Hosanna Reflections June 17th, 2018

God is Over All
June 17, 2018
Hosanna Reflection
Youth Pastor Victor Brown

Some are uncomfortable with Father’s Day
Being a youth without Father’s in their lives
Deuteronomy 31:6
Be strong and of good courage
Philippians 4:19
My God will fill up all your needs in Christ Jesus
God is our Father
Circumstances arise in our lives
God promises to bring a blessing that will not harm us
We must trust him and love him
God has promised to take care of you
Don’t listen to the enemy
The enemy works in half truths
The presence of your human Father is not with you
God provides for you, he with you through everything
God’s glory is made up of a presence 
Your God is so awesome, you can’t handle it
He won’t get too close t you
The lie of the enemy is that you are missing something
When God is with you
He has made ways for you to receive 
God gives in every way
If you realize your identity you would not listen to the enemy
Your Father your provider
God is my Father
Honor your father and mother
Love them and honor then whether you love them or not
Some have fathers that we expect more from
We only have the present, let the past be the past
Treat them the way that God wants you to
He will continue to take care of you
We all fall short, but God forgives us
If God forgives us, let’s forgive those who hurt us
The enemy wants us to feel as though we are lacking
God wants better for our relationship then in our past
New fathers set up prayer times in your homes
Mothers support the fathers present and absent
Do not talk negatively
Your father was good at this and that

Speak against the enemy
They deserve the best, share the good things
Two thousand children have been separated from their parents
You have a father that no one can keep you away from the love of God
Turn to him and ask to be in His life
See the true reality
God is present just like air
He is more present than any father you can ever have
God who created all fathers
Daddy’s Home by Travis Hill (lytrics)
They had the King of Kings
Quit searching for what you have
You have the Father of Fathers
Listen God has been with you all of your life
You belong to me! God says you can have my last name
I am your Father!

Close your eyes…..
He will not forsake you, you belong to God!
God loves you! You belong to Him!

God is Over All
Hosanna Reflection
June 10, 2018
Novice Minister Anika Greene
It’s Me, It’s Me, It’s Me Oh Lord Standing in the Need of Prayer

Foundational Scripture:
I Corinthians 11:31

Matthew 7:1-5
Hypocrite a person who pretends to have morals that they do not actually have
The sermon on the mount
How can I be concerned about what you are not doing if I am not doing it
John 8:7
He that is without sin, let him cast the first stone
There is a sinful person and you want to throw a stone
I can’t cast any stones
Story: Man who went into a sanctuary, went to Harvester’s Hall, saw some sinful people. They ran to the pastor to share what he saw. I want you to get a cup of water. Fill it up with water, walk around the building four times and walked around. He was not to spill any water. The pastor said, what did you hear walking around the church? Focus on yourself!
God has given us enough to work on
It is amazing what you will see if you focus on yourself
Focus on your glass, do not let others take away your good
Hold fast to what you are working on
Hold fast! Don’t worry about those who complain about you
Fill your glasses of water, walk around the church and see what God give me
It’s me, it’s me, it’s me Oh Lord!

God is Over All

June 3, 2018

Minister Deborah Tate

Christ is life

  • Inspired by Finding life

  • Matthew 6:24-25

  • No man can serve two masters

  • Matthew 6:33

  • But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

  • Example of Dorothy of the Wizard of Oz

  • Some are not happy, we are worried

  • Concerned about the bad news all around

  • Murmur and complain because we do not have the best job

  • The world says get more, get more, get more

  • We think that things will bring us joy, why are we miserable?

  • God placed Adam and Eve in the garden

  • He did not want them to love the garden more than God

  • Seek God as a priority

  • Am I seeking God first?

  • Where do I primarily spend my energy?

  • Do I just do what I want? Do I do what God wants?

  • Matthew 16:24-25

  • If anyone wants to come after me, let him deny himself

  • As followers of Jesus we must lose our lives in the service of Jesus

  • All these things will be added unto you

  • The Lord will not leave you nor forsake you

  • My God shall supply all your needs according to his riches in Christ Jesus

  • Psalm 37:5 I have been young now I am old but I never have seen the righteous forsaken or his seed begging bread

  • Dorothy only had to click her heels and say, there’s no place like home

  • You don’t have to search over the rainbow!

  • Jesus Christ is life!


Today, I want to highlight a portion of our Senior Pastor, Apostle David’s Message called “Finding Life.” I want to focus on specific part regarding being tricked into trying to find life through other means outside of God.

But before that, I just want to highlight my phone. (Demonstration - throw it down, we have more feelings towards inanimate objects than God at times. We get distracted.)

In life we allow things to distract us from what God desires for us and has for us.
We become spiritually narrow-minded, and unable to hear God when we focus on finding life outside of God’s plans and desires for us. And it usually doesn’t start out in something horrible, just a desire to have what we want in a certain way. It’s not bad to want money and get peace from financial instability. It’s not bad to want to want a mate. It’s not bad to want to rest. It’s not bad to watch tv, netflix, or spend time on apps on our phones,  It’s only bad when we put our desire for satisfaction in an area higher and above pleasing God and his will. At that time, We become distracted from our purpose to love God and love others through obeying God’s directions to us. And Like Drug addicts trying to find life in getting high, and missing all the real life around them; when we make habits of giving into our distractions - doing anything that separate us from God - we miss the true life that God has placed before us and around us. And just like family members of drug addicts suffer, all those who God has chosen to be connected to us by watching us.. knowing us.. or simply being around us, they suffer when we prioritize our distractions above God. Imagine if Cesar Chavez was distracted. Imagine if Martin Luther King Jr. was distracted. Today when you get distracted, others around you suffer whether you see it or not. 

Have we become addicted to our distractions?

A distraction is defined as anything that prevents someone from giving full attention to something else. What causes us from giving our full attention to God? What are those things you thought about when you heard Apostle’s message about finding life - those things you feel you do or engage in that stops you from sacrificing or submitting to God and his way.
Identify our distractions, those things that we do, opportunities that take our time away from doing God’s will, or feelings that arise. Identify the distractions, so when they arise, you can fight them.

Oh, I’m drawn to this black mirror, this  tv, computer or phone screen, I know if I start I will be on it longer than expected - Let me make sometime for God first before I get sucked in.
Let me make some time for God before I get into it this. When I’m around this person, I’m tempted to sin (anger, frustration, or doing something lusful with my mind, or being angered or frustrated by a person) in someway. Let me make a plan to fight what causes me to sin. 
Oh I know I’ll probably spend time doing x & y, and since I feel like I have no time today, during my lunch break, or let me stop and go to the restroom and pray and talk to God for a minute, Let me listen to my bible or worship music on my way to work and home before I’m filled with the things and responsibilities of my family.
Be proactive. You don’t reach a goal without planning and sacrificing, so why do we treat God as though we’ll grow when the right time comes. We spend time planning to go places with our family and friends, or hours doing homework, or hours at work trying to acomplish tasks - Spend time planning to grow in God, when he requires at minimum the same dedication and preparation time. 
Listen - Don’t get it twisted -- School and work do not distract us - it’s how we handle and manage these things that cause us to be distracted. You can be at work and on your job spiritually. You can be at school or  doing homework and still spiritually connected to God and seeking him while doing it. At times We can choose to  additionally be at work, or be with family when God desires us to be in the fellowship of the believers and spending time with him, which can distract us - but THE CHOICE  to do something outside of God’s will is always the distraction, never the actual item. A Beautiful Man or Women is never the distraction, It is the choice to do something outside of God with them that is the distraction.  
So  let’s be proactive with our choices in life. While at work and school, We can willfully decide that with every second we are at work, We will acknowledge God in our tasks and conversations with others. Asking God how to best accomplish the tasks or ask for his help to succeed. When every conversation comes up at work or school, actively looking for God in the conversation, and how to minister to those around us. While in conversation with someone, Simply Saying to God, as someone talks to you, “God is there something you want me to do or say to this person?” Seeking God and ready to preach in and out of season, 2 TImothy 4:2. This is what the bible means when it says “making the most of every opportunity, in Ephesians 5:16. Looking For God in Everything… Asking God what he wants us to do all the time.

If we are truly led of the Spirit, He will guide us into accomplishing everything we need to do each day - whether at work, when at home, at school, and at church and how best to accomplish it. God calls families, God calls us to be a light at school and work, and to receive and give when at church.
Everyday is a day to accomplish God’s will to please him and bless others. But we have to decide to sacrifice, sacrifice jumping to doing it our way when he knows Best, and seeking him and his way. Choosing God’s life for our lives, over our life for ourselves.
We either proactively chose to grow in God, or chose something over God by what we decide to do with our lives everyday. Life is all about what we prioritize.
A famous female time management expert said in her TEDx speech, It’s not that we don’t have time to do something, it’s that we choose other things as priority. Instead of saying, “i don’t have time,’ it’s really saying “I choose to put other things as priority” We always have time to do what we want, because We make time for what is important to us. No day passes that God has not setup time for us to commune with Him - talk to him, hear from him, read his word. We either just ignore God when he nudges us to engage with Him, or we completely have become immune to those nudges because we have prioritized God out of the picture that he can’t even reach us in that area anymore. The Holy Spirit will only nudge us so much in a certain area, until his nudges seem lower and lower - because we have ignored Him so much.

Today, I want to encourage you, that it’s time to choose God’s way of Life, which comes in the smallest of things. Asking God and including him in all things you do. The Bible says In all your ways acknowledge him and he shall direct your paths - Pr. 3:6. Teenagers, Get to class and in every class ask God to help you succeed but also accomplish any ministry tasks God has for you while in the class - which is to bless others around you in personal ways and lead them to Christ. God has people around you who need things, healing, need encouragement, and the keys to salvation and help growing in him. 

We block others from obtaining Life in Christ and freedom from bondage when we focus on obtaining what we believe is Life for ourselves. What about the girl in your class who seems like she has it all but is really putting up a front because she is hurt inside bc things aren’t right at home? What about the person at your job who has issues at home and with their family and you have the words of Christ and God’s Spirit to bring salvation, the power of God in his life? What about the boss at your job who seems like she is more reserved or hiding something - insecure and not confident because only God knows what is happening because she hasn’t shared it yet? 
God has us around people who need the light. HOW SELFISH will we be in focusing on obtaining perishable Life that we won’t seek God’s way in all things so others can be set free. Your salvation was never meant for you alone, but it was for the hundreds of others around you, who can ONLY receive Jesus through you. Will you block their freedom by your lust for pleasure and selfish ambition? Because of Fear, anger, not understanding, irritation we won’t say something to them -- Imagine if Jesus, no imagine if the one God called to bring Salvation to you missed their opportunity or gave up on you bc of their selfish desires… Where would you be? Don’t do that to someone else. 

If you know that you can give God more. If You KNOW that you have been selfish with your time, and prioritizing God out of it, or giving Him Less than you know that He desires from you. If you have been doing your own thing and not obeying God. And if you are sorry to God for it, and you want God to know that you are sorry and that you need his help. Than I want you to stand now as a witness to God you acknowledge your wrong, you are sorry and you desire that God give you just a little more help. Stand now if you are repentant and want God to know that you care and want more of his help in obeying him.

Pray - Father God, you see those standing. You know our faults, but you also know the great things you have planned for us to be a blessing to others as you bless us. God see our hearts now. We are sorry, and we want help. We want more of you. Have your way in our lives, and give us a lasting way to know when you speak to us, and the strength and assistance of the Holy Spirit’s power to overcome our weaknesses, lack of desire to follow you and obey. We love you God, and you know how hard it is for us. And we Thank you for giving us another chance to serve you. Thank you for believing in us, and in your power through us. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.
Chose God. Fight the distractions. Start acknowledging God in every decision, and He will answer, bless, and help you follow him even more.

God is Over All

Hosanna Reflection

April 15, 2018

Novice Minister Clinton Smith

“The Oil of God”

  • I John 12:26

  • We all want God’s favor, we don’t always want to follow

  • The Oil of God, Always Anointed!

  • The oil is on us

  • I want to receive the favor of God but don’t always want to follow

  • He spoke to me about being anointed

  • Anoint means to touch, cover something with oil

  • What do we understand? We are covered and protected

  • We are completely covered from head to toe with oil

  • Kings pouring oil on your heads

  • The oil is on me, I did this along time ago

  • When you are anointed at church it reminds me of birth

  • God’s covering is this anointing

  • Just get lit, when you are filled with oil

  • You do not need light

  • God is light by himself

  • He talked about the anointing

  • Before the foundation of the earth, he prepared the oil

  • He took me to the shower and cleaned him up

  • Showed his filthy rags, he dipped me in the blood and I became white as snow

  • He dipped me in the oil

  • We don’t want to follow but want the anointing

  • We have committed to the life of being anointed

  • Just follow God, you will feel God and the trail of oil will follow you

March 3, 2018
Minister MIke Holmes

Hosanna Reflection:  “Taking Spiritual Inventory” & “Being Overtaken in the church”  “Get your hands up & Getting into the spirit”

Let’s connect the dots

In 2018 we have been given a roadmap of success.  3 John 2 (KJV) Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.  

First we took a spiritual inventory of where we are in God compared to where we were last year? 
We took time to celebrate our gains by thanking God for what he did in 2017.  But the true focus was to set up your strategy for 2018.  
Why?  Because we realized that we could have done more for God!  We could all look back in the portal of our mind and figure out something we could have done better!  
So I don’t know about you, but I identified several things I set goals to be better in 2018!
So, I have positioned myself to prosper in 2018!  The Word says if my soul prospers, meaning if I work on getting closer to God?  Guess what?  I am going to prosper, my health will prosper, my family will prosper, my ministry will prosper and Grace will prosper!     
Let’s connect the dots

Next Apostle David preached about being overtaken specifically in the church!  Galatians 6:1 (KJV) Brethren, if a man be overtaken in a fault, ye which are spiritual, restore such an one in the spirit of meekness; considering thyself, lest thou also be tempted.  
We defined spiritual as one who operates in Godly Wisdom & knowledge.  Combined with your experiences and spiritual teachings give you wisdom.   This sounds like somebody that has decided to work on prospering their soul!

We learn that being overtaken is when you are surprised, caught off guard, invaded or seized on?  
It’s when you encounter friendly fire and you just were not expecting it!  And before you can implement your ABBA principles, you respond in the flesh! 
“Let’s connect the dots”

So how do we prevail in those circumstances when we feel like we are being overtaken?  By getting into the spirit and fight to stay there.  I must get into the Spirit and become 100% of what God called me to be! I must get into the Spirit of praise and worship!  How does one get into the Spirit? Focus on the scriptures and on what you have learned all your life.  It takes commitment, loyalty, it takes sacrifice, and it will take your all!

Let’s get air out of our cups, to do that you must only fill it with substance. Likewise, to get sin out of your body, you must fill it up with to good stuff from God’s Kingdom. 
“Let’s connect the dots”

It will be an outright fight to stay in the spirit, we need to wage war on the enemy of our souls.  So “Get your hands up” Things aren’t going your way?  “Get your hands up” It seems like God has forgotten you?  “Get your hands up” You need more finances?  “Get your hands up” 

 Exodus 17:11 (KJV) And it came to pass, when Moses held up his hand, that Israel prevailed: and when he let down his hand, Amalek prevailed.

You want God’s attention? “Get your hands up”  

God is Over All
Hosanna Reflection
February 18, 2018
Minister Michael Smith
Is God First and Get Your Hands Up

The power in raising your hands
Here on Earth there are occasions where we find persons who ask us to raise our hands have authority
I was given a command to raise my hands
I had to decide whether they had the authority to ask me to do it
He discerned that they had the authority to request that he raise his hands
I surrendered, although I felt that I was not wrong
Kept my hands up, got my driver’s liscense
You have to decide whether the authority asking you to raise you hands
If God is first then we ought to obey and keep our hands up
When we press and push and choose not to acknowledge God
When I am bearing Jesus yoke things are easy
We take on the righteousness of Jesus, he died for our sins
A yoke, was placed on animals to restrict them
If we allow the yoke of Christ to be upon us
If I am bearing the yoke of Christ, I have my hands up
When I bear my own yoke, I put my hands down
I get off the path, because the yoke is no longer balanced
With my hands on the yoke, it is balanced and easy
When the yoke is tilted it is difficult to bear
Matthew 6:31
We find distractions in our lives, worry about food
If you do not worry about these things, God has a plan
Wait on the job that you are looking for
I surrender to your will God!
I acknowledge that Jesus was sent to take away my sin
Those things that worry us, do not if we keep our hands up
Putting your hands up is more than physical, it is a mindset
Deuteronomy 6:5
Everything that is within we ought to give to the Lord!
These things blur our vision!
We only need to surrender
We have been tricked by this world, that we have to be strong, not cry
These things are deceptions
When you should be raising your hands you sit with a blank face
It is a relationship! God wants to be first! There is none greater!
God must be first, surrender all to God!
His yoke would be easy

God is Over All
February 11, 2018
Hosanna Reflection
Novice Minister Brittany Franklin
Overtaken In The Church

Galatians 6:1
Brethren, if a man be overtaken in a fault, ye which are spiritual, restore such an one in the spirit of meekness; considering thyself, lest thou also be tempted.

Mark 10:35 James and John wanting to next to Jesus
If a man be overtaken in a fault
Like Peter, you are confident that you will never doubt God
The natural reaction, this is wrong, or we are not perfect
The Word of God’s stand on sin never changes
Romans 6:23
We all sin and fall short of the glory of God
Ye which are spiritual, examine yourself and find out if you are spiritual
Your desire to understand that you have fallen
If you are a charature that you are spiritual like the Pharisees
God gave us a message of reconciliation
To Restore is to bring back to a state of health
Our job is to help our brothers and sisters to get back to a state of health
In a spirit of meekness, meekness is a humble attitude
Meekness is power under control
Your job as a spiritual person is to dust yourself off and keep going
Considering yourself, condemning others should be hard if you consider yourself
Example of the king who wanted to be repaid his money
The man owed one dollar, the king threw him is prison until he could pay
We are sinners and we owe so much to God!
Yet, others have transgressed against us and we hold it against them
It is not our job to condemn and judge, it is our job to say, it is just Jesus
When we see someone who has fallen, put on the spirit of meekness and restore them.

God is Over All
February 4, 2018
Hosanna Reflection
Is God First?
Minister LaTonia Powell

Golden Nuggets:
Did we really put God first in 2017?
Look at our brothers and sisters what they were doing
are they putting God first?
Is there evidence of God being first in your home?
There are many things that need to be done in the house of the Lord
Heaven is always better for us
We ought to be working in the vineyard
The house of the Lord needs to be tended too
This is our church and our ministry
We have to serve in our church
Don’t think that it is strange to see someone else serve all day long
Don’t think that it is strange or evil
Joshua 24:15  And if it seem evil unto you to serve the Lord, choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell: but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.
We are a performing arts ministry
People who are putting in the time in our ministry
We have gotten so un personable until we are trying to fit God in our schedule
We tie God’s hands when we choose not to serve in God’s vineyard
How will we put God first, Matthew 6:33
If we put God first you can get ready to be blessed
He will give you the power to be blessed
Exodus 20:3 Thou shalt have no other gods before me.

No other gods first!

God is Over All
Hosanna Reflection
January 21, 2018
Minister Deborah Tate
Making Peace With Our Past
Inspired by Pastor David’s Taking Spiritual Inventory
Christians must take spiritual inventory
Paul was an example
Philippians 3:13
We made resolutions for the new year
Some of us have not done what we said we would do
We may have started out well.
You did run well, but who did hinder you
We have time before 2019
Apostle David said that whatever you started don’t give up
Paul had a difficult time in forgetting about the past
Acts 8:3
Saul made havoc of the church
Paul was  a wild man and mad man
Paul would take all Christians to prison
They had reason to fear him
The road to Damascus he was blinded
What was the number of persons that you killed?
His inventory was a disgrace
Look at what you did Paul
He should have given up and counted himself as a failure
He could not turn back the hands of time
We could have done better
Studied the word, gave tithes and offering, etc.
Paul said, I forget about the things that are behind.
He made peace with God
Some are holding onto past failures
Some are stuck in the past
Some have quit already
Stop allowing the enemy to discourage you.
Don’t throw in the towel
Don’t quit on God’s business
Winners never quit, and quitters never win!
Resolutions mean nothing unless you give them to God
Psalms 51:10-12
Only God can create a new you
Whatever we did or did not do in 2016-2017 forget about it
Make peace with our past
God knows all about it
The Psalmist says, 139th Psalm where can I go from your presence
Paul made a lot of wrong decisions
The Lord said, go for he is a chosen vessel
What God had given to Paul was forever
Regardless of our past inventory, we are God’s chosen vessels
Forgetting those things that are behind, I press 

God is Over All
Hosanna Reflection
November 26, 2017
Minister Reginald White
“Do You Still Believe?”

Golden Nuggets:

  • Based on the Word of the Prophet David Watkins that God is going to do something at Grace
  • Isaiah 53:1
  • Romans 3:4
  • Hebrews 11:1
  • Hebrews 11:6
  • We have to believe that God can do above
  • Do you still believe God?
  • What have you asked God for?
  • At the end of the year we ask God to do some things
  • Are you still believing God for the same things with the same fervor?
  • Do you believe that God is able to do that?
  • What is stopping you?
  • II Peter 3:9
  • When you have God and he makes a promise you can take it to the bank and cash it
  • When God declares some things, they will come to pass
  • We must speak and confess what we believe
  • Have you lost any hope or faith?
  • If God is saying that you are rich, the head and not the tail
  • Why do you talk about being broke
  • You have to believe with the same zeal
  • Mark 11:22
  • We should not doubt in our hearts
  • He shall have what he says, if he believes
  • Do you still believe God?
  • Romans 4:17
  • Abraham believed God against hope
  • You have to believe God in spite of what it feels like
  • Even if you can’t see it or understand it
  • God’s ways are bigger and greater than we can imagine
  • We try to get into God’s business
  • We gotta step back and say alright God you have to do this
  • I will pour you out a blessing until there is not room enough to receive it
  • The housing workshop, only heard two testimonies
  • Did you change your mind?
  • When God promised the children of Israel he knew that there were giants in the land
  • The negative does not mean anything to God
  • Give that prove me offering
  • Stop saying that the blessing was not for me
  • Just because you saw a giant in the land
  • David slew a giant with five smooth stones
  • You have to do something
  • When will you let the blessings fall out of the sky
  • They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength
  • The waiter has to serve you
  • You have to serve the Lord
  • Do you still believe the Lord
  • Write the vision and make it plain
  • When we put the ideas on paper we see them come to pass
  • Habakkuk 2:2
  • Write the vision make it plain
  • Though it tarry, wait for it
  • Keep believing GOD until it comes to pass
  • I believe you God!
  • Look at the list of things that I am asking God to do
  • God I believe you!
  • Only six weeks left in the year, but it is not over
  • James 2:17
  • Even so faith without works is dead
  • James 2:18-23
  • The devil also believes and trembles
  • Abraham believed God, and it was imputed unto him for righteousness: and he was called the Friend of God
  • Are you willing to offer your time to God?
  • Are you willing to sacrifice some things
  • If you believe God then you ought to do something
  • Faith without works is dead
  • As we enter into these last six weeks of this year
  • Remember what you were asking God to do
  • I repent that I lost my faith
  • There are six weeks left, I will get out of your business GOD
  • I will put all that I have into it
  • God loves doing the impossible, because God gets all the glory
  • If you can figure it out on you own then you don’t need God
  • I challenge you this morning, give it to Jesus.
  • Give it to God, allow him to get involved in your life
  • God needs an invitation to work out your problem
  • Bartimaeus cried out to get Jesus attention
  • He still had to ask you his eyesight
  • He asked Jesus to be healed
  • You have to ask God for what you want, invite him into your situation
  • It is not over, put some faith behind your actions
  • If you want that house go for it
  • If you want the new job then fill out the application
  • So many jobs that I am not qualified for I got
  • God gave me the qualification
  • If you want that new car, go by the dealership, sign some papers
  • That debt that you want cleared up, you need to know what it is
  • Whose report will you believe?


TOPIC: The Love Below 
Galatians 5: 22-23
2 Peter 1: 5-7
James 1: 2-4 

Apostle ministered on Identifying Spiritual Growth. Many times we need to supplement our actions with certain fruits of the Spirit. He compared them to taking supplements in real life for vitsmind and nutrients we may be lacking from our daily food intake. Are we growing in our knowledge and daily application of the Word? 

Everything we see on Earth:  buildings, clothes, jewelry,  cars, airplanes came from the ground or below ground. Precious metals, diamonds, oil, water wells come from deep below the Earth's surface.  The roots of trees stretch far beyond the dirt that we see. The foundation of a building cannot be laid just inches below ground level. Its not deep enough to support the structure.  How deep is our Love? 

I need more love. Is my longsuffering/patience reached capacity? What are our limits?

Why do we often say “I love you from the bottom of my heart!”? 
What type of love is down there?  What’s so precious underneath our convenient love?

-Lord increase my capacity for love. For Joy! For Peace!
-I grow when I acknowledge that my Fruit has limitation! I would like to think im operating at the same characteristics of Jesus Christ.  That’s my goal. But my faith had to be tried/pushed in certain areas for me to move into growth
- Do I want to grow, but skip the workouts? Do I want to be healthy but skip taking the supplements? 
-Has the Fruit of the Spirit fast become a time where im just reminded that I need to eat fruit?
-There’s a Godly love that I can have Below the heavens! !!

by  Nate Tate

This message came about from reflecting on the sermon titled about identifying spiritual growth. I want to speak with you for just a few moments on the topic “It Ain’t Over”.

The scriptures we are going to read can be found in Mark the 5thchapter verses 22-42. It’s a story many of us have heard before but I pray that today you see this story very differently and can use it to identify your own spiritual growth.

We’ll start with Mark chapter 5 verse 22 which reads, “And, behold, there cometh one of the rulers of the synagogue, Jairus by name; and when he saw him, he fell at his feet, and besought him greatly saying, ‘My little daughter lieth at the point of death: I pray thee, come and lay thy hands on her, that she may be healed; and she shall live.’ And Jesus went with him; and much people followed him, and thronged him.”

So here we have a father that has a young daughter who is dying. He is asks Jesus to heal her, Jesus agrees, then Jairus and Jesus head back towards Jairus’ house. But there is also a crowd of people thronging Jesus. 

The definition of throng is a pressing increase of activity. So imagine hundreds if not thousands of people pressing to get to Jesus all at the same time. But Jairus was one that got Jesus attention. 

Some of us are Jairus in our growth journey. We just want to get Jesus’ attention so we can tell him what we need and desire from him. And there’s nothing wrong with trying to get Jesus attention because that usually results in a blessing as you'll see later on in this story. 

As we move on to Mark 5:25 this is the story most of us are familiar with. It reads, “And a certain woman, which had an issue of blood 12 years, and had suffered many things of many physicians, and had spent all that she had, and was nothing bettered, but rather grew worse, when she had heard of Jesus, came in the press behind, and touched his garment.”

Now we learned a whole lot about this woman from these few verses. She's been sick for 12 years, going from doctor to doctor, spending all her money, and instead of getting better she's getting worse. But remember that she is mentioned in the midst of Jairus story. 

So notice this parallel. Jairus daughter was 12 years old as we will find out in verse 42. The woman with the issue of blood had been sick with her disease for 12 years. So for as long as the little girl has been alive, this woman has been hemorrhaging from a disease. A disease that would make her unclean if you read Leviticus the 15th chapter. That means besides having to suffer from this messy, painful, weakening physical condition that she spent all her money on, she was also considered unclean.

In those days being unclean was not something to take lightly as it affected your entire life. If she had a husband and children, they could not eat food that she cooked or sit on furniture that she sat on or even touch her without becoming unclean themselves. She couldn’t go to the worship services and be out with the people fellowshipping. And yet when she hears Jesus she responds with such faith.

Mark 5:28 she says, “If I may touch but his clothes, I shall be whole.” I don't know about you but that convicted me a bit because I know I have complained before about having to come to church and yet this woman, who was not allowed in the house of the Lord, has mountain moving faith.

So this woman of faith miraculously presses in from behind without being seen, reaches out, and touches the hem of Jesus garment. And immediately the flow of blood stops and she can feel in her body that she is healed. When everyone else would have been made unclean by her touch, Jesus was able to heal and purify her without becoming contaminated himself.

Now I want you to remember Jairus is still witnessing all of this. So he probably heard Jesus ask his disciples who touched him in a crowd of people and saw disciples are looking at Jesus like he’s crazy and then saw this woman falls at Jesus’ feet trembling in fear. And at that point Jesus looks at her and calls her daughter.

Now remember Jairus is still waiting for his daughter healing so I can only imagine how his heart constricted when Jesus called this woman daughter. But it's so beautiful that although Jesus was going to tend to Jairus daughter, he never forgot about tending for Gods other daughter on the way. 

Then Jesus tells the woman that previously has the issue of blood, “Daughter, thy faith hath made thee whole; go in peace, and be whole of thy plague.”

Then the story takes another turn. If you go on to read Mark 5:34, it says, “While he yet spake, there came from the ruler of the synogogue’s house certain which said, “Thy daughter is dead: why troublest thou the Master any further?”

If you didn’t catch that, someone from Jairus’ house came and told Jairus that his daughter was dead and gone while Jesus was telling his other daughter her faith has made her whole. Can you imagine all the emotion Jairus was feeling? We don’t know how long this journey was taking or how long the interaction with the woman with the issue of blood took. But it was long enough that Jairus’ daughter didn’t make it and she passed away. 

Jesus responded by telling Jairus, “Be not afraid, only believe.” Maybe Jairus had an increase of faith by seeing this woman press in for her blessing because he decided to continue walking with Jesus. In any case, Jesus has the crowd go away and only allowed Peter, James, and John to continue on with himself and Jairus. 

In verse 38 Jesus makes it to Jairus’s house and they were tore up from the floor up, weeping and wailing and full of grief. And Jesus says to this group of mourning people, “Why make ye this ado, and weep? The damsel is not dead, but sleepeth.”

And the people respond to this rebuke by going from weeping to mocking him in laughter. They’re probably saying things like, “Jesus, I know what a dead person looks like. This girl is clearly not asleep. You don’t think we know the difference between a girl who is asleep and a girl who is dead?”

So Jesus of course kicks them all out of the house except his disciples and the parents of the girl. And he reaches out to touch the girl’s hand. Another cultural no-no because touching a dead body meant the living person was defiled. But of course we know Jesus is above all of our laws and customs.

Verse 41 reads, “And he took the damsel by the hand, and said unto her, ‘Talitha cumi’; which is, being interpreted, Damsel I say unto thee, arise.” And this 12 year old girl that was dead rose up straightaway and walked. Jesus tells them not to tell anyone about it and of course to get this girl something to eat.

When I reflect on these 2 daughters that have been healed by the hand of Jesus, I am encouraged because I am reminded that Jesus cares for the disenfranchised, the under dog, the broken hearted, the disabled, the one with less resources, the one who doesn’t think they have anything to contribute to society. And Jesus says yes when everyone else says no.

 When other people are telling you that that dream is dead, just give it up already, its over, Jesus is there to bring life back to that dream. When everyone else says that relationship can’t be saved, there's nothing left to salvage, it's over, Jesus says not yet and resurrects. When your family is saying you’ve hit rock bottom and you’re financially devastated, it's over and done, Jesus says you can make it.

So who are you in this story? 

Are you Jairus, on a journey with Jesus and walking with him to your blessing? 

Are you Jairus daughter, on the brink ok death and waiting for an answer? 

Are you just part of the crowd of people attracted to the power of Jesus but not actually following him? 

Are you like the mourners that have given up and are ready to grieve? 

Are you like the messenger that says that dream or vision or job or opportunity is dead and gone so don’t bother God about that anymore? 

Or are you like this great woman of faith, willing to press through the crowd and gain a miracle that you never could have expected? I pray that you can use this story to examine your own spiritual growth and know that it ain’t over until God says it’s over.

God is over all,
Brittany Michele


Extended Hosanna Reflection
Sunday, October 29, 2017
Assoc. Pastor Jerri Harrison
Title: “God will lead you to your blessing…but will you follow?”
Scriptural Foundation: Matthew 17:24-27 

Recently, we have received a Word from the Lord that a great financial blessing and move of God is on the way by July 17, 2018. Do you remember and do you believe the Word of the Lord? 
“Jehovah-Jireh” is one of the many different names found in the Old Testament. “Jehovah-Jireh” is the KJV’s translation of YHWH-Yireh and means “The LORD Will Provide”(Gen. 22:14). It is the name memorialized by Abraham when God provided the ram to be sacrificed in place of Isaac.

The story begins with an unusual command from God to Abraham, instructing him to offer his “son of promise,” Isaac, as a burnt offering. Has God every asked you to give up something that He gave you or that you have wanted for a long time…? If so, you understand how Abraham might have felt. 

Early the next morning, Abraham packs wood and a knife, and he and Isaac travel to Moriah, the place God had specified. As they near the site, Isaac questions Abraham concerning the intended offering: “Where is the lamb?” With great faith and prophetic foresight, Abraham responds, “God himself will provide the lamb for the burnt offering, my son” (Gen 22:1-8) 

Upon reaching the place God had chosen, Abraham demonstrates his faith and obedience by building an altar, binding Isaac, and placing him on the wood. Before Abraham can finish the offering, the Angel of the Lord calls to him from heaven, and Isaac’s life is spared. Then, “Abraham looked up and there in a thicket he saw a ram caught by its horns. He went over and took the ram and sacrificed it as a burnt offering instead of his son” (Gen 22:13). Abraham names the place “Jehovah-Jireh” because of God’s graciously providing of a substitute for his son, Isaac.

When God asks us to do something, He is leading us to our blessing and HE WILL PROVIDE! But, because what He is leading us to may require faith and trust or because we may not understand or like what God has asked us to do…will we follow Him to our blessing or will we miss it because of fear, doubt or disobedience? 

Our foundational scripture passage Matthew 17:24-27 shows what Peter did in response to God leading him to his blessing.

In Matthew 16, Peter had just confessed that Jesus was the Christ, the son of the Living God. The tax had become known as a temple tax by the time of Christ. 
Since the temple was the house of His Father He raised a question with Peter as to the necessity of taxing His Father’s Son.

Peter, as did everyone of that day, recognized that kings of the earth who levied taxes levied them against those who were not members of their family. Thus, Jesus would be exempt from the tax because, as Peter had recognized, he was the Son of God. 

Even though Jesus had established his exemption, He proceeded to address the issue from another perspective – the tax should be paid so that his exercising his right would not be a stumbling block to the revenue officers and others. There are many things that we as the people of God can not do not because they are wrong but because it would cause someone else to stumble. In ALL we do, we must think of others as Jesus did. 

Jesus sent Peter fishing in a manner that demonstrated that he was in fact the Lord over creation – he had the power to know about a fish with a shekel in its mouth, enough to pay the tax for both of them! He told Peter to take the shekel and “give it unto them for me and thee.” 

But let’s bring this story to 2017 and us…if we were a fisherman like Peter what might we say or think…
WE MIGHT THINK: I’ve been fishing all day because it’s my job. Why do I have to go again? Sometimes our intellect or our professional training can lead us to disobey God if we are not watchful…

WE MIGHT THINK: Jesus is a carpenter and not a fisherman. He doesn’t know that in ALL my years a professional fisherman that I have NEVER found a fish with a coin in it’s mouth! Sometimes thinking we know best can cause us to not follow God all the way to our blessing

OR WE MIGHT THINK: This idea is just plain dumb. IT WON’T WORK!
Saints, If God is telling us to do something, He is leading us to our blessing…but will we follow?!

The Bible says 2 Chronicles 20:20 “Believe in the Lord your God, so shall ye be established; believe his prophets, so shall ye prosper”.

Have you ever had the Spirit of God or one of your spiritual leaders give you some spiritual instructions that you did not undertstand, did not like or did not want to obey? GOD was leading you to your blessing, but if you did not obey YOU MISSED YOUR BESSING! (Share the testimonies of our instructions from Pastor David while negotiating the purchase of our current house …if we had not obeyed, we would have missed out on our blessing!)

The Bible says in Deuteronomy 8:18 “But thou shalt remember the Lord thy God: for it is he that giveth thee power to get wealth, that he may establish his covenant which he sware unto thy fathers, as it is this day.” God has given us the POWER to get wealth, but OBEDIENTLY BEING LED BY THE SPIRIT is the key! 

GOD’s hands are not tied to our jobs, or our SSI, or our spouse, or our retirement fund or our salary to provide for us! HE is Jehovah Jireh and NOT those things and HIS provisions may come in VERY unexpected or unusual ways:
In John 21:3-6 Jesus told the fishermen to cast their nets on the right side! An unusual commandment for an unusual blessing! 

Testimony about leaving my credit card at the bank and getting 2 blessings when I went back to get it! “ALL things work together for good…”
In Matthew 27:17 GOD provided more than enough to cover temple taxes for Him AND Peter. 

God, WHO IS THE GOD OF MORE THAN ENOUGH, will provide all for all your needs and wants and for you to give to His kingdom if you keep Him first and pay your tithes and offerings .  (Matthew 6:33 and Mal. 3:8)

GOOD NEWS! Our God is our Jehovah Jireh and He will lead us to our blessing and provide MORE than enough for property taxes, income tax, new shoes, a house, a car, new clothes, dinners out, vacations, and our salvation! Our God is our provider of MORE than enough! 

God is Over All
October 15, 2017
Hosanna Reflection
Youth Pastor Victor Brown

Message based on sermon: Identifying Spiritual Growth
The Supplemental Life

Foundational Scripture
II Peter 1:5-6

Golden Nuggets: 
Supplement your life with goodness
We will do all the good that we can to all the people for as long as we can
We told children to “be good”
Goodness focuses on being like God
We must strive to add goodness to every part of our life
Treat others as we want to be treated
Simply being good won’t get you into Heaven
Supplement your faith with goodness
Matthew 22:39
The greatest commandment is to love God
The second commandment is to love one another
Supplement something that is added to enhance som