CURRENT SERMON: April 5th, 2020

God is Over All

April 5, 2020

Palm Sunday Live Stream

Pastor Peyton Harrison

Title: “Your Change Is On Its Way”


Palm Sunday: Overview (Matthew 21:1-3)

  • the Sunday where they lifted their palms

    • We need to make enough noise for everyone to hear!

    • We are to make a joyful noise!

    • You are in the right place doing the right thing!

  • Setting the biblical historical stage

    • Palm Sunday  leads to the passion week and Maundy Thursday.

    • Maundy means “command.”

    • A command by Jesus to love and serve one another.

    • This week is passion week, Good Friday!

    • Party number two will take place on Easter Sunday.

  • There were Great Expectations on this day

    • Expectations deal with a person’s excitement because they sense that something different is about to happen.

    • For example: As soon as this sermon is over, we can go and eat! There is an expectation of eating afterwards, and thinking of this brings excitement!

    • Excitement means the belief about what might happen in the future, an awaiting.


How many people are waiting for a change?

  • Folks are looking for a change something new, fresh.

    • They want a satisfaction, a contentment.

  • Sam Cooke sang a change is going to come, “I was born by the river in a little tent, and just like the river… I know a change is going to come.”

    • He was talking out of the poverty of that moment.

    • He knew a change was going to come.

  • Some people need...

    • a job change

    • a change of attitude

    • a change of self esteem

    • a change of venue

  • Change is going to come!

  • The oppressed are tired of being oppressed.

  • [For the Jews] there was hope that a king would come to conquer and deliver. They wanted peace.

  • They thought the new administration gets in it will be better.

  • I thought that when Obama got in office that I would have a little conduit into the White House.


A King is Coming!

  • I heard that there is a King coming!

    • Even back then before internet, before tweets, the outreach ministry, before Tweet became tweets, they sent out party invitations.

    • They stopped by with party favors to welcome the King of Kings!

    • In Zechariah 9, 500 Years before it happened, Zechariah tried to tell the world that the King was coming!

  • Rejoice greatly! He is just having salvation!

  • He is Lowly and riding upon a colt!

    • Don’t be shocked that he came in on a donkey! Instead of Riding in on a Rolls Royce!


Theology of a Donkey

  •  The donkey that Jesus rode in on represented the human condition.

    • Theologically sound and hermeneutically profound.

  • Mark 11:4: They found the colt tied by the door where two ways met and they loosed him.

    • Have you ever been in the cross roads?

    • Choose you this day, whom you will serve!

    • But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord!

  • The donkey was found in a place of Bethpage near the Mount of Olives.

    • The house of crudeness. 

    • The house of the unripe fig! It was what it was!

  • Donkeys personality: A donkey is known for being stubborn

    • This was not a domesticated donkey.

    • Not a tamed or used to be ridden, it was rebellious!

  • Jesus rode the donkey into the noise of the celebration!

  • He rode the donkey with humility and power!

    • It represented our character!

  • Humility and power, they don’t seem to go together.

    • Ex: The most powerful men and women that I met are unassuming.

      • The first millionaire that I met wore no jewels and an old car.

      • He looked like he needed a new suit.

      • When you look at people on the outside, you see all the gold, but inside they are empty.

      • On the inside they are hurting and in pain just like you.

      • Those who look rich are committing suicide.

      • But when you don’t have Jesus you don’t have the contentment.

      • When you have Jesus, you do.  Jesus said “I am the way, the truth and the life!” He is your everything, he will provide!

  • Zachariah 9:9-10

  • You may have thought Jesus was soft but he rode hard.

    • Just because I am saved does not mean that I am soft.

  • “Go into the village and loose the colt and bring him to me. The Lord hath need of him. And straightway they will let him go.”

    • In other words, Jesus would say, Yo or hey if someone says something to you about it just say the Lord needs it and they will obey.

    • Just like in “the Godfather (movie).” As the Godfather said it, the people who heard it, knew what he was saying.

  • That is a powerful statement, very God and very man!

  • “Bring me that colt! If they ask you tell them I am the Apostle, pastor, the Lord has need of it.” 

  • “I am Jesus, I am the divinity! The Lord hath need of it!”


Palm Sunday (Continued): Matthew 21: 6-11

  • Jesus secured his entourage. 

  • The crowd grew to a half million. 

  • Those who thought he was going to overthrow the government got excited because change was in the air. They figured “we don’t have to be bound any more!”

Matthew 21:9 says...

  • They got excited! Those who could not get palms laid their garments down.

  • They were celebrating! A King is coming and something is about to happen! Saying “Hosanna, blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord!”

  • Hosanna means “save now!”

  • They were crying out of depression out of their pain “Save me now!”

  • They followed him, crying,  “Hosanna, hosanna, hosanna!” I will be a part of what he is doing! Change is coming! We are going to make it! Hosanna blessed be the name of the Lord!


I get in counseling sessions and I say Hosanna!

  • I fast and I am dying and I say Hosanna! 

  • The mindset is only a moment away! The mindset is a matter of waiting on God when he comes.


Wait on the Lord!

  • The word “Wait” in Greek means “quave,” waiting with purpose.

    • In Chicago you would wait for a bus with purpose. The gangbangers waited with idleness.

  • Wait with purpose! Quave waiting with purpose!

LAST WEEK'S SERMON: Sunday March 29th, 2020

God is Over All

March 29, 2020

Holy Ghost Anniversary

Sermon Notes – Live Streaming

Apostle David Watkins, Preaching


What Do You Do When Facing The Storms of Life?

Dream:  On January 25, 2019, I had a dream.  in this dream was a great storm and a flood and Pastor Renee was driving and she was being directed and she turned down a few different streets. Every street had much water. I was afraid that the car would stall. I kept directing Pastor Renee  to turn down this one street. At the end there was no water. I saw a huge parking lot. In the lot there were caskets for sale. I saw two caskets. I got out of the car to get one of the caskets. I went to purchase the casket; there was a long line of people wanting to buy these caskets. When I woke up, I understood a little. God was saying a storm is coming and then a flood or problems and issues. There would be many in line to prepare for death. From that time I have had many people who have passed. There was only one place to get out and that was the store. The stores are open now. There may be many who will fall away. Don’t be afraid, we are children of the most high. God is saying that there will be death. The bible says to rejoice. Don’t be sad like those who do not know Jesus.

What Do You Do When Facing The Storms of Life?

  • You pull out your weapon!

  • Lift up a standard to keep the flood from coming against us.

    • Isaiah 59:19:“When the enemy comes in like a storm, we lift up a standard against him. We have to set up a standard against this virus.”

    • We have to lift up a standard against the flood, against the coronavirus to block and stop them from overtaking us!

  • Pray, fast and praise God!


Types of Floods in the Lives of God’s People

“As a minister, I have seen these floods in the lives of God’s people…”


“Many are dropping by the office and sharing what is happening in their lives, asking me to pray…

  • a  sudden crisis

  • someone has been rushed to the hospital

  • wife has been abandoned

  • test results confirming potential fatal illness...etc.

  • someone received a memo that they do not have a job...


What do you do when things like this happen? Where do you turn when the storm unleashes its fury? What would you cling to, to whether the storm?

II Chronicles 20:3 King Jehoshaphat had armies coming against him.

  • First he was afraid.

  • Then, He did what true Christians should do when faced with a crisis.

  • He prayed and fasted and praised God.

  • Then God sent the Prophet with a message.


When facing the storms of life…

II Chronicles 20:15

  • This is what the Lord says, do not be afraid.

  • Remember that the battle is not yours, it is the Lord’s.


There is no way you can beat this virus by yourself.  Let us let the Lord fight this battle! We pray, we fast, and we praise!

  • When I finish praying and begin to fast, I wait for the Lord to come!

  • We are to rejoice when some people leave the battle.

  • Some people want to hurt themselves in order to get out of battle, but some of us have to continue to fight! Let’s keep fighting! 


II Chronicles 20:17

We have to stand still and see the salvation of the Lord. Watch God save you!

  • This is our home, we are in the house of the Lord

  • We can only have ten in this room and that is alright! One can put 1,000 to flight! Two can put 10,000 to flight!

  • We have so many to join in the fight!


Relax & put your armor down!


II Chronicles 20: 21

The standard is praise! Put your praise team/singers in front of the warriors! It will confuse the enemy!


You can’t stop the storm. Take off your armor and keep your shield of faith. Let God fight for you!


 II Chronicles 20:10


How do we relax? Ps. 9:9-10

  • Be still and KNOW!

  • You need to KNOW that he is God! 

  • The standard = the Gospel

  • I trust in the Lord! I know the Lord!

  • There are some people who I know have my back!

  • I am ready to go to war because I know. Do you know that God is God?

  • Do you trust him when the storms of life come raging?

  • Do you know your Father? You have your Father with you and he is a good fighter

  • Example: When my child was in preschool, tell them your Dad is coming. She was not afraid because her Dad could take on the little ones.


Psalms 46:1-2

  • God is our refuge and strength.

  • We are in the house of refuge!

  • We will not fear though the earth gives way.

  • The Lord is with me, therefore I am not afraid.

  • After we do what we can do, then God must do the rest.

  • Stand still and let God fight your battles.


When you face terror and you can’t beat it, Acknowledge that the battle is not your but the Lord’s. Trust the Lord!


When the floods of life are coming at us, we must still maneuver and have faith in God. God will send us to a place where there is no water.

Comfort one another with these words…

 Jesus is coming back and he will meet us in the sky! We are going to meet him in the sky! I am meeting him in the sky!


What do you do when the storms of life are raging?

  • You take the standards of the Lord and put them up, even when it seems that the flood has taken you!

  • Encourage yourself in knowing that one day, you will meet him in the sky!

  • Be strong! Trust the Lord!