: Job 14:14

  • Inspired by sermon, “A Change is Going to Come”
  • Job was a faithful man of God
  • Job was blessed with a large family and cattle
  • The enemy went before God to accuse Job
  • Job suffered loss
  • Through all his trials he remained faithful to God
  • Job cried out that he will wait, until his change comes
  • These words should give us strength
  • We have heard the prophecy
  • We are about to be blessed
  • Now we are in the season of manifestation of blessings
  • Change is to make different
  • Change is also to transform
  • When God changes something it is undeniable
  • Joel brought forth words for the people to repent
  • He called for prayer much like our breakthrough prayer
  • There were promises of blessings
  • Joel 2:28-29
  • Jesus is the living water
  • God gives seed to the sower
  • What are you sowing?
  • We must sow seeds to get a harvest
  • What kind of seeds are you sowing?
  • Change does not always feel good
  • It requires a change in mind
  • It requires a willing spirit
  • Ephesians 3:20
  • Let’s move forward to embrace the change
  • You are not the same
  • We are living in the manifestation of blessings
  • II Corinthians 2:14
  • Romans 8:28
  • Romans 8:37
  • Romans 10:13
  • Ephesians 4:23


God is Over All
July 15, 2018
Sermon Notes
Apostle David Watkins

Preparing the Lord’s Blessings Part 2

Preparing the Lord’s Blessings Part 1 Review
II Kings 3:9
The Lord wants our praise! If Jesus came into the room you would move
God desires movement
Why should we jump and shout?
Would you stand when the judge comes in?
Let’s dig a ditch of movement
So many looking at other peoples praise!
God wants it all from you!
What do you do to prepare yourself for blessings?
Praise the Lord
II Kings 3:9 they expected water to be present
II Kings 3:10-13
The Prophet had no right to say those things
As the Lord lives and what have I to do with thee?
Elisha says that as the Lord of hosts lives
II Kings 3:15-16
Bring me a musician
They had no water and needed it
The same water
We pray over things, the word say you will drink poison
When you go to the restaurant, they are giving you tap water
They needed water, the Prophet told them to dig ditches
II Kings 3:17
This is a light thing in the sight of the Lord
Plant your seed! Plant a seed of praising the Lord!
If we worship the Lord, he will pay you to praise him!
The praises go up and the blessings come down
At TBN we praised the Lord and were blessed
If you delight yourself in me, I will give you the desires of your heart
I don’t need a flat screen on my bathroom wall
God knows what we have need of
If we delight in him he will give us the desires of our hearts
When it is all over there will be no preaching in heaven
There will be no worries about your shoes
When we get to heaven we will worship the Lord
Glory, honor, blessed be the name of the Lord
No sleep, not tired
I was named after King David
He praised God through every battle
Don’t mess with God
The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want
He fought a good fight!
God is a God of war
God created Satan
Why would God create evil? To see a good fight
Why would he give us armor? 
He gave us a sword only 18”
God wants to see a good fight, close to your opponent
You have to know how to praise and worship the Lord
I am giving you something that will bring blessings to you
A seed is information that you have collected in preparation for your blessing
Believing God to become a millionaire go get the understanding in the word of God
If you want a home, research, fix your credit and get ready
The ditch represented that they needed water and had to prepare
Suck up dirt and rocks
They used whatever tools they had in hand
I have dug plenty ditches in my life
I had to learn to use a shovel
There is a way to use a shovel, grab it and toss the dirt
You are not as sore when you turn your body
You get blessed by the Lord because you have been praising him
Bob cat and tools that dig ditches
You must bless the Lord, David said….
I will bless the Lord at all times, his praises shall continually be in my mouth
Psalm 34:1
Sunday service is a time to magnify the Lord
Dig a ditch, prepare yourself
Get a bible if your phone distracts you
Put the phone down and if you can’t handle this get a bible
Put your phone on airplane mode! Before we die!
Plant your seed and it will grow
Preparing For God’s Blessings Part 2
Be patient
James 1:3
The trying for your faith worketh patience
Faith is not faith unless it has been tried
Your faith is being tried! It needs to be reliable
When you stand it is because your faith has been tried
Don’t get discouraged
The devil has tried to sift you as wheat Simon
Luke 22:31
I trust the Lord!
I know that you are God, I know that you are God even when I do not get things on my time
We can become trustworthy
We are believing God for incredible things!
God will make good on his promises
All the promises of God are yea, and amen!
II Corinthians 1:20
God is not saying no, just because you have not gotten things yet
You need to do more
Some things you need to increase
You have not praised the Lord for a long time
If you want to move the Lord, you need to get his a