Warring Handmaidens in Pursuit(W.H.I.P)

At GCCC, women have a special place in God as handmaidens.  The handmaidenship is a very special calling and is given by God as part of the Holy Vision. 

Through Women In Ministry, the women of GCCC grow in all aspects of the handmaidenship, and blossom into beautiful flowers unto the Lord.  Women In Ministry has two parts – W.H.I.P. and H.I.S.

WHIP stands for Warring Handmaidens in Pursuit of building the Kingdom of God .  Through WHIP, we help bring the GCCC vision to life by Reconciling Women Back To God.  Our Vision is to go out into our communities and share the Greatest Miracle, the Salvation of Jesus Christ.

HIS stands for Handmaidens In Service.  HIS helps each woman strengthen her personal relationship with God.  Each woman learns about commitment, dedication, and what it means to be a Bride of Christ and a Flower unto God!

We help each woman become aware of how special she is to God, a beautiful flower unto the Lord that is not to be plucked, crushed, mishandled or damaged by anything or anyone.
Meeting Times: Every second Sunday of the month.

Time:  2:30pm

Membership Dues: $30 a year



2019 Calender of Events
To Be Announced!